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Top Similar Sites and Proxy Sites Like RARBG

Torrent and its domain sites are popular among people who love to download multiple things from the internet. With these sites, an internet user can tap into the vast Torrent database and can download even copyright contents from there. RARBG is a popular torrent website. It is known for its video contents and its services.

What is RARBG all about?

It is a Torrent-based site. RARBG came into existence in 2008 and continues to be a people’s favorite. It somehow enjoyed a cult following as a torrent site. You can access to the tOrent domain wit RARBG and access all the torrents links to other websites. It is a torrent site that offers files and magnetic links for exchanging point-to-point data according to the BitTorrent protocol. Hence, you can download or view al the free contents inside the Torrent domain as per your convenience. It offers thousands of options for free streaming and downloading all the popular movies and TV shows or web series. RARBG offers ad-free entertainment. It is widely popular because here you can find the authentic source of entertainment.

Is RARBG blocked or down?

Well, RARBG is a Torrent site. Therefore, the site is not illegal. It is a site that allows you to download or share files faster and in a better way. But, RARBG offers free streaming of copyright content, which is piracy. Piracy is illegal in the whole world, and due to terms, the services that RARBG offer becomes unlawful.


Thousands of well-known entertainment companies had started to describe RARBG as a site that encourages piracy and streams copyright connects. Their massive protests and campaigning has caused the ISPs to block RARBg in countries like India and the US. ISPs channel the internet traffic from your device and checks your every access to multiple sites. Hence, they can check which sites or resources you are using.

Since the ISPs have blocked RARBG, it is temporarily unavailable in many countries. The site is unacceptable, and it is down. There is no news when it will be back again. Hence, if you were regular to RARBG, you need to find an alternative.

How to safe search in RARBG?

RARBG is a site that does not encourage malware. But, it directs the links to anther sortes fro downloading media files, which can contain malware or cyber threats. It is better to use a VPN that can keep your internet browsing history hidden from the ISP and provides your device with a dummy location. Additionally, VPNs block any type of a hacking attempt, malware, Trojan, or virus from affecting your computer or device. Hence, you can unblock RARBG and safely surf from your device.


Alternatively, you can also use proxy sites that can also help you to connect to the Torrent domain and RARBG and offers the same service.

Similar sites and Proxy Sites like RARBG

RARBG is down and is not accessible at this moment. But there are other ways to connect to Torrent and download your favorite movie or games or music. Here is a list of similar sites and Proxy Sites like RARBG that offer the same services as RARBG. You can use any of these sites to surf and stream or download content from Torrent.

1. 1337X



It is one of the best alternatives to RARBG. With 1337x, you can stream contents from the Torrent site. Otherwise, you can also download all the contents from 1337x as your preference. The most significant benefit of 1337x offers magnetic links. You can download the files directly from these links or go to another website and download them from there. 1337x has a great viewer base. From TV shows to cinemas to documentaries, you can find everything from here. It also has a dedicated search bar for the convenience of the visitors.

1337x has a vast library of multiple entertainment options like movies, music videos, and files, TV series, software, wallpapers, etc. It is very user-friendly and offers fast service. If you want to go for an easy to use the alternative of RARBG, then it is a great choice.

2. Torrentz2

Torrentz 2


Torrentz2 is the new copy portal of the original Torrentz. The revamped Torrentz2 has already created a buss among the users. The maker has changed a few settings and features to make the new site more exciting and fun. Anyone who loves music can visit Torrentz2 and download music files from their wide range of links and databases.

Torrentz2 is solely dedicated to music. Hence, if you have any other requirements, it is not the right choice for you. If you are a music lover, you will be surprised by their simplistic UI and range of links.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is a pioneer among similar sites and Proxy Sites like rarbg. It is another famous site that offers thousands of entertainment options. The Pirate bay has multiple choices of Torrents in different categories and never disappoints you down. It has a vast database of magnet links to connect to the Torrent database.

The Pirate Bay also offers a user-friendly interface, and you find everything from here. It has an easy to use UI, which makes the total surfing experience a bliss. You can download movies, audio files, games, ebooks, software, etc. for free.

The Pirate Bay has still now avoided numerous bans and locking attempts. It is a great torrent tracker and offers you legal and malware-free torrent sources. But, it does not provide meta links.


4. TorrentDownloads


It is another crowd favorite in this list. The most significant advantage of TorrentDownloads is that it is a very organized and well-designed website. Everything, even the magnetic links are also adequately laid down in categories. In case you cannot find something in other sites with trackers, you can surely trust TorrentDownloads. It is a holy grail site for finding the least popular and older things, like the old movies, music clips, ebooks, and some traditional software from the Torrent library’s vast database. The minimalistic user interface is bliss. Moreover, the downloading speed is excellent, and you do not need to wait long to download things.

TorrentDownloads is excellent for finding something that you are unable to recover from other sites. The Torrents library in this site is worth a mention.


5. Zooqle


Zooqle is also another alternative to the RARBG proxy site. It is a complete package of entertainment with more than 37000 mobies and 600 plus world-famous TV series. It is a comparatively new site, but the service is fantastic, Zooqle is very easy to use and has a good search filter. It also has a vast collection of registered software. And you will never become bored with entertainment options from the 3.5 million verified Torrent links available on Zooqle.

Zooqle offers an excellent service, but its user interface is not that much advanced. Some improvements in this area can make it one of the best alternatives for RARBG.


6. Kat.cr


The list of similar sites and Proxy Sites like rarbg is incomplete without KAT.cr. It is a site that supports both Torrent uploading and downloading through the meta links. Hence you can download anything you want through a torrent client or with a download manager from KAT.cr.

It is an independent search engine from torrent and offers you all the torrent files from the vast Torrent library. Another advantage is that KAT.cr only uses torrent directions and never provides you with guidance from other torrent sites. KAT.cr always updates its contents and regularly adds new content to entertain the users and visitors.


You can find movies, exclusive web shows, and TV series, dramas, authentic versions of multiple software, books, wallpapers, games, images, stories, documentaries, etc. from KAT. Cr. Additionally, you can also share your files through it.

7. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents is another alternative that you can use instead of RARBG. It comes with a simplistic user design and comes with a vast database of different Torrent items. You can download movies, TV shows, games, books, GIFs, etc. from Lime Torrents. It collects a significant part of its collection from other torrent trackers. The downloading speed is also quite good.


Lime torrent comes with excellent content and an intelligent UI, but it is not that consistent, and you may have to depend a lot of time to find something.

8. Kickass Torrents


Well, almost everyone knows about KickassTorrents. It is an old Torrent site that is still a fan favorite. It is reliable and offers you multiple options. KickassTorrents has everything you want – registered software with the latest updates, movies, TV shows, games, videos, ebooks, music files, mp3, etc.


KickassTorrents has a simple and user-friendly UI for the convenience of visitors. The site is also easier to navigate. Even if you are a new visitor, you can find everything easily from here. With Kickass Torrents, you will never be out of entertaining options.

If you want to find a reliable site other than RARBG, then Kick-Ass Torrents is ideal for you. It is one of the veteran Torrents proxy sites and has a considerable torrent library on offer.

9. YTS



YTS is the right choice for cine lovers. It is a leading site among similar sites and Proxy Sites like rarbg. YTS comes with a vast database of free movies – both old and recent ones. The torrent library of YTS has all types of film- action, animation, horror, adventure, fantasy, children, etc. You can stream the movies or download them.

In case you have limited internet bandwidth, YTS can be your savior. It is a light portal and loads faster. The downloading speed of YTS is also rapid. It is a specialist in movies. Although there are other contents like TB shows, audio files, etc., YTS is famous for its movie collection only.

YTS is a lighter site and is excellent for visitors with limited internet bandwidth. It offers a good collection of movies only. Hence, you may not find other items from YTS.


10. TorLock


TorLock is among the well-known torrent trackers and torrent proxy websites. It is also a great alternative to RARBG and offers similar services like the latter one. TorLock offers HD quality video content for free. It has a good collection of Japanese anime, western animated movies, films, TV shows, exclusive web contents, video clips, mp3 and mp4 files, ebooks at your disposal. The torrent database of this site is very well organized. The 4.8 million data are elegantly laid in different categories. Therefore, you can find anything here with a few clicks.

As per the design, TorLock is also a premium Torrent tracker site. It is navigable and comes with an intelligent UI to help you to find anything you want. Additionally, TorLock also features an exclusive list called top 100 list of torrents and offers the best 100 contents from each category.


TorLock is very good and offers excellent service. The vast torrent database is an added advantage for any user. You can consider it as it is one of the well-known and similar reliable sites and Proxy Sites like RARBG.

11. EZTV


If you are a fan of the TV shows and series, you can use EZTV as an alternative to RARBG. It is among the best sites for streaming or downloading TV shows through Torrent meta links. You can fund almost every popular TV shos and their episodes from EZTV.


The content of EZTV is amazing. But the site may seem a bit slower and complicated for a first time user.

12. BTDigg


BTDigg is a particular Bit.torrent engine that searches through multiple DTH networks to offer you downloadable content. It allows you to search outside torrent space (no private trackers), and you can find thousands of movies, TV shows, etc. for the visitors. It also boasts of a clean home gage and simple UI.


It is not a conventional Torrent tracker and only offers the location and size of files as per your search.

It is the complete list of similar sites and Proxy Sites like rarbg. You can use any of these sites as per your preference, All of these sites come with thousands of entertainment options and offers you files from the Torrent database. Please make sure to use a secure VPN to protect your device while you are surfing in those sites. It will protect your device and will also help you to block anything easily.


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