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Free online streaming and content downloading are one of the most sought after services by internet users. You may love to download and watch movies, music files, and other visual entertainment. For the booklovers, ebooks are also good. Many Torrent based sites offer free peer-to-peer sharing of files like ebooks, music files, games, software, etc. Each of these things is available for free on sites like extra Torrent.

What is it all about?

ExtraTorrent is one of the Torrent based websites that offer torrent downloading. It is a site that has an extensive library of more than five lakhs of BitTorrent indexes of movies, music files, TV shows, etc. In extra Torrent, visitors were able to download and host files through the magnetic links. Additionally, it also allowed peer-to-peer file transfer as per the BitTorrent guidelines. Hence, it became a favorite among those who loved online streaming.

Is ExtraTorrent closed?

The truth is ExtraTorrent is no more available. The makers of this torrent site announced the closure in May 2017. The site was completely wiped off from the internet along with its vast Torrent library.


ExtraTorrent was already under scrutiny for some time due to its p2p file sharing procedure. And it was banned in many countries.

Whatever the reason is, ExtraToreent is closed, and it has not been revived. It is completely shut down, and you may need to move to a new site for streaming content.

Is extratorrent legal?

ExtraTorrent is a website that allows P2P file-sharing as per the BitTorrent protocol. The site also offered free streaming of movies, TV shows, etc. But, ExtraTorrent enabled the streaming without any prior permission from the makers of these contents. It is piracy, and hence the streaming service is illegal. As a result, ExtraTorrent is also unlawful.


How can you safely stram and browse from the sites like ExtraTorrent?

Since Extratorrent and other Torrent used sites are illegal, they are often blocked in many countries. The ISPs block the pathway so that you cannot access these sites. Additionally, all these free streaming sites come with ad-breaks. There can be chances of cyber attack and malware infecting your device.

But there are multiple ways to surf and stream online without threatening your device:

  • You can always use a proxy site. The proxy sites are kind of messengers. They allow you to stream and use the contents of the leading site in a discreet way. The proxies do not directly communicate with the original websites, but you can view the original site’s contents. Hence, you are less likely vulnerable to any problem.
  • A VPN is another way to stream anything online. VPN or virtual private networks provide your device with a dummy location and protect your footsteps and activity on the internet. As a result, the ISPs cannot detect your streaming, and you can access any kind of site. With a VPN, you can even visit a streaming website even though it is blocked in your country. Additionally, VPNs also protect your device from any security threat.

Similar sites and Proxy Sites like extratorrent

As ExtraTorrent is entirely down, you cannot surf and stream on it. But, you do not need to worry about online streaming. Many free online streaming sites offer similar services like ExtraTorrent. Here are related sites and Proxy Sites like ExtraTorrent that you can use for streaming movies and TV shows. –



RARBG is among the top alternatives to ExtraTorrent. It is a beneficial torrent site that allows online streaming if films and series. Their torrent library is excellent. It is a complete entertainer because RARBG also has a good collection of games, software with activation code, music files, and other content. Hence, you can find almost everything here.

Rarbg Home

The most significant advantage of RARBG is that it comes with a well-organized library of the contents. The torrent links also come with cover art, screenshots, compact details. Hence, you can easily understand and find anything. The movie and TV shows are also available in multiple formats like SD, HD, or even blueray for your convenience. Additionally, the streaming speed is too high. The makers regularly update content in RARBG.


If you check the content range and diversity, RARBG is one of the best similar sites and proxy Sites like extratorrent that offers you multiple types of entertainment for free. It is excellent for binge-watching.

2. 1337x

The next option that you can rely on is 1337x. It is another site that hosts torrents and has an excellent library of movies and Shows. It has a dedicated viewer base for its wide range of contents. 1337x offer the latest videos and shows to their viewers without any charges. And their range is also good movies. Web shows, TV series, documentaries, etc.



Need more? You need to check the collection of wallpapers, games, files, software, etc. from 1337x. The website comes with a simple UI and a right search bar for the convenience of the visitors. 1337x offers magnetic links for online streaming. On top of that, you can also download the contents and watch them offline. As per the speed of the downloads, it is quite good, and there are multiple downloading formats available for you.

The downloading speed, the collection of movies, and other entertainment options are high in 1337x. If you want to find something that offers multiple things for free, you can surely check 1337x.


The Pirate Bay is among the oldest similar sites and proxy sites like extra Torrent. It has been in the free streaming scenario for some time and understands what the viewers want. The user-friendly interface, along with clean design, makes navigating through the torrent library easier. It also has magnetic links for movies, audio files, ebooks, software, games, etc. directly from the torrent database. The movie collection is also quite good.


The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is among the oldest and reliable Torrent sites on the internet. It has an extensive collection of multiple Torrent based items. But, this site does not host any meta links.

4. Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents is a newer general torrent website. It is regularly growing its latest additions to the library. The site is easy to use and navigable. The search bar is among the best things in Lime Torrents. It comes with the popular search sections for your convenience. Lime torrents come with a vast library of movies, games, apps, software, anime, wallpapers, etc.



The website needs more improvement in the designing area, but if you are satisfied with the contents, you can use Lime Torrent.

5. Ru Tracker

Ru tracker is not well known in the globe. It is a semi-private torrent site of Russian origin. But, Ru Torrent has a vast collection of different torrents in English also. It offers to download contents like games, movies, documentaries, premium software, wallpapers, ebooks, visual books, audiobooks, etc. for the users. Ru Torrent asks its users to register for free on their site for availing its best content. It also has a good website design for your benefit.



Content-wise, Ru Tracker is an essential site. But, it is in the Russian language. Hence, you need to use Goggle translate to view things in English. Additionally, Ru Tracker comes with many ads, which can be irritating.

6. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is one of the best torrent sites in this list. It has more than 1 million visitors per day until now. Kickass Torrents is a complete torrent search engine and gives off a vibe as the popular search engine Google. You can change the homepage styles to search for your favorite category like movies, music, TV shows, games, anime, ebooks, applications, music files, wallpapers, etc. The home page also has a search bar to help you. Additionally, you can also search through the alternative home page if you want to.



Kickass Torrents also has its exclusive community where you can connect with other visitors and discuss many things in different languages. 

Kickass Torrents is among the top similar sites and proxy sites like Extratorrent.  It has a search bar, comes with thousands of torrent items from diverse categories, and comes with a community for discussion among the members. Hence, you can never miss a chance to check this popular site.


7. Torlock

In case you require a torrent library with many torrent links, Torlock is your choice. Torlock is very fast and comes with a responsive UI to help you. Additionally, the site is also easy to navigate. Torclock comes with more than 7 million official torrents. You can download movies, wallpapers, authentic and working software, ebooks, apps, games, anime, manga, web shows, TV series, music videos and files, and a lot of more content from Torlock for free. It also has a new section that informs the users about the latest Torrent rules and regulations.


Torlock is a delight for any Torrent user. It has a great website with a vast Torrent library. The site also updates regular content for the convenience of the users. On top of that, the new section helps you to collect the latest information about Torrents. Hence, if you want to use it instead of ExtraTorrents, you can.


8. SkyTorrents

Sky torrents is another site among similar sites and Proxy Sites like extratorrent but have its distinct features. It is originally a search engine for torrents. It has more than 28 entries from other torrent sites, and the number grows regularly. It also has another exciting feature. SkyTorrents supports multiple languages like Russian, Spanish, English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, etc. Hence you can easily surf in SkyTorrents in your preferred language.


The search filter is excellent. SkyTorrents support multiple keywords for your convenience. That means you can find what you want without much hassle. It also has good downloading speed.


SkyTorrents has 27 million torrent links in its database. Moreover, search engine design is remarkable. It is an excellent and user0freinldly Torrent site.

9. Zooqle

Zooqle can be your choice in case you want something simple and easy. It comes with 3700 movies and more than 600 global TV show links. Additionally, there are registered software, apps, games, and ebooks. The collection fo Zooqle is pretty impressive. It has more than 3,5 million torrents, and every day, nearly 1000 new torrents get included here.



Since Zooqle is very much easy to use, it is widely popular. You can surf here in English or Russian.

Zooqle comes with a sound torrent library of 3.5 million torrents and gets bigger every day. Although the collection is impressive, there is a small shortcoming. The user interface of Zooqle is not that good and often lags.

10. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is not a new site. It is the reincarnation of the popular torrent website Toreentz. It is another Torrent based search engine on this list. Torrentz2 shares authentic and working links from other torrent sites. It only houses the links, not the files. Hence, you will be direct to other websites for downloading.



It has multiple files like movies, music, mp3 files, wallpapers, and software at your disposal. The site has been able to evade the legal problems to date and is doing great.

Torrentz2 is excellent for music lovers. It mainly emphasizes on music collection. But their other groups are also remarkable. Additionally, the website design is not that much comfortable. But, you will eventually become comfortable with the site and navigation with time.



The list of similar sites and proxy sites like extra Torrent is complete. Here are the best ten torrent sites that you can use to stream content online or download anything you want. Each of these sites is unique and offers excellent service. Many of them also come with their mirror sites and proxy sites for your convenience. All these sites provide P2P sharing of thousands of contents. Anyone can share the files from any location.

If you are using Torrent based sites for streaming or downloading something, you need to be extremely cautious about cybersecurity. Because, Torrent streaming and make your device vulnerable to cyber threats, Therefore, always use a secure VPN that helps you to protect your internet browsing history and your device while you are doing your work.


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