Victoria Beckham slammed for using super-skinny models at NYFW

Victoria Beckham slammed for using super-skinny models

Singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham is at the receiving end of backlash for casting ‘too-skinny’ models for her runway show at the New York Fashion Week.

Many social media users have slammed the 41-year-old for her choice in models. She has also been criticised for casting 17-year-old Peyton Knight, who is just one year older than the minimum age of a model, reported Aceshowbiz.

“@victoriabeckham’s #NYFW underweight models trigger and exacerbate #eatingdisorders [I speak from experience],” a user named Janet tweeted.

“Shame on @victoriabeckham! Those models were terribly miserable and way too thin. You have a daughter now! Inspire her!,” wrote Lucky Schwartz.

“All the models walking for Victoria Beckham’s collection look dead. #eatsomechicken.” wrote another user.


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