Why do pretty girls go under the knife?

Some do it for a boost of confidence.Malaysian DJ and model Leng Yein, 30, touted as Asia&’s sexiest DJ and Malaysia&’s social media queen, travels the world on deejaying gigs and is ranked number eight on the World&’s Top 100 Female DJ list.

Over a span of 10 years, Leng Yein – who is the spokesperson for a South Korean cosmetic surgery clinic – underwent several plastic surgery to change her nose, eyes and breasts, all fully sponsored.

“I was not entirely happy with my face, especially how my nose and eyes looked,” says the Los Angeles-based Leng Yein, who was a Miss Malaysia finalist in 2003.

“For me, it&’s not about confidence, it&’s just something that I’ve always been sure about and wanted to do for myself. It doesn’t bother me what people think,” she says.

The first surgery she underwent for her nose was not to her satisfaction.

“I wanted a nose that was not too high, which looked natural and sophisticated. Thanks to my latest plastic surgeon, my looks are exactly how I want it to be now.”

She had rhinoplasty (revisional nose surgery) which included replacing the old silicone with a new one and nose tip correction, using her own ear cartilage at a cosmetic surgeon&’s clinic in Gangnam.

To reshape her eyes she had epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty and lower canthoplasty procedures, which restructured her eye shape to look bigger and more vivid. Leng Yein maintains that her small pointed chin is natural.

When asked about post-surgery pain, she says, “I’m used to it, so pain is irrelevant. Since I’m really happy with the work done, I’m thinking of doing more procedures this year,” she adds.

In a 2012 interview with Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty magazine, she said: “Cosmetic surgery is a personal choice … be responsible for the decisions you make. I did it because it makes me happy.”

Singaporean Dawn Lee, 32, who blogs about plastic surgery and lifestyle topics (ilovedawn00.blogspot.com) was happy with her natural face, but felt there were some imperfections that she could improve on.

She always felt that her nose was too big for her face and it didn’t help when her friends made fun of her.

“Also, I’ve always wanted a sharper face as my chin is a little too short and my cheeks a little chubby,” says Lee, who is a full time blogger and calls herself a social media marketing strategist.

After researching and contacting various plastic surgery clinics in South Korea, Lee had plastic surgery in Seoul in 2013 during a holiday with friends.

She had rhinoplasty for a higher nose, incisional double eyelid, paranasal augmentation (fat grafts) to add volume to the smile lines, and chin augmentation via fat grafts to lengthen the chin.

She candidly talked about experiencing difficulty in breathing after her nose operation, in which bleeding followed. She had trouble sleeping on the second day following surgery.

While she was happy with her new nose and double eyelids, Lee says she “was disappointed over the fat grafts” for her chin as the results didn’t last.

To achieve a V-shape face, she turned down a jaw bone-cutting procedure which she says is “a major operation and has to be carefully considered”.

Instead, she later opted for a non-invasive procedure at an aesthetic clinic in Singapore.

A botox jaw injection and chin filler augmentation gave her face a slimmer appearance.

“I’m very happy with the results. It has no downtime and looks very natural. The procedure was fast and hassle free.”

Her blog photos show off her smaller and sharper dream chin, double eye lids and a nose with a higher bridge.

All of Lee&’s surgeries and non-invasive procedures were sponsored, she said.

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