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The next incorporates spoilers from the season 3 finale of Disney+/Lucasfilm’s The Mandalorian, episode Chapter 24, “The Return” written by Jon Favreau and directed by Rick Famuyiwa.

Season 3 of The Mandalorian wrapped up with a pleasant bow versus any grave cliffhanger, or visitor look from a Star Wars canon character ala season 2 when a digitized model of Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker swooped in to scoop up Grogu for Jedi coaching.

Thrawn within the ‘Ahsoka’ trailer, courtesy Disney

Heading into at present’s episode, you possibly can say we have been all anticipating a cameo by Basic Admiral Thrawn earlier than his huge splash in Mandalorian spinoff Ahsoka (due out this August); he being one of many huge dangerous Star Wars villains, having debuted within the 1991 Timothy Zahn novel, Inheritor to the Empire, which occurred post-Return to the Jedi. Thrawn, probably the most evil lifeless in a universe sans Darth Vader and the Emperor, led the remnants of the Imperial Forces in opposition to a fledgling New Republic, and was identified for his tactical genius and eager sensibility to evaluate enemies techniques. He’s by no means been portrayed in a live-action Star Wars film or TV present, however was an enormous a part of Dave Filoni’s Rebels animated sequence. Why did we expect Thrawn would make a cameo? As a result of he was named dropped within the final episode of Mandalorian, Chapter 23: Spies, throughout a Shadow Council assembly (Captain Pellaeon declared that Thrawn will “herald within the reemergence of our navy”, whereas Moff Gideon noticed that Thrawn is all the time a no-show).

(Heart): Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) and IG-12 (Taika Waititi, far proper)

Chapter 24 picks up promptly the place Chapter 23 left off with Katee Sackoff’s Mandalore chief Bo-Katan Kryze retreating her posse away from Gideon’s HQ on Mandalore; the group being pursued by his new white set of Beskar-armor darkish troopers. Colleague Axe Woves says he’s flying off to get back-up. Talking of which, the brand new stormtroopers, Gideon in his new Mandalorian get-up, and these Praetorian guards (who appear like the Emperor’s royal guards from Return of the Jedi) are simply not possible to take down; their uniforms having all the perfect devices of a Mandalorian’s together with flame thrower, rope wire, darts and rockets. It takes plenty of weapons, punches, darksaber slices, and Grogu power maneuvers to take these guys out.

Grogu with IG-12 (Taika Waititi)

Din Djarin, who’s being hauled away by darkish troopers, is saved by Grogu manning his IG-12 get-up.

“If we don’t take out Moff Gideon, this may by no means finish,” Din Djarin tells Grogu, “I’m going to want you to be courageous for me, okay?”

Um, the child simply saved you from darkish troopers you couldn’t even deal with.

R5-D4 in Lucasfilm’s THE MANDALORIAN

R5 assists Din Djarin to find Moff Gideon’s location within the command heart and taking down shields as our protagonist advances within the base. Din Djarin and Grogu come upon a hallway crammed with the Imperial dangerous man’s clones in water. Din Djarin punches a number of buttons on a aspect pc thingy and the entire clones explode out of their pods. Moff poured water on the Shadow Council’s notions of clones within the final episode, however he’s been making ’em.

All through the episode, there’s plenty of combating within the sky by Bo-Katan and The Armorer in opposition to the darkish troopers. There’s a sure portion of the sequence the place Bo-Katan and her individuals study that wealthy tropical farms have been being cultivated on Mandalore. As Moff beforehand expressed, the planet was all the time wealthy with assets, which is why he plundered it, and made it his Imperial hideaway. What do the Mandalorians consider the plush gardens on Mandalore? I feel they’re planning on staying right here.

(Heart): Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) with Imperial armored commandos in Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd.

Moff is irate that Din Djarin destroyed his clones which included “the perfect elements of me, however improved, however including the one factor I didn’t have — the power.” Moff and Din battle, battle, battle. Bo-Katan swoops in and knocks Moff down. Grogu will get cornered by the three Praetorian guards behind closed doorways. They destroy his IG-12 get-up, nevertheless, he’s in a position to power soar above on a floating mild rim as they try to slice at him. “I’ve received this, go save your child,” Bo-Katan tells Din as she faces off with Moff. In the end, between fists, weapons and Grogu’s power pull, along with Din, they overpower the guards.

In the meantime, Bo-Katan lights her darksaber at which level Moff ignites his purple spear. “Hand over the darksaber and I’ll offer you a warrior’s dying,” he tells her.

However, then he destroys that which has been so prized over the past three seasons: the Darksaber. Now what?

“You’ve misplaced all the pieces,” he tells her, “Mandalorians are weak as soon as they lose their trinkets.”

And now the massive takeaway per Bo-Katan: “Mandalorians are stronger collectively”.

If you consider trinkets misplaced: Din is stripped of go well with’s devices (in Chapter 23), whereas in the long run, Grogu doesn’t have IG-12.

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Axe is flying a flaming damaged cruiser to the rescue; extra particularly, diving the ship towards the Imperial base to completely destroy it. He’s in a position to fly out in time earlier than it hits the command heart, creating an infinite fireplace that swallows up Moff. Grogu is ready to create a power area round him, Din and Bo-Katan, defending all of them from the fireplace.

The season wraps with Din telling the Armorer that he’s adopting Grogu, and the little inexperienced man getting inducted as a Mandalorian foundling. Din and Grogu fly to a distant seaside insurgent port the place they meet up with X-Wing commander Carson Teva. Din insists that Carson rent him on the down-low to guard the outer rim, regardless of what New Republic guidelines deem. Din and Grogu return to Nevarro the place they’re gifted a house by Greef Karga (Carl Weathers).

As Disney+ Star Wars sequence instant future is in Ahsoka, The Skeleton Crew, Andor season 2 (August 2024) and the early days Excessive Republic period set Jedi crime sequence The Acolyte, the query stays once we’ll see Din and Grogu once more. It appears like they’ll be at that desert condominium for a while on Nevarro. When is the following time we see them? 2025? It’s fairly conceivable that Bo-Katan will deliver Mandalore into a brand new period. However when does Grogu develop up? All Jedi-powered individuals undergo an adolescent disaster and his cuteness is sporting skinny. That was all good and enjoyable in season one with the entire True Grit western homage. Whereas Mandalorian does thrive on the journey of the week, what’s the longer storyline right here? Will Din Djarin bump up in opposition to a younger Kylo Ren and the destruction of the Jedi temple? Can we intermingle him into Rey’s storyline? That will be cool. Is Grogu associated to Yoda for crying out loud? Now that Moff is gone, who’s the following darkish Imperial rising? It’s time for The Mandalorian to evolve and get away of its Beskar armor.

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