ZuperMeal to do doorstep delivery of healthy, fresh meals

ZuperMeal to do doorstep delivery of healthy, fresh meals

Mumbai-based food aggreagator service firm ZuperMeal on Tuesday said that it had launched an app to aid doorstep delivery of healthy, fresh meals.

The new aggregator launched its business in July from Powai region here.

“ZuperMeal is a platform that enables homemakers to market their signature dishes to customers looking for healthy and hygienic home-cooked food. Our meals have the care and perfection of a housewife who cooks for her own family and loved ones,” said ZuperMeal founder Pallavi Saxena.

“Our customers get the same quality and hygiene – as it is in ‘Maa ke haath ka khana’. Through this platform, we aim to boost the income of underutilised resources of the country,” she added.

ZuperMeal offers three options – home-cooked meals (lunch, evening snacks and dinner), Zuper Specials (cakes, pickles, laddoos, namkeens and regional specialties), and everyday tiffin service.

“We have already touched a regular business of over 30 meals per day within a few weeks of launch. This is a very promising beginning. We hope to grow exponentially now through hyper-local marketing and effective use of social media tools,” said another company official.

“Social media has been a boon for us in connecting with passionate home chefs. And it is helping us find our target customers. The greatest satisfaction for us however is that every single customer has loved the food they have received, and they are full of praise for our chefs. This is ensuring us repeat business already, and we intend to build upon it,” he added.

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