Viber and WHO are working together

Viber and WHO are working together to prevent misinformation

Rakuten Viber and the World Health Organization (WHO) are working together to prevent the spread of misinformation about COVID-19 through multilingual chatbots. Soon it will be available in different languages ​​worldwide. The goal of this chatbot is to prevent the spread of false news and misinformation about Coronavirus.

The chatbot is already available in English, Arabic, and Russian to help researchers with accurate health information, and will soon be translated into 20 more languages. The chatbot focuses on the latest news about the global epidemic and the common questions asked about it.

Updates of the virus can be reached from the WHO’s website through Chatbot’s ‘Latest News’ section. Other sections of the chatbot are: Protect Yourself, Mask Uses, Travel Recommendations, and Myth.


There are participatory quizzes in the myth section of the chatbot to check how much the user knows about the virus. The ‘Donate Now’ button has been set up for users to fund the WHO through the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to combat the virus.


The Director General of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Gabriasus said “Our goal is to bring reliable health information to people through innovative digital technology”. Information is power. And accurate information can save lives during this global epidemic. “


Djamel Agaoua, chief executive officer (CEO) of Rakuten Viber said “We are working to keep people connected at all times, In addition, we are cooperating with local and international governments and health organizations to deal with important up-to-date information and misinformation. Rakuten Viber and the WHO are working together to keep individuals and society healthy by providing them with the information they need at this critical time. Use the chatbot and share it with your relatives to help them stay safe. Now digital media is safe than others.”

Already, Viber users around the world are able to use this chatbot for free. Viber is unveiling a special sticker pack to inspire people and create a positive attitude, in addition to helping health workers who are working from the front to prevent the virus during this blockade around the world. Users who download the pack from Viber Sticker Market will have instant access to the chatbot.

The bot can also be found through this link:


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