Wearing bow-tie everyday was Nick Jonas” fashion faux pas

Wearing bow-tie everyday was Nick Jonas” fashion faux pas

Singer Nick Jonas says his biggest fashion faux pas was wearing bow ties for every occasion.

The 22-year-old Jealous hitmaker said he regrets wearing the accessory for nearly every occasion in the past, reported Female First.

“Bow ties are great, but there’s a time and place for them. Bow ties for everyday wear is maybe not the best move, and I was doing that for a minute.” 

Jonas, however, believes his fashion choices reflect who he is as a performer.

“I like classic elements but with bolder statements. Your clothing and approach to fashion are the visual statements you make as a performer or a songwriter.

“I’ve been getting into the fancy sweatpants trend – the sweatpants-you-can-wear-to-work kind of vibe. Public School is doing a very cool job with that,” he said.

The singer says, his style has evolved and he now prefers his black leather jacket.

“A classic black leather jacket. Mine is Margiela and I take it everywhere I go. If it’s a two-day trip or a two-month trip, it’s with me.” PTI

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