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What Can You Make with a 3d Printer

3D printers have now become more common. It was a machine that was used to make some smaller prototype of things or goodies. But with changing time, 3D printing technology has evolved a lot. Hence, now 3D printing is realistic and you can print almost anything from a 3D printing machine.

So, what can you make with a 3D printer? With a 3D printer, anyone can create a 3D model (small and even life-size) of anything they want.

How does a 3D printing work?

Well, it is a kind of simple yet effective technique. The printer fuses multiple layers of plastic or any other durable material to get the 3D shape of anything. Any 3D printer uses the template of the thing that you need to print. It is uploaded in the 3D format in the AutoCAD software. The machine replicates the design from this software. In turn, you get an amazing product that looks like the real one. Usually, a 3D printer uses 0.1 mm thick layers of any material – sheets, powders or even liquids.


Here are some of the most amazing examples of what can you make with a 3D printer-

Measuring Spoons

1. Measuring Spoons

Why not start with something common yet useful? You can always make measuring spoons with the help of a 3D printer. It is a better and effortless idea and you will never be out of the options. You can also personalize the designs and gift the spoons to anyone who loves baking or cooking. It is a small thing that you can make faster than you think and the spoons are also strong and long-lasting.



2. 3D Figurines

A 3D printer can be a great way to build some 3D figures. You can literally turn your drawings into a sculpture without much hassle. There are many printers that can print 4-inch tall figurines, based on a drawing. You can print the drawings your child made or even paint your drawing to convert it into cool home décor.

Bookmarks Paper Clips


3. Bookmarks and paper clips

You can print bookmarks and paper clips from a 3D printer. You can customize the designs and print them whenever you like. The outcome is pleasing and you get some fairly durable plastic bookmarks and paper clips. You can also customize them as per your choice.

Coffee Cups

4. Coffee cups

Coffee cups from a 3D printer? It sounds weird but it works. A lot of manufacturers now use 3D printing technology to design alluring yet sophisticated coffee mugs and teacups for their clients. You can play with the design and shapes and can also sell them online if you want.


Desk Paper Tray and Organizer

5. 3D printed desk organizer

If you work in an office and want to keep the desk clean, you need to get the desk paper organizers. The twist is, you get these from a 3D printing machine. You can build trays of different colors and shapes as per your convenience. Additionally, you can also make a desk organizing shelf from the printer. It sounds the ideal next DIY project!

iPhone 5 Case & Card Holder


5. Phone cases and cardholders

Phone cases are another wonderful example of what you can make with a 3D printer. The phone cases are functional and durable. You can even include a cardholder with phone cases. Just take a cue from the creation of Janne Kyttanen and build your case.

6. iPad stand

You can have your iPhone rest on a muscular stand called “Infinite Sisu” that has been a rage among people these days. It has an interesting art piece and is a great style statement. Moreover, this stand is made with 3D printing technology. So, why not build something for your iPad?

Customizable 3D Printed Bugdroids

7. 3D oriented Bugdroids

3D printed bugdroids are another great idea of a DIY project with a 3D printer machine. You can customize them or even buy them online. The bugdroids are a great souvenir.


3D Printed High Heels

8. Shoes

You might be surprised, but the modern apparel industry often uses 3D printing technology to make shoes. It is great for getting a customized pair of shoes that mimic the design of your leg. From ladies or gents, you can print any kind of shoes. Pauline van Dongen’s high heel shoes from a 3D printer (made with laser-sintered nylon strings) is a hit among people.



Like any other 3D printed model, you can customize the design of the shoe as per your choice. It can be a little expensive but is worth trying.

Hanging Light

9. Hanging lights

3D printing is now very popular in interior decoration. It is extremely popular for designing unique, aesthetic hanging lights to jazz up any room. There are many designs to choose from and you can tweak the sizes as per your choice and recommendation. You can also use these lamps as hanging lights, and ceiling light or hanging lamp or a table lamp.



10. 3D printed musical instruments like Guitars

3D printing is already the revolution in the music industry. Instrument makers earlier used to make prototypes and new models with wood or metal. But, now the instrument producers use 3D orienting machines to design and develop unique instruments like a webbed guitar. According to the experts, the new technology is bliss. Because it helps them to make accurate models and allows them to change even the smallest details. Additionally, 3D printing also reduces production length and labour cost. Therefore, why not make a 3D printed customised guitar for yourself?

Another person also used their 3D printer to build a violin that works like a regular conventional violin.


Kaleidoscope Clock

11. Kaleidoscope clock

It is another interior decorative item, in this list. A lot of designers now offer 3D printed clicks with intricate details and even abstract designs. The clocks are enough to lighten up your room and are also durable. You can assemble the clocks easily and these are great gifting items too.

Rigid Heddle Loom 


12. Rigid heddle looms

Rigid heddle looms are another classic example of the marvelous achievement of 3D technology. You can print a rigid headroom with minimum effort. You just need to upload the design in AutoCAD or openSCAD and you get the perfect rigid loom. A 3D printer and some raw plastic are enough to make the loom.

The model has screws to keep things and parts in place. The heddle looms you get works like a charm and you can weave anything you want. Alternatively, you can also use the model to help your children learn history in a better way.

Rigid Heddle Loom


13. 3D sculptures

As it seems, the 3D sculptures are becoming increasingly popular. There are many designers who prunt the sculptures with 3D printers. As a result, you get a faster-built sculpture from polyamide. It is durable and the sculptures have a lot of details then you can think of it.

3D-Printed Fabrics

14. 3D printed fabrics

The 3D printing technology has made the fabric industry more updated. Now there are 3D printed fabrics that are recyclable, eco-friendly and comfortable. Additionally, 3D printing technology offers faster production with reduced labor cost. The items of clothing are comfortable and enough to keep your even warm in demand.


3d printed cloth

15. 3D printed dress

Dresses are something exciting to consider if you are wondering about what you can make with a 3D printer. The fashion industry has increased the use of 3D printing machines in recent years.

The 3D printed apparels are affordable because they are produced faster and require less human labour. Additionally, you can even include small and beautiful detailing that can matha the hand works.



Therefore, from 3D oriented dress to 3D printed swimsuit- you can get everything, even get something customized if you are ready to pay the price for it.

Water Diverter


16. Water divider

3D printed water dividers are another DIY project that is easy yet useful. If you have a small printer or even a 3D printing pen, you can try making a water divider as per your convenience. It works like a charm and is durable than any market model.


17. Tableware

Let’s move away from cups and coasters, fo you know that you can get your tableware with 3D printing? The result is extremely amazing like the idea itself. A printer is enough to print glass, plates, bowls, forks and knives, coasters and many other things. You can also get the things customized to suit your tastes.


If you get the tableware and cutlery from your 3D printing machine, you will never be out of options and it also allows you to show your hidden creativity.

And last but not least the salt and paper shares. You can make some cute or even traditional or minimalistic theme salt and pepper shakers from a 3D printer. You get them faster through the printer.

Salt and Pepper Shakers18. Toys

The toy industry has been using 3D printing machines and related technology for some time. But, it is now affordable and more consumer-friendly. 3D printed toys are long-lasting, allow a faster production and less cost.



Mattel has already introduced their $300 3D printer “Thing maker”. Kids can use this machine to print their toys.

The printing machine works with an app where children can design their toys and print it as per their convenience. The toys are durable and the app also comes with some initial templates to help the children.


In case you want to increase the creative level of your kids, you can easily buy the machine from Mattle and allow the creative aspects of your kids to bloom.


19. Spare key set

3D printed keys are now very common. It gets easier to have a set of spare keys. You can have as many sets you want. The machine can accurately depict the keys and you can make the keys in many color options. You just need a few hours to print the key. So, no need to call the locksmith anymore for the spare keys.


Spare Key

20. 3D printed biological and medical models

Medical science has always been keen to use new technologies. Therefore, it is not surprising that 3D tech is quite popular in medical science. 3D printing offers accurate life-like models of animals, birds and even smallest microorganisms with their proper details. The models are cheaper and can be handled easily.

From hearts to legs or the bone structure, medical science has extensive use of 3f models, The models are also great for planning surgery and education purpose. Students can learn through these life-like models.


3D Printed Medical Models

21. 3D wheelchair ramp

The 3D wheelchair ramps are another great item in this list. With these ramps, you do not need to worry about ramps if your family members use a wheelchair. The ramps are durable enough to take the weight of a wheelchair user and help them cross stairs, uneven slopes and enter any place they want to.

Wheelchair Ramp


The biggest advantage of 3D ramps is that these are affordable and you can buy or make multiple rams as per the preference, The ramps are customizable and you can change the colors and designs as per the preference.


22. 3D printed prosthetics

What can you make with a 3D printer? The answer is prosthetics. Biomedical engineering encountered a revolution with the 3D printing machines.


In general, a prosthetic can be very expensive and often buying a customized one becomes hectic. But, with 3D technology, you can get a customized prosthetic to suit your needs. The cost is cheaper, the prosthetic is durable and it requires less production time and manual labor. A lot of people now use 3D printed prosthetics because these are better.


23. 3D printed house

A 3D printed house seems like a dream but is a great option. Many real estate companies in the USA, Canada, China, France now uses 3D printing technology to build homes and builds. With 3D printing, machine engineers can design a complete house in just a single day. The homes are durable and cost a very reasonable price. The 3D homes can be a solution for interspace research centres, for the homeless and poor and also allows humans to recycle things.


24. 3D printed coral reefs

3D printing is also used to build artificial coral reefs. The coral reeds around the world are damaged and need something for support. 3D printed reefs are realistic and feel like the natural ones. These artificial reefs can help the corals to come back in the reefs.

These are the few things on the list. But, there are many things like furniture, guns, toolboxes, etc. that are possible to design with 3D printing technology and a 3D printer. The biggest benefit of 3D printers is that they can make anything you want at a reasonable cost.



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