Use of robots increasing to prevent Coronavirus

Use of robots increasing to prevent Coronavirus

Lockdown is going on all over the world due to Coronavirus. The robot is being used at this time. Specialists saying in the future, robots will do all the work for humans and Corona infection accelerated this process.

Martin Ford has published many articles on how the economy can be taken over by robots. He said people naturally prefer human contact for their work. However, due to Corona infection, people’s choice is changing.

He said the Corona is being attracted to everything automated by avoiding human touch. In order to maintain social distance and so that the work can be done with a small number of workers, so many people are relying on robots.


There is also no chance of corona transmission among employees using robots. And there is no headache in maintaining social distance with him. Above all, it is possible to do more in less time.

The largest retailer in the United States Walmart using robots to keep stores clean. In South Korea, robots are measuring human body heat, as well as distributing sanitizers.

So it can be said that over time more and more robots will be employed in these tasks. By 2021, the need for robots around the world could go to a big place.


UVD robot makers are sending their robots to schools, colleges, and hospitals. According to the seller, buyers are now more health-conscious. Robots are now relied on to avoid infection.

In addition, food processing or restaurants are occupied by robots everywhere. The robot is working as a waiter and surveyor at McDonald’s. The robot is also attracting the attention of the owners for work in every big warehouse.

Using artificial intelligence, the robot can be seen as a school teacher or gym trainer in a few days.


In the meantime, the robot Sophia has put a shelf in everyone’s mind. According to a 2017 survey, by 2030, one-third of American workers will be replaced by robots. And because of the corona infection, this time is coming forward.

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