“When You Are in Black Pores and skin, then You Can Disagree with Me!” – Don Lemon Has Unhinged Breakdown as GOP Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Buries Him Alive Throughout Debate on Gun Rights and Civil Struggle (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Credit score: CNN/Vivek Ramaswamy Twitter Screenshot

Don Lemon suffered an epic meltdown Wednesday morning throughout an interview with Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

The subject of dialog centered round 2nd modification rights for Black People.

Lemon was angered over Ramaswamy’s astute statements at an NRA convention final week concerning southern Democrats stopping Black People from proudly owning weapons after the Civil Struggle.

The disgraced CNN host intentionally twisted his phrases, making an attempt to deceive CNN viewers into believing Ramaswamy mentioned the Civil Struggle was fought solely to provide Black folks gun rights.

When this tactic failed, Lemon tried to close Ramaswamy down by taking part in the race card.

Lemon falsely claimed that Black folks don’t take pleasure in equality below the legislation in America. He then snapped at Ramaswamy, telling the presidential candidate he can disagree with him as soon as he’s black.

Lemon additionally mentioned the presidential candidate’s daring reality telling was “insulting to black folks” and to him as an African-American.

He even threw in a veiled racial insult towards Ramaswamy on the finish.


Related Transcript:

Lemon: I don’t actually see what one has to do with the opposite — and utilizing the Civil Struggle to speak about Black People — that struggle was not fought for Black folks to have weapons.

Ramaswamy: That struggle was fought for Black folks to have freedoms on this nation. Truly, that’s why the Civil Struggle was fought.

Truly, a humorous reality is — Black folks didn’t get to benefit from the different freedoms till their Second Modification rights had been secured.

Lemon: However Black folks nonetheless aren’t allowed to benefit from the freedoms as nicely on this nation.

Ramaswamy: I disagree with you on that Don. I feel you’re doing a disservice to this nation by failing to acknowledge the truth that we now have equality earlier than the legal guidelines right here.

Lemon: Effectively, OK. When you’re in Black pores and skin and you reside on this nation, then you possibly can disagree with me.

Ramaswamy: Don, I feel we now have to have the ability to discuss these points within the open whatever the shade of our pores and skin. To say that to check it to 1865 and 1964…

Lemon: I feel so that you can evaluate 1865 and 1964, I feel it’s insulting to Black folks. It’s insulting to me as an African American. I don’t wish to sit right here and argue with you as a result of it’s infuriating so that you can put these issues collectively.

It’s not proper, your telling of historical past is fallacious.

Ramaswamy: What a part of my telling of historical past was fallacious?

Lemon: You’re making folks suppose that the Civil Struggle was fought just for Black folks to get weapons…

Ramaswamy: The Civil Struggle was fought for Black folks to get freedoms. A noble mission…

Lemon: To cut back it in a speech on the NRA… That’s reductive and I feel it’s insulting.


Lemon (to producers): Grasp on, please. I can not maintain a thought should you guys are speaking in my ear.

Ramaswamy: Right here’s the place you and I’ve a distinct viewpoint. I feel we should always have the ability to specific our views whatever the shade of our pores and skin.

Lemon: The truth that I discover insulting is that you’re sitting right here telling an African American in regards to the rights and what you discover insulting about the way in which I stay, the pores and skin I stay in daily. And I do know the freedoms that Black folks don’t have on this nation, and that Black folks do have.

Ramaswamy: I feel we should always have the ability to specific our views whatever the shade of our pores and skin. We must always have this debate with out me concerning you as a Black man.”

Lemon: I feel it’s insulting that you simply’re sitting right here — no matter ethnicity you’re — ‘splaining to me about what it’s wish to be Black in America. I’m sorry.

Ramaswamy: I’m an Indian American, and I’m happy with it.

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