Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom theories are getting wild

Final week, Nintendo launched its last trailer for Breath of the Wild’s Hylian-ticipated sequel, and since then the web has run amok with hypothesis and theories about what the sport is definitely all about (as at all times, Nintendo has executed a fantastic job of displaying us some good footage, however hasn’t actually informed us something of substance concerning the plot).

So, listed here are a few of the present Tears of the Kingdom theories on the market. (Beware parts that might be thought-about minor spoilers for Tears of the Kingdom beneath. If you wish to head into the sport as recent as you may, that is your cue to go elsewhere.)

Nintendo’s last trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom has a ‘good’ Ganondorf

When Breath of the Wild launched, many speculated it was some model of Ganondorf that really helped seal Calamity Ganon away, and never Hyperlink. This all stemmed from the tapestry proven when Impa (and Kass, now I give it some thought) tells an amnesia-inflicted Hyperlink about occasions that preceded Breath of the Wild.

Impa explains that, 10,000 years earlier than Breath of the Wild, Calamity Ganon was sealed away by a princess and a hero. Nonetheless, the hero depicted on this tapestry appears to bear extra of a resemblance to Ganondorf than Hyperlink. He has flaming purple hair, and a way more pronounced nostril than former incarnations of Hyperlink, as you may see within the picture beneath.

Impa telling Hyperlink the historical past of Calamity Ganon.

Now, when you quick ahead to and rewatch the latest Tears of the Kingdom trailer (which is the video on the prime of this piece), you’ll discover a second the place a personality, whose face stays hidden, locations a comforting hand on Zelda’s shoulder.

This character wears an outfit that has a boar-like adornment on their chest. Their gown additionally options a number of triangles, similar to these the triforce is made up of.

Is that this Ganondorf from a special time?

Many now surprise if this mysterious character is definitely the identical hero who sealed Calamity Ganon away through the time Impa describes, and this can be a model of Ganondorf that’s ‘good’.

In any case, the pores and skin colouring on his hand is extra akin to that of Ganondorf’s than Hyperlink’s. Moreover, Ganondorf’s ‘Ganon’ beast type typically takes the form of a boar, like that on the character’s cloak.

Lastly, Ganondorf is usually related to the Triforce of Energy, and we do have these triangles on his outfit. Others have identified that his voice sounds lots like that of Matt Mercer, who we all know is voicing Ganondorf within the recreation.

All that being stated, a current picture from a Japanese Tears of the Kingdom obtain card, exhibits who I’m fairly positive is the as soon as faceless character, and I am unable to determine if this actually seems like a past-version of Ganondorf. His hair shouldn’t be purple, for a begin. However then, I suppose this might be as a result of he’s older now? Oh, I do not know, however it’s enjoyable to invest.

We’ll time journey again to the sealing of Calamity Ganon in Tears of the Kingdom

This second idea stems from the above. If this new character is certainly the one who helped the princess seal away Calamity Ganon, when in time are we assembly them? As a result of, they do look to be in good well being for 10,000 plus years outdated, if we’re assembly them within the current.

In the meantime, there was hypothesis that the unknown feminine determine proven in final week’s trailer is a previous model of Zelda. Maybe, even, the Zelda that helped seal Calamity Ganon away.

The aura coming from her hand in the latest trailer is much like the one we noticed Zelda use in Breath of the Wild, so she positively has a connection to the goddess. Perhaps the opposite character within the trailer is definitely her father, and never Ganondorf in any case.

Ganonondorf is pulling a Thanos in Tears of the Kingdom

Should you look intently at Ganondorf’s Tears of the Kingdom paintings, you’ll discover he’s sporting a reasonably chunky necklace. This necklace, alongside along with his headpiece, has what seems to be slots for some type of gems to suit into. Slots for the titular tears of the dominion, maybe? So, is that this really the Infinity Necklace? Followers over on Reddit actually appear to suppose so.

Does this imply, we are able to anticipate to see Ganandorf looking for the lacking tears for his jewellery, after which as soon as they’re all in situ he may have the facility to snap his fingers and expunge the remainder of Hyrule out of existence? I suppose we must wait and see.

May or not it’s?
by u/JuanK713 in tearsofthekingdom

Every race has a tear

The latest Tears of the Kingdom trailer exhibits 5 of the (I assume) titular tears. Zelda has one, Sidon has one, Riju has one, Ganondorf has one and the mysterious determine from maybe 10,000 years in the past has one.

Have the races of Hyrule been entrusted with these tears in a bid to maintain the world protected, as a result of if Ganondorf does get his evil-hands on them, dangerous issues will occur? Properly, perhaps and this leads me onto one other idea…

Tears for fears.

The tears are linked to dungeons

Dungeons! Bear in mind these? Breath of the Wild was a superb recreation, but it surely did lack the Zelda staple of dungeons (sure, I do know we had the Divine Beasts and shrines).

There are a number of slots for tears in Ganon’s apparel (round his neck, and one in his headpiece). And, the Zelda sequence does like its numbers, and issues in sevens. We had seven dungeons in Ocarina of Time. So, perhaps every tear is linked to a dungeon and a sage?

An earlier trailer confirmed this determine with seven tears round their physique.

Teba is useless in Tears of the Kingdom

In Breath of the Wild, Hyperlink was helped by a Rito named Teba through the assault on Vah Medoh. Nonetheless, whereas the Zora and Gerudo equivalents (Sidon and Riju) have been proven to be returning in Tears of the Kingdom, it would not seem like Teba will likely be again for the sequel.

As an alternative, the Rito proven by Hyperlink’s aspect in the latest trailer is Tulin, Teba’s son. This has left many to surprise if Teba has died through the occasions between video games, and Tulin is now honouring his father’s legacy by serving to Hyperlink in Tears of the Kingdom.

Additionally, the place is Yunobo?

Sidon is King of the Zoras in Tears of the Kingdom

The latest Tears of the Kingdom trailer confirmed Sidon combating side-by-side with Hyperlink. Nonetheless, many seen that the prince of the Zora now has some reasonably fetching new headwear. The truth is, it seems like King Dorephan’s crown.

Does this imply Dorephan died earlier than the occasions of Tears of the Kingdom? Or has he simply abdicated, and handed the title of King right down to his son?

Nonetheless, when Nintendo launched the official paintings for Sidon, it did discuss with him as “the cheerful and charming prince of the Zora tribe”. So, does this imply one thing occurs to Dorephan through the occasions of Tears of the Kingdom? Questions!

Whereas we’re on the topic, I hope that Zelda is Queen Zelda and never Princess Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom. She is, in any case, the reigning monarch now.

Oh I simply cannot wait to be Queen.

So, what do you all suppose? Let me know!

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