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Top 10 Working Similar Sites Like Putlocker 2020

When a new flick or a new season releases, we almost cannot control the urge to see at first hand. However, your hands might be tied due to lack of subscription with the expensive streaming platforms. Therefore, one will end up getting the spoilers for their favorite franchise. Moreover, if you don’t support Piracy but want the latest releases, what should you do?

The solution – stream for free! Yes, you heard that right. There are plenty of resources available where you will be overwhelmed to see the collection of movies and series. From the latest titles to old classics, everything is waiting for you at zero bucks. If one digs a little deeper, you will encounter international and Asian drama contents as well.

Therefore, pop the popcorn, select the title, sit back, and check out the compiled list of free online streaming sites for movies and TV shows.


What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a famous name amongst the movie buffs. It is one of the most highly rated streaming platforms used to binge-watch quality movies and TV shows for free. The root of this website goes back to 2011 in the UK. Shortly after to live, the site has recorded around 1.6 million daily viewers in a short period. The vast traffic was responsible due to the closure of Megaupload.

To access Putlocker, one only requires a stable internet connection. Putlocker doesn’t pose any restrictions like subscription fees for extra features. Without paying hefty fees, you can easily stream the contents. What made Putlocker so famous is its quality inclusion. Almost every title is in HD format. The latest flicks might not come in HD version, but soon it rolls out the same. Putlocker has a vast library of dubbed and subbed movies, which again you can access for free. The rich and extensive database films for every genre (horror, comedy, action, drama, crime, thriller, fantasy, sci-fi, documentary, etc.) are unparalleled.

Why is Putlocker inaccessible?

The heavy traffic and fame attracted the attention of several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as well as the government. Consequently, the MPAA (or Motion Picture Association of America) have reported the website with the charge of major digital piracy threat. Since Putlocker was involved in uploading copyright titles without their legal permission, it was a direct violation and promoting pirated content. However, we know many countries have adopted Piracy as a punishable offense. As a result, the lawmakers took the necessary steps to shut down the site in the latter half of 2016.


As soon as the Putlocker site was blocked, there was a vast void of reliable, good quality free online streaming sites. Therefore similar sites like Putlocker became a trending need for every online streamer. However, finding a quality alternative is not a piece of cake. There are several parameters one needs to consider before recommending an online free streaming site.

What are the precautions necessary for online streaming?

When you are a movie buff, online movie streaming platforms are always your solution. However, this solution comes with grave issues like security. There are instances where the URL is unsafe or broken or redirects to another storage site. In addition to this, you will encounter annoying pop-ups. Undoubtedly, amidst a movie, you need to close down the pop-up. There are times when these pop-ups redirect to harmful sites. Hackers create such websites which are mostly filled with Trojans or other malware. In a nutshell, online streaming without protection can lead to dangerous consequences.

Apart from unsafe sites, an important point to remember that most online streaming sites are illegal. Likewise, Putlocker, the streaming platforms offering free movies and shows directly violate the piracy act. Along with the government and ISPs, they keep track of the users and their browsing activity. The world keeps such records.


Therefore, it is strongly recommended to be cautious while streaming. To protect the activity, one can opt for proxy sites and VPN. Using a proxy site, you can browse safely while hiding the IP address. However, using a VPN is the real deal. The VPN is a well-equipped method to protect the PC/laptop/mobile from any cyber threat, which can damage your device.

Moreover, many of the listed online free streaming sites are not accessible in several countries. VPN and proxy sites come to the rescue, which hides the device’s location and grants access to such places to continue streaming.

Since you are aware of how to prevent cyber threats while streaming online content, check out the compiled list of alternatives to Putlocker.


Top 10 Similar Sites like Putlocker

1. 123Movies – Biggest Collection

123 Movies

123Movies tops as the best alternative to Putlocker while showing off their most extensive streaming library. The site is organized with thousands of titles categorically fixed in their always-adding shelves. 123Movies is the go-to site for any specific title you want to watch. Therefore, they made sure to teach a user-friendly minimalist interface. Navigating through the site is simple.

However, the name suggests the site is an excellent choice for movies, and it caters to every need – live-action shows of western Hits, Anime, Asian drama, and cartoons. The site doesn’t require any signup and has the least number of ads. The only con is the search function is yet to be effective. We can assure you, the advantages outweigh the limitations.


2. Vumoo – Old is Gold


The name rhymes with experience and quality content. It is one of the oldest free online movie streaming platforms stacked with a vast library of movies. Vummo comes with a clean interface to prioritize de-cluttered pages and easy navigation. The homepage layout is user friendly, where users can easily interact with the site without any difficulty. Likewise, Putlocker, registration is not required. Vummo has an efficient algorithm which advocates faster addition of new releases. The platform is reliable, and you can stream quality TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere. Moreover, for every title, Vummo offers content’s synopsis and other relevant information – runtime, IMDb rating, cast details, etc.

However, like every other site, we have encountered a few cons in Vumoo. A few significant filters are missing from the page. The audience uses such filters to select or browse their choice. For example, genre, country, IMDb rating, etc. are not present in the site. For every experienced movie lover, these play a quality role. Nevertheless, to balance the flaw, the search engine is highly optimized to return the required show or related suggestions.


3. Popcornflix – Best Choice for Mobile watch


The site comes with a vast selection of popular movies that readily reels into their list. Popcornflix is known for its diverse collection of films and discreet gems in their sleeves. As one of the best alternatives to Putlocker, navigating through the categorized genres makes it easy to locate your selection.

One of the downsides of Popcornflix is it only keeps movies; you won’t find any TV shows or series here. However, to balance, you’ll be surprised to see some of the oldest free movie classics. The USP of the site is its interface optimized to run smoothly on Android, iOS, and desktop devices without any registration.


4. SolarMovie – Simple Navigation


This is one of the most underrated movies, and TV shows online streaming sites. The platform has effectively optimized its superior search function and neat design to prevent distraction from cluttering up on the screen. It has integrated quick filtering in its categorized list for an easy look-up.

The only thing SolarMovie needs to work on is to increase its catalog list. You may choose to register for requesting titles and saving your favorites.


5. Los Movies – Expert of International Titles

Los Movies

One of the most famous online streaming movies and TV shows sites is Los Movies, which justifies its fame. The USP of the site is its humongous collection of foreign content. Every international title comes with subtitles and audio in their original language. Hundreds of pages are categorically assembled with the quality watch. The homepage directs to the latest additions/trending contents irrespective of registration.

The site facilitates easy access to any title, and you can quickly browse to the best of genres, directors, actors, years, etc. However, the site shelters many pop-ups. Therefore, it’s a suggestion to connect to a VPN before logging into the site.


6. Fmovies – Highly optimized Search Function


It’s one of the quality platforms in the list of online streaming movies. Fmovies is a common name amongst the movie buffs. With the user-friendly interface to optimized layout, audiences love the easy interaction feature of this site.  The site has a smooth search function to assist you in finding some gems in different categorized genres.

This is one of the best free streaming online sites where you get everything packed for you without any registration. From sorting the movies year-wise, genre-wise, IMDb-wise to mining latest and classics flicks. The site is effectively optimized, as one will run into a relatively fewer number of ads.


7. GoMovies – User-Friendly Environment


One of the worthy inclusions in the list of similar sites like Putlocker is GoMovies. The USP about this site is it gives you options to select between two homepage layouts. Their default chosen plan for the homepage is designed to integrate fewer clutters. Moreover, the website is not devoid of any useful features as well. For example, an efficient search function bar.

However, you are just a button away to return the older layout. This feature is cooperative when one needs to browse their options and choose a title. Following the trend of other sites, it allows quick sorting to most viewed, years, trending, newly added, and IMDb ratings as parameters.  Another USP of this site is promoting late-night marathons as well! Once the moon rises, the site turns into a dark theme for a better watch.


8. MoviesJoy – King of US Contents


MoviesJoy offers the best without the need for any registration. This site harbors both TV shows and movies. As you open the homepage, you will see a working search bar at the top of the page. The site has a rigid motto to update its shelves frequently with the latest hits. Moreover, the page has relatively lesser ads compared to other free streaming sites. Also, the site is optimized for easy navigation. It also has an attractive layout, which works fine on mobiles too.

However, there is one loophole – less foreign drama and international flicks. To balance their website, they have built large sections of US contents. Therefore, if you need any US tile, you just know which platform to hit.


9. AZMovies – Alternatives Links are Always Available


The best feature of AZMovies where it beats every other competitor is it provides mirror links to a specific title. For example, when one link doesn’t work or is dead, you will always find a working one. Another plus point of this site is it loads in no time! Once you swiftly reach the easy interactive interface, with little buffering, you can start a flick. As the name suggests, the site is ideal for movies. Moreover, one can even find links of series to a partner site NOXX where you can browse several TV shows.

However, one of the biggest cons of this site is the site is exceptionally cluttered. For example, one will at least take a minute to figure out the site and navigate properly. Also, there are plenty of pop-up ads once you click any link.


10. Yes! Movies – Treasure for Documentaries

Yes! Movies

Although Yes! Movies lack the quantity of content, and it outweighs with quality. Undoubtedly the library has inserted some solid choices in terms of TV series and films. Therefore, it is safe to say, and this platform has hidden gems in their unique categorized genres. In the organized catalog, you will find an attractive, well-stocked documentaries tab. This genre is rare in other online free streaming sites.

The webpage is thoroughly optimized, which includes attractive web designs as well. There are usually quick sorting techniques available through content. The homepage directs to the search bar for navigation. However, one can switch to the browser view if you haven’t decided which title to watch.



For a movie connoisseur, one doesn’t settle for anything less than the best. Therefore a quality online streaming website is a perfect fit for them. However, after the absence of Putlocker from the virtual world, finding a legit and safe site is difficult. We have done the tough part of the research and made a list of a guaranteed list of similar sites like Putlocker. Microwave some popcorn and enjoy the watch.

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