Unofficial patch for Mass Impact Legendary Version addresses bugs in Mass Impact 2

A number of months after Mass Impact Legendary Version got here out, modders launched a group patch to repair a bunch of minor bugs and irritations within the remastered model of the primary sport. An identical group patch for the Legendary Version’s replace of Mass Impact 3 adopted. However the remastered Mass Impact 2 lacked an analogous group patch—till now.

Though the Legendary model of Mass Impact 2 already handled essentially the most egregious bugs in the most effective sport within the sequence (do not @ me), there have been nonetheless loads of minor issues left for the Unofficial LE2 patch to repair. The prolonged changelog notes quite a lot of lighting corrections, modifications to make NPC uniforms match, fixes for inconsistent pores and skin tones and misaligned props, in addition to typos. There are a few extra notable fixes, nevertheless.

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