Turtle Beach Stealth Pro wireless gaming headset review

Positioning itself as “the new king of ultra-premium wireless gaming audio,” the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro is gunning for pole position in a crowded market. And while it makes a good run for it with its clarity of sound, there are a few things holding it back from greatness. Or even just general mediocrity.

I’ve been using the Nova Pro, SteelSeries’ pitch for premium wireless supremacy, for a good five months at this point. In that time I’ve only found a few small issues with it: a quickly slacking headband, loud glitch noises when going out of range, and some minor pressure from the drivers sometimes touching my ears. In designing the Stealth Pro, Turtle Beach has made a commendable effort to not only match its main competition for less, but also improve on some of the niggles Nova Pro users have been complaining of.

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