Solarmovie – 10 Best Sites Like Solarmovie to Watch Movies Online in 2020

Movies are one of the popular sources of entertainment in the world. From children to grown-up adults- everyone loves watching movies. Watching movies online is a good idea because you get to watch numerous films and even the latest outings easily.

Free streaming is also popular among movie lovers. The free streaming websites allow the viewers to watch the movies and even TV shows for free without any subscription charges or payment. You just need to visit the website and start streaming. In this article, you will get to know about solarmovie and its alternatives.

What is Solarmvie all about?

Those who love watching movies online are already aware of Solarmovie. It is a popular movie streaming site. Solarmovie is a site that allowed users to stream any movie online for free. That means you can just visit the website and watch any movie you like online. All you need is a secure internet connection. Solarmovie does not ask its users to register on their site or pay for streaming the contents. Solarmobvie was a popular online streaming site because it offers an extensive collection of movies from around the world. Solarmovie was a viewers’ delight because of their HD content. It also provided subbed and dubbed movies for free. Solarmovie has an extensive database of films from horror, action, drama, comedy, fantasy, documentary, period drama, children friendly cinema, family movie, and many more. Viewers were also able to watch recent releases for free from this site. Therefore, it is often a Holy Grail fro the cine lovers who stream movies online.

Why is the site inaccessible?

Solarmovie is down for sometime at this time. The site is not again working. Till now, the makers of solarmovie have not released any type of the declaration to the viewers about the cause. As it seems the site is terminated because it sponsored piracy. In reality, solarmovie used to upload copyright contents without any legal permission. Hence, they offered only pirated materials. Piracy is a punishable offense in many countries around the globe. The lawmakers have been taking steady steps against the pirated sites. Therefore, it seems Solarmovie was shut down because it ran into a legal problem. And as per the future goes, nothing is sure about the return of Solarmovie.

What precautions should you take during online streaming?

In case you love watching movies online through online streaming platforms, security is a big issue. Often the URL is broken or directs you to another looking storage website. Otherwise, you can encounter annoying pop-ups while streaming the sites, and you need to close these pop-ups. These pop-ups and redirected sites often are harmful. They can be full of trojan or virus or any other malware. Hence, streaming without protecting your device can lead to disaster. Therefore, you need to be cautious in this case. You can use Proxy sites to search with safety. And, most of all, using a VPN is an excellent idea for anyone. The VPN protects your device and prevents any cyber threat to damage it while you are watching a movie.

Additionally, a lot of streaming sites are inaccessible from many countries. VPN and proxy sites hide your location and allow you to unlock the inaccessible site to continue streaming. Therefore, if you want to stream, make sure to use a proper and good quality VPN.

Top ten similar sites like Solarmovie

Solarmovie is closed and is out of operation. But, you do not need to worry. There are many similar sites like solarmovie that offer the same services. That means movie lovers can continue watching movies online for free from these types of websites. Although there are thousands of free streaming sites, you need to find the right site that offers excellent speed, has a diverse content base, and provides a good user experience. Here is the list of the top ten similar sites like solarmovie-

1. Gomovies

Gomobvies looks like the identical twin of Solarmovie; from the user interface to website layout and design and movie database- everything is kind of same. It also has an excellent database with popular and well-known movies, including recent releases. You can even watch TV shows from Gomovies. And those who are thinking about the user experience, it is excellent. Gomovies comes with a special Night mode that makes the site sooting during the night, and you can watch movies for a long time without any problem.

solarmovie alternative

Gomovies is the best among similar sites like solarmovie. It has aa good database with all types of movies and TV series, offers excellent speed, and the night mode is the icing on the cake. You can use it if you have been loyal to Solarmovie in the past.

2. Lookmovie

Lookmovie is a classic site. It has been in the free streaming site for zome time and is entertaining people from all around the world. Lookmovie gives importance to the user experience. The home age is a delight- you get details about the movie, including its IMDB rating, cast and crew, and plot summary for your convenience. Therefore, watching movies and finding movies becomes more comfortable than ever. The vast database of lookmovie comes organized adequately in multiple categories. And their search section is also high. You can filter the search by the genres and the release date or IMDB rating for correctly finding movies.


In terms of user experience, Lokkmovie is an excellent alternative to the solar movie. But it is only for film, Therefore, if you want to watch a TV series, you need to find another site.

3. TubiTV

If you want o find similar sites like solarmovie that are legal, then you need to search for TUbiTV. It is a free streaming site that offers free streaming of movies, TV series, contents, web shows, documentaries, and even award shows to their viewers. TubiTV also has its exclusive app that smartphone users can use for streaming. Additionally, viewers can also stream live TV channels like Dove channel CONtv for free of cost from TubiTV. It also offers all of its contents in HD. Since it’s all materials are legal, you do not need to be bothered about anything.


TubiTV is legal, which is an excellent bonus for free streamers. But, you cannot find many recent releases in Tuibitv. Also. There are ad breaks in every 15 to 30 minutes, which can be irritating.

4. Watch Free

Watch free is another free streaming site on this list. It offers thousands of movies from different parts of the world to the viewers. Anyone can log in to Wtchfree and can watch the film without spending a single penny. The directory is organized correctly according to the genre and release date. Watch free also offers recent movies to the viewers. Their webpage is user friendly and quite enjoyable.

On top of that, you can also watch popular web series and TV shows from here. You can also find movies from their search bar. Watch free regularly updates their database to add a new collection.

stream movies online

The content of this site is good, but it is not user-friendly. Hence, you may need time to figure out how the site operates.

5. Popcornflix

The list of alternatives of SOlarmovie is incomplete without mentioning Popcornflix. Popcornflix is a crowd favorite among free streaming websites. It also has its app for smartphone users. Popcornflix comes with a vast directory of all types of movies, web shows, series, TV shows, and even animated movies. It also offers exclusive content from other paid streaming sites. Threifrem, you get a full-on entertainment package- for free f cost. Their search bar is too high, and you can find any movie with the filters. Popcorn flix also supports a wide range of devices like XVBOX, OS, Google Play, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, etc.


Popcornflix offers numerous content through its free website and app. It also supports multiple devices, and you can watch movies for free. Popcornflix also allows the viewers to download their HD contents in the preferable format. The downloading speed is also incredible. Hence, you can surely consider it.

6. Primewire

Primewire is the traditional website in case of free streaming. It is one of the sites that started the rage of free online streaming for cine buff. Primewire has tasted the tide of time, and yet it managed to maintain its viewer base. Primewire is rich in content and never disappoints you. You can find almost any latest movie from their site. You will find videos from all around the world with subtitles and dubbings in HD format. You can join this site and open a free account here, but that is not mandatory.


Primewire is an ancient site, and its design is not that great. It can also become slow sometimes. But, if you consider the content database, primewire is a sure shot winner.

7. Moonline

Moonline is all about entertainment and movies. Anyone can watch movies from this site for free without any disturbance. Moonline comes with a good database of both the latest and older films. You can find movies as per the genres(action, adventure, animation, crime, documentary, horror, etc.) and their alphabetical order and even the release date for your convenience. It offers HD movies in 720p or 1080p to the viewers. If you want to download any movie, you can only record the online streaming session for offline watching in the future.


Moonline is a delight to watch. You can record live streaming, and you get movies in HD format. Hence, you can sure use it as an alternative to Solarmovie.

8. Flixter

Flixter is a comparatively new free streaming site in this list. But, their contents are well organized and diverse. Movieflixter comes with a vast database of movies from genres like fantasy, adventure, children, family, drama, comedy, animation, action, sports, thriller, periodic drama, western, Bollywood, etc. It has a minimalistic design and displays all the needed information in snippets for your convenience. It also loads faster, and the streaming is free of buffering. You will enjoy streaming from Movieflisxter. You can also find dubbed and subbed movies from here. The site is very user friendly, and it is easily navigable.


9. Putlocker

Putlocker is another veteran in this list of alternatives to solarmovie. It has been in existence for a long time and continues to serve its purpose. That is free stream movies. Putlocker is excellent and offers all the needed information about a film on its home page. You can check the IMDB review of a movie to check if it is worth watching.

Additionally, for the content selection, you will be amazed by the diversity in contents. Putlocker offers movies Holywood, other western countries, Bollywood and Japanese anime, cartoons, and Asian dramas. Hence you will never be out of option in putlocker. It also offers view sup[pirt network where you can report any problem related to the contents.

best solarmovies alternative

It is a decent site and has multiple entertainment options. If you can go past the shabby design, putlocker is kind of good.

10. YifyMovies

If you want to stream movies for free from a good site, then you can also consider YIFYMovies.tv. It is a less popular site but offers some fantastic movie collection. You can visit here to watch your favorite movie and even TV shows. Although YIFYmovies has a section for account registration, it is mandatory. That means you can stream from here without opening an account. You can decide about what to watch after browsing through genres and the viewers’ ratings. The search bar is also useful for finding a film or series.



YIFY movies are good for classic and older films. Hence, if you are streaming from this site, stick to your good old favorites.

The list of top ten similar sites like the solar movie is complete. All the sites are unique in their way and offer entertaining streaming options for the viewers. You can choose any option from the above list if you are unable to access Solarmovie and want to continue your free streaming session or binge-watching session.

Please use a decent internet connection with good internet speed for a hassle-free movie streaming experience. And, also use proxy sites or VPN to protect your device while you are watching movies online.


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