This retro-futuristic platformer about rescuing spacemen on an alien moon is likely to be the proper Steam Deck sport

The escort mission is likely one of the most reviled of videogame tropes, however solo-developed platformer Moons Of Darsalon (opens in new tab) boldly leans into it as its complete deal. Darsalon is a puzzle-platformer within the vein of Lemmings, tasking you with searching down hapless “Darsonauts” in its sprawling ranges, then shepherding them to security.

It is a idea that inherently stresses me out⁠—having to maintain these little goobers alive⁠—however fortunately they’ve some fairly sensible pathfinding, at all times being simply hapless sufficient to be a worthy navigational problem, however by no means fairly feeling like a millstone. Darsalon additionally shines by letting you set your individual tempo with problem. “Regular” mode could be what I often go for: one star out of 4, minimal Darsonauts rescued, and no optionally available aims. Do not let excellent be the enemy of the great.

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