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What are Streaks on Snapchat – Snapstreaks

What are streaks on Snapchat? – A Snapchat streak involves sending of direct snaps back and forth to a friend for long consecutive days. The streak remains long if you do not break the chain of communication. Snapchat offers you a reward of longer streaks with different special emojis, for example, the “100” emoji for streaks that last for consecutive 100 days. A mountain emoji is offered for a very long-lasting streak.

Teens put a lot of effort and time in order to keep their streaks continuous. It feels miserable to lose a streak that took months to work on. Your Snap streaks measure your success on Snapchat. But you have to keep in mind that the streaks are more about quality than quantity.

A study with teenagers reveals what the Snap streaks mean to them and why they are so much important for today’s teens.



Streaks mean ‘Friendship’

What are streaks on Snapchat? Signs of maintain Friendship.

Peter Santa Ana, an 18-year-old in Honolulu stated, “If you lose the streak you lose the friendship. If I didn’t have the snap streak going I wouldn’t talk to them. Maybe if my streak with them ended, I’d start a new one, but it depends on how much I like them.”


A 13-year-old girl from Cape Cod, Catie Clarke said, “Streaks keep the friendship alive. Streaks develop a level of friendship among people. The longer your snap streak is, the better friends you are.”

Jules Spector, from Brooklyn, said that it strengthens one’s friendship. The 16-year-old lad added, “Like, you can talk to someone every day, but a streak is a physical evidence that you talk every day.”

For school-going teens, the streaks are proof of long term friendship. In today’s social dynamics they validate their relation through this.


Will McKelvain, a 15-year-old from Arlington, Virginia, thinks it is a big part of social acceptance. Streaks make him feel popular. He also said that streaks are a way of showing with how many people you converse. In other words, it is like scoring. If your friend has lots of streaks, it means he knows a lot of people. Social status and streaks work together.

Rafael Singer, a 14-year-old guy has said, “Snap streaks are just a cool way to connect with my friends every day. It’s a commitment on both parts to keep the streak going and see how far you can take it. Once you start a streak with someone, you’ve got to be committed to just send a quick message every day. If you stop it, it shows that you don’t really care about that person.”

Kelly Bell, a 15-year-old in San Diego, said that, streaks are a kind of commitment to someone.


Samantha Barkho, a 15-year-old from Oakland, New Jersey, said that streaks are a method of marinating good friendship. It is good to see how long you are connected with someone.

Streaks- Business transaction

What are streaks on Snapchat? They are a kind of business transaction for many young adults. Regular contact with friends is important to keep the streak going. Many teens have told that they wake a few minutes before school and come up with a blank screen saying ‘streaks’ to their favorite contacts and maintain the flow of streaks.

A 15-year-old student from Dobbs Ferry, New York, named Sam DeMaria confessed that it takes more than 5 minutes just to set up the perfect streaks. He sends one message to all his streaks or takes a picture saying ‘streaks’ or maybe of something that shows his current mood. New contacts stay in recent. He makes a new streak for the recent contacts too.


“I have friends who deal with it normally like a business”. Kelly Bell, a 15-year-old in San Diego, stated, “Streaks are something they always have installed. They send snaps each morning or each night that simply say ‘streak’.” Young adults also give a lot of time to their streaks. It is very common to ask buddies to streak for you if you are not able to go online — for example, if the smartphone is lost or taken away.

For many bored young adults, preserving streaks alive is also just another shape of entertainment.

DeMaria stated that, if he cannot do his streaks, he is going to let other people log on and take care of maintenance and he is happy to repay the favor. He had also done streaks for his friend whose phone was taken away. It is quite simple. You just have to log into the account and sent streaks to all the recent contacts.


He has also helped one of his friends who went to Australia. He had left all his information with him, so that he can keep his streaks going. Fallon Villarreal a 17-year-old teen said he knows a lot of people who uses their siblings’ phone to keep their streaks going.


Ending a streak might come up with several consequences

And what occurs if a streak is unintentionally damaged? One teenager equated the sensation to lacking a free-throw in a basketball game. What are streaks on Snapchat? They are just a method of virtual contact through pictures. Yes, there is short term disappointment, however, at the end of the day the world isn’t over.


“One of my pals actually called me at the same time as I changed into dozing to make sure our streak could still be going,” DeMaria said. “He called me for four instances and woke me up to hold the streak alive. He asked, ‘Are we continuing streaking?’ “.

“Some of my streaks have been damaged and I usually just send a message like, ‘what happened!?'” Rafael Singer said.

“Most of the time they simply forget due to a packed schedule, which is completely understandable and can be accepted. Personally, I don’t take it so seriously that I’d get in a controversy soon after that, however, I recognize a few individuals who might get absolutely upset, in particular, if the streak has been going for like 400 or 500 days.”


“If you are maintaining a very long streak with someone and you lose it or they lose it, that sucks,” Barkho said.

“When I went to D.C. and got busy for a semester, I couldn’t use my cell phone and lost all my streaks,” Spector said. “I had a few 200-day streaks that I misplaced. My friends were all upset with me, but I don’t take it that critically.”

What are streaks on Snapchat? Streaks are a kind of daily connections with pals.


But while streaks can seem superficial, under the surface they are just a daily manner to get nearer to friends.

“I think streaks are surely just an excuse for interaction with some people,” Michael Sheldon, a 16-year-antique from Arlington, Virginia, said. “People also use it as a type of an excuse to speak to a specific person. Maybe you simply want to be nearer to them, or you want them — you’ll start a streak.”

“My streaks are more vital to me than perspectives on Snapchat,” Campbell Weeks, a 12-year-vintage from Augusta, Georgia, said. Streaks are a sign of having conversations. With views, it’s just individuals who see your story; you don’t communicate to them.”


Weeks said, “When I send streaks, my buddies do it in return and I start speaking with them, so it is a way to have small talks with mates”. “I have become better with mates because of these Snapchat streaks”.

How do Snapchat streaks work?

To start the Streak, you and a Snapchat Friend ought to Snap, not even Chat, every different inside 24 hours for as a minimum of three consecutive days. Once you have completed this, a fire emoji will seem subsequent to the friend’s name, at the side of the number of days you’ve been on a Snap streak.

How to maintain a Snapchat Streak?

To preserve a Snap streak, all you have to do is send your friend a Snap – a picture or video but not a Chat. You need to snap backward and forward inside a 24 hour period.


NOTE: Sending Snaps in a Snapchat Group doesn’t count your Snap streaks with a group of Snapchatters! You need to snap all of them separately. The same is going for Snapchat Memories and Spectacles.

How do Snapchat streaks work? Are you seeing an hourglass emoji? Your Streak might be finishing soon! To spare yourself from losing it, make certain you and your pal snap every other day.

Did you lose your Snapchat Streak?

You do not need to freak out yet if you have lost your streaks. There’s a threat it’s no longer over for good.


If you feel there was a mistake and are wondering a way to get a Snapchat Streak again, all you have to do is go to Snapchat Support, select ‘My Snapstreaks disappeared,’ and fill out the requested information. After submission, Snapchat reviews your all Snapstreaks and get back to you!


How do Snapchat Streaks work?

‘Snap streaks’ are a tough factor to keep up. Not only people get passionate about unlocking every single Snapchat trophy but also they want to prove that they are the most dedicated Snapchat BFFs with how long they can hold their backward and forward going.



Now that we recognize the Snapchat Halloween Trophy is fake, we have got all the details on how you could put your strength into your streak!

From what a Snapchat Streak is to how they actually work; right here are the rules round Snapstreak.


If you get a fire emoji, it means you and your mate have Snapped (not chatted) each other within 24 hours, for more than three days in a row – that is a good beginning.

After that, you start getting a number positioned next to the fire emoji. The variety shown corresponds to the variety of days you’ve got snapped your pal.

Now, what is that? You will see that you have got egg timer acting in your app? That means your streak is going to run out and you need to snap with your friend soon.


Always remember a collection of chat does NOT count toward a Snapstreak.

How can I appeal to the end of a Snapstreak?

It is not difficult. You can speak to Snapchat and type the whole difficulty out!


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