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Watching movies is fun. And watching your favorite movie in the comfort of your home is better than anything. You do not need to go out after a hectic week. You can simply relax and watch the movie online from any online platform. Many online platforms stream the latest movies and TV series for free for the viewers. Gomovies is one of those sites.

What is Gomovies?

Gomovies is one of those popular online streaming sites which offer free online streaming. You can stream your favorite film or even tv shows on this website for free. You just need to use a good internet connection that supports your streaming. Gomovies is one of those few sites that offer complete entertainment. It has a diverse and vast collection of movies from different genres, including horror, comedy, drama, historic or periodic drama, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. You can fund almost every latest movie on Gomovies.



Additionally, you can find all the world-famous TV shows and web series here. Therefore, you will never be out of option for entertainment on Gomovies. Gomovies can be your best choice if you love to binge-watch. The makers of this site regularly update their content directory to make sure everyone finds something worth watching. And you can stream everything without any advertisement or account registration.

Is it legal?

In case you are thinking about the legality of the site, you need to read this section carefully. Gomovies offer free streaming of the copyright content to its viewers. That means they provide you with pirated content and not legal content. Hence, it is clear that Gomovies is not authorized. It is a printed website that streams contents without proper legal permission.

Is Gomovies blocked or down?

The truth is a lot of countries have taken secure steps to curb piracy. In many countries like India, USA, UK piracy is a potent offense, and those who encourage cheating often receive strong punishment. In such states, pirated sites are usually banned. Hence, you cannot surf from a pirated website like Gomovies if your country has forbidden it. Therefore, it can be temporarily down in your country. But, at present, Gomovies is working in almost every state. The makers of Gomovies have been successful in evading legal bans until now.


How do you surf on Gomovies with proper caution?

Gomovies is a safe site, and all the movie files are also safe. But, you need to take care of your cybersecurity during online streaming. A lot of Trojans or other malware can attack your device during the streaming. Hackers can also attack your device to steal information. Therefore, you need to save your device from cyber threats. VPNs or Virtual Private Networks can be a great way to protect your device. The VPNs give a protective cloak to your device, so that nothing harmful can damage your device.

Additionally, a VPN provides your device with a cryptic location so that the ISPs are unable to monitor your internet footsteps. It also helps you to unblock Gomovies if it is blocked in your country. Alternatively, you can also use proxy sites to surf with comfort.

Alternatives of GoMovies

In case you are unable to visit Gomovies or it is banned in your country, you need to find another site that offers the same service. You also need to go to alternate sites in case you are unable to find a particular movie on Gomovies.


Here are top similar sites like GoMovies-

  1. Filmyhit

If you love to stream the latest movies and tv shows online, Filmyhit is an excellent alternative to Gomovies. It is a magic box for those who love Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Their collection of TV shows and web shows is also good. Fimlyhit also offers dubbed and subbed movies for the viewers. You can find almost every latest movie on Fimlyhit without any problem. The collection is pretty amazing. Fimlyhit allows its users to stream movies in HD without charging a single penny.


Additionally, you get to download movies from here. Yes, Fimlyhit allows visitors to download videos in HD1080p, 720p,480p) as per their preference. The site is navigable and has a simplistic UI to help you.


Contentwise, Fimlyhit is a sure shot winner. The download speed is pretty good. Filmyhit has a great website that helps you in binge-watching.

2. FMovies

Fmovies is another good site among similar sites like GoMovies. It is kind of identical to Gomovies in terms of the look and design of the website. Fmovies offer streaming services through multiple Third-party hosting services. Hence, even if the site is a little down, you will always find its other proxy sites to stream your favorite movie.



The homepage of FMovies is neat and clean. You can find your favorite movie or show from the suggestion section, the latest videos, trending TV shows from the website. Additionally, you can also request movies from the requested section on the website.

FMovies is excellent with its features. But the advertisements can be annoying and can make your device vulnerable to cyber attacks. It is better to use a VPN and an ad-blocker for convenience.

3. YIFY Movies

YIFY movies is another popular website that offers videos from all types of genres and never disappoints you. From the latest releases to the people’s favorite releases- you will find everything from here. YIFY movies have a massive database of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and another global film. It is a site that offers free streaming of full HD content for free. You also do not need to register in YIFY movies to watch movies.


YIFY Movies

YIFY movies are great, but you may not find every film in HD format. Poor quality streaming can be a significant letdown.

4. Putlocker

The list of similar sites like GoMovies is incomplete without mentioning Putlocker. Putlocker is among the oldest sites for online streaming. It has a strong viewer base across the globe. Putlocker comes with multiple mirror links for every movie. Hence, you will find a link that streams the cinema. Putlocker has a diverse and organized catalog of videos from different genres. Putlocker also offers free streaming of global film with subtitles for your convenience.



You can always find a movie worth watching on Putlocker. You can also request movies through the Putlocker site.

Putlocker is among the best alternatives to Gomovies. But, there are many copy sites of Putlocker. Finding the original site is often difficult. SO, it is better that you use a VPN to browse this inline streaming site.


5. 123 Movies

123Movies is a comparatively new streaming website. But, its movie database is excellent and comes with several movies from all around the world. 123 Movies offers numerous films, including the recent releases from Hollywood, Bollywood, and other movie industries across the world. It is also great for those who love anime.

123 Movies

123Movies has a good collection of the popular anime series and Asian drama shows and TV serials. The most significant advantage of this site is that it releases movies soon after their theatrical release. Hence, you can easily find the latest videos on this website. 123Movies do not ask for registration from the viewers. You can stream without any problem. Another benefit is that here you can find mirror links for every movie at your convenience.


6. A2ZMovies

A2ZMovies offers the same service to its name. You can stream any movie on A2ZMovies without spending a single penny. The most significant advantage of this site is that it offers videos in HD format only. Hence, you get a fantastic experience while watching online. A2Z movies boast of a great website with a simple design and proper search bar.


A2ZMovies give priority to the viewers’ experience. Hence, this site uses a minimum of two servers to host a particular movie. It ensures everyone can watch the film without any problem. Additionally, here you can watch videos with subtitles. Therefore, watching movies becomes fun, even if it is not in English or your mother language. A2ZMovies also posts an advertisement on their homepage as soon as they upload a new movie.


From the content to the features- everything is right in A2ZMovies. You will never be able to complain because they provide you with all the features like a premium streaming site. That means you can switch to this website in case Gomovies is unavailable on your device.

7. YesMovies

YesMovies is another free streaming site on this list. It is distinct from Gomovies in design, although their initial objective is the same. YesMovies gives equal importance to movies and TV shows. Hence, you can find a popular web show on YesMovies easily. The most significant benefit of YesMovies is that it comes with a good search filter. The search bar has multiple screens, and you can find movies according to the last release date, genre, country, type, quality, format, etc. It helps you to find any film accurately without spending a lot of time.



YesMovies come with a vast directory of recent movies and TV shows. But there is a small shortcoming. Most of the uploaded videos from their database have released after 2014. Hence, in case you are looking for something older, you may not be able to find it there.

8. Movies4k

If you want something on a bigger scale, Movies4k is your ideal choice. It is a free streaming site that allows anyone to stream a movie without paying any charges. Movies4k is a crowd favorite because of its faster streaming. Movies4k is probably the fastest online streaming site. It also has a diverse and organized database of movies from different genres. Movies4k is a genuinely global entertainer because of its worldwide collection. A viewer can find or browse a film as per the filters of the search bar. Or, they can take help from the viewers’ suggestion section. Movies4k has an intelligent suggestion service that offers suggestions based on your preference. Streaming service is simple here; you just need to click “play” to stream your favorite movie.



Movies4k is a complete delight. You will never be bored with their wide selection of options. On top of that, the website is simple, navigable, and easy to use.

9. Vidics

Vidics is another site similar to Gomovies. Vidics offers you free streaming of movies from different parts of the globe. The best part? They do not ask for anything in return. You also do not need to register in Vidics to stream any movie. The search tab on the top of the home page allows you to browse through the database by genre or other filters. Vidics is distinct from its unique features from the other online streaming websites. It will enable the viewers to schedule and movie or TV show and creates your personalized watchlist.



The design of Vidics is also high. Every movie or tv show comes with small snippets to display the plot summary, crew, and cast and release date with viewers rating. It is excellent and allows you to check if something is good enough to watch.

Vidics has a good website with an information section for each content. But, not all the global contents are dubbed or subbed. Hence, you may not be able to watch a French movie or a Korean drama if you do not know the language.

10. MovieWatcher

MovuieWatcher is another famous site among similar sites like GoMovies. It is a prominent free streaming site that allows anyone to stream a movie or series without any subscription charge. It is a legal streaming site, and all of its contents are legal. Therefore, in case you want to avoid illegal sites or pirated sites, MoviesWatcher is your right option. Browse through their vast database to watch a movie or TV show to watch without any legal hassle.



MoviesWatcher is a legal site. Therefore, it is a great site. But, you may not be able to find the latest movies here. Nevertheless, it is an excellent free streaming site.



Whether you stream movies or tv shows from Gomovies or similar sites like GoMovies, you need to be careful about the streaming website. You need to keep your device protected with a VPN to prevent any cyber attack. All of these sites are good and offer great content. If you are annoyed by the frequent ad pop-ups, you can use an ad-blocker from seamless streaming.

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