Star gourmet delicacies at budget prices

In the second edition of ‘The Gourmet Studio’, food lovers are being offered a chance to experience luxury five star hotel cuisine and dining at budget prices.

Online food community the Delhi Gourmet Club has partnered with commerce website nearbuy (previously Groupon India) to offer a specially curated six-course menu by Indian Masterchef Harjeet Kumar of north-Indian restaurant Diya at The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon.

“The Delhi Gourmet Club has started a six course menu with nearbuy because our usual menu is quite expensive but with nearbuy anyone can buy this six course meal for Rs.1500 and relish our exotic menu,” says Chef Harjeet who has worked at restaurants in Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Chef says that the menu offers a mix of existing signature dishes and some they have created especially for this offer.

“Our signature dishes are ‘bhuna pyaaz’, ‘malabar seafood curry’, ‘baigan ki katli’ and ‘dahi kebabs’, while we have curated some dishes of lambs and chicken for this menu,” says Kumar.

Water rippling in the indoor fountain with artists playing Hindustani instrumental music and a live kitchen provides a luxurious ambience in the hotel. Customers can also see fresh kebabs being made or can spot chefs preparing to present the meal in a beautiful platter.

“From the feedback I am getting from our customers, they are really enjoying this idea of six course meal at Rs.1500 because if you go on to order separate dishes, it’ll be a little heavy on your pocket. But with this menu any middle-class person can also enjoy the meal with a luxurious ambience,” says chef.

The meal includes starters, appetizers, soups, sorbets, main course and desserts.

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