You Want Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Infinite Rocket Launcher ASAP

I’m on my third playthrough of Resident Evil 4 Remake. And though I’m at present enjoying it on Skilled mode—the best issue setting—it would as nicely be on Simple mode because of my infinite Rocket Launcher, a weapon that kills almost each enemy in a single, explosive shot.

One can not purchase the Infinite Rocket Launcher on a primary playthrough. It solely unlocks after you beat the sport as soon as (on any issue), and even then, it prices 2 million pesetas—a 100% improve from the unique recreation.

And lest you suppose all the costs have proportionally elevated from authentic to remake, they haven’t; the truth is, a number of the costs have gone down. With an in-game low cost, the Damaged Butterfly magnum pistol prices 29,400 pesetas, down from 38,000 pesetas within the authentic.

So after finishing my first playthrough on Assisted Mode, I began my second run on Hardcore with the intent of buying the Infinite Rocket Launcher. And I rapidly realized I ought to have deliberate forward higher.

For starters, I had nowhere close to 2 million pesetas—I used all of them on Tune-Ups in my first playthrough. I bought all my gems and Treasures proper earlier than my ultimate battle in opposition to Lord Saddler so I’d have one of the best weapons doable. And though I retained these upgraded weapons from my prior playthrough, I had no liquid money readily available to offer myself a head begin.

What may I do to earn 2 million pesetas? I ended up doing a number of issues, and I used to be in a position to purchase the Infinite Rocket Launcher close to the top of Chapter 10 of my second playthrough. Right here’s how I—a median participant with inconsistent goal—managed it, and how one can too.

A screenshot from the Resident Evil 4 remake shows treasures and gems

Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

Treasure Hunt

The obvious strategy to earn pesetas is to gather them, by looking the breakable crates (conveniently painted yellow) and killing enemies. However that is sluggish, incremental progress; you possibly can velocity issues up by discovering Treasure.

The Service provider provides Treasure maps, which you purchase by buying and selling in Spinels—distinctive, pink jewels that you just largely earn by fulfilling aspect duties. Destroying 5 Blue Medallions within the farm, for instance, earns three Spinels. The primary Treasure map prices a single Spinel, and it reveals the places of all of the Treasures within the Village space of the sport—39 places in all. They vary from easy Gems, like Rubies, Emeralds, and Diamonds, to extra idiosyncratic antiques like a Butterfly Lamp.

It is best to maximize every Treasure’s price earlier than you promote it. For instance, there are two Treasures within the village space—Pearl Pendants—which are hanging over swimming pools of fetid water. Should you attempt to shoot them down with out considering, they’ll land within the water, which depreciates their worth by 1000’s of pesetas. Thus: For the Treasure dangling on the windmill, shoot it down when it rotates away from the water.

Video: Capcom

And for the Treasure hanging over the nicely, shoot the wood stick that props the nicely open. That approach, if you shoot the Treasure down, it lands on the nicely cowl as a substitute of within the water.

Video: Capcom

Each of those Treasures have static promote costs, however there are different Treasures you possibly can improve above their authentic worth. Take as an illustration, the Ornate Necklace. It sells, as is, for 11,000 pesetas. However you’ll additionally discover that there are 4 recesses within the Necklace. Should you fill these recesses with Gems, that can improve the Treasure’s worth.

Do you see the button immediate beneath the Gems that claims “Gem Bonuses?” That may take you to a useful chart that explains how completely different permutations will maximize a Treasure’s worth.

That’s how I used to be in a position to promote the Ornate Necklace for over 51,200 pesetas. It’s additionally how an Elegant Crown, inlaid with 5 of the identical Gem, elevated its worth from 19,000 pesetas to 98,800 pesetas. However this additionally requires delayed gratification. The Gem drops are few and much between, typically requiring you to defeat uncommon, troublesome enemies to accumulate them. And so, to maximise the Treasures’ price, you have to wait to promote them, typically a number of hours after first buying them.

A screenshot from the Resident Evil 4 remake highlights the Gemstone Bonus page

Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

That is simpler stated than performed, particularly for those who’re enjoying a tougher issue in your second playthrough. I in all probability may have grinded out an Infinite Rocket Launcher a lot faster by replaying Help Mode once more, this time with my end-game weapons. However the place’s the enjoyable in that? So I made a decision to play Hardcore mode for my second playthrough, And the problem curve was steep sufficient that I discovered myself shopping for extra Weapons Tune-ups with the cash I used to be speculated to be saving. I had put myself in a catch-22: By spending cash, I used to be placing my final objective additional out of attain. But when I didn’t spend the cash, I couldn’t progress the story. And so I spent, and I fell in need of 2 million pesetas. I wanted to do extra.

A screenshot from the Resident Evil 4 remake shows the results from a shootout session, scoring an S rank.

Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

Capturing Gallery

At a handful of the Service provider places, you possibly can partake in a taking pictures gallery mini-game. You shoot at wood cutouts of pirates that pop up like targets at a carnival, and relying on the rating you get and the bullseyes you hit, you possibly can earn silver and golden tokens.

You insert these tokens right into a gumball machine, which dispenses keychain Charms. You possibly can clip as much as three of those Charms to your briefcase, and each gives some kind of small profit. However there are 4 Charms which are particularly useful for buying the Infinite Rocket Launcher as a result of they mean you can promote your provides for greater worth:

  • Rhinoceros Beetle: +100% restoration merchandise resale worth.
  • Leon w/ Rocket Launcher: 20 p.c off the Rocket Launcher.
  • Leon w/ Shotgun: +40 p.c ammo resale worth.
  • Luis Sera: +20 p.c weapon resale worth.

The gumball machine just isn’t as random because it seems; gamers have mapped out which permutations of gold and silver tokens result in which Charms.

A screenshot from the Resident Evil 4 remake shows charm bonuses.

Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

That “20 p.c off the Rocket Launcher” applies to each the common Rocket Launcher and the Infinite Rocket Launcher. And with it, now you can purchase the Infinite Rocket Launcher for 1.6 million pesetas as a substitute of two million —a 400,000 low cost!

Promoting Weapons

And lastly, for those who’re nonetheless quick on money, you may take into account promoting your upgraded weapons again to the Service provider. A totally upgraded weapon may be price over 250,000 pesetas. And it’s not such as you’ll want your TMP or your Shotgun upon getting an Infinite Rocket Launcher.

Nonetheless, you may wish to maintain onto your handgun or knife; I didn’t, and I got here to remorse that call. There are particular instances, significantly in tight corridors, when firing a rocket launcher will seemingly kill you alongside along with your enemy. A extra surgical software will make these shut encounters simpler.

At any charge, promoting my remaining weapons pushed me over the road; I earned just below 2 million pesetas earlier than the top of Chapter 10, and I instantly bought the Infinite Rocket Launcher at my first alternative.

Video: Capcom

Superb Carnage

So was it price it? Oh sure. It was so price it. Every thing melts to this weapon, and it feels liberating after struggling for therefore lengthy.

I’m enjoying Resident Evil 4 Remake on the PlayStation5, and the DualSense controller gives great haptic suggestions for the Rocket Launcher—each the kickback if you hearth it and the vibration when the rocket reaches its goal and explodes.

I killed El Gigante with one hit. I killed two El Gigantes with two hits. I launched rocket after rocket into the opening village combat, and I cleared the complete encounter with out even shifting. The Regenerators, as soon as so terrifying, burst with a sickening, satisfying squelch.

The Infinite Rocket Launcher additionally lets you skip complete sections of the sport. The builders anticipated gamers’ speedrunning makes an attempt, and so they created some intelligent shortcuts for resourceful gamers to find.

Within the tunnels beneath the citadel, you not have to gentle dynamite to open a path; you need to use a single rocket to clear the trail your self. You possibly can disable the fire-breathing Salazar statue with a single shot. Within the ultimate space, you possibly can destroy the anti-aircraft gun with out climbing to succeed in the excessive floor. And far more will little question be found as gamers proceed to optimize the quickest doable run.

A screenshot from the Resident Evil 4 remake shows a player selling First Aid Spray.

Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

The Simple Manner

An addendum: It’s price noting that Resident Evil 4 gamers have found an exploit to farm gold between the primary and second playthroughs. In Assisted Mode, you should buy a vast variety of First Assist Sprays. One First Assist Spray prices 3,000 pesetas and has a resale worth of two,500 pesetas— a web lack of 500 pesetas. Nonetheless, for those who begin your second playthrough on Hardcore or Skilled mode, the resale worth for the First Assist Spray jumps to five,000 pesetas. When you’ve got the Rhinoceros Beetle Attraction, it has a resale worth of 10,000 pesetas, a more-than-tripled improve from its buy worth.

So you possibly can load up on First Assist Sprays in Assisted Mode, retailer them, beat the sport, unstore them, after which resell the First Assist Sprays in Hardcore or Skilled Mode for revenue. Assuming Capcom doesn’t patch this, the First Assist Spray trick might be essentially the most environment friendly strategy to earn thousands and thousands of pesetas. However for most individuals studying this text, it could be too late to return and try one thing this premeditated, particularly since you possibly can solely decrease the problem setting when you get a playthrough going. My slower journey to 2 million pesetas was psychologically rewarding, and it felt rather less like “dishonest” than this different technique—although I understand that such an moral distinction is fully subjective.

And I’ll be sincere with myself: had I identified about this different technique beforehand? I in all probability would have performed that too. I’m principled, however not I’m not that principled.


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