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How to Read Someone’s Whatsapp Messages Without Their Phone in 2020

It’s on the air that there’s a security flaw on Whatsapp application. However, it’s absolutely a read deal. Tech-savvy quickly leveraged the flaw and known as “buffer overflow”. Such a loophole allows an individual to access whatsapp chats and media without alarming the user.

This loophole proved to be beneficial to many folks. For example, if you’re a parent, you would want to access your child’s whatsapp to make sure they are in the right path. You can also keep an eye on any potential bully or threats your child may receive. Secondly, when you’re an employer, you want to catch the snitch of the company. There are several instances where employees sell secrets to enemy firms for extra bucks.

As a result, you would wish you knew the answer to how to read someone’s whatsapp messages without their phone. Therefore, we’ve compiled a mini blog to drive you through the solution. This article includes safe, legitimate, and discreet ways to pursue the target device.


METHOD 1:How to read someone’s whatsapp messages without their phone using Spyic App

Whenever the question pops how to monitor someone’s Whatsapp media and texts without their phone, no answer can beat Spyic app. It’s the latest technology weapon for monitoring phone apps. Moreover, the name is synonymous to reliability, reputed, and trustworthy app. Millions of users enjoy the unmatched extraordinariness of Spyic App.

What makes the app so wanted? In order to answer this question, we need to brief a few of its revolutionary features. Once Spyic is installed in the target’s phone, you can review every chat whenever you want. Furthermore, you can witness any live Whatsapp conversation as well.

In addition to these, Spyic grants you the access to check the contact details of both sender and receiver. You get the privilege of accessing all media and contents that have been exchanged between the two parties via Whatsapp.


a. How will you observe someone’s whatsapp texts without their phone on iOS using Spyic

When the target device is iOS, Spyic makes it possible to their whatsapp messages without the actual phone. Moreover, this method will not even alarm the iOS security services. In order to accomplish the mission, you need to have the target’s iCloud Credentials. If you manage to get your hand on it, jail-breaking is absolutely unnecessary.

Therefore, when Spyic is fully installed in the target’s iOS device, it’ll start delivering its promises.

Steps to read someone’s whatsapp texts without their phone on iOS using Spyic

We’ve compiled the simplest steps to readingand downloading someone’s whatsapp contents without their phone on target iOS device. Follow the steps below if your target is an iPhone. If not, you can skip to Android phones.


STEP 1: Following the download of the app, sign up with Spyic. Select the suitable package and subscribe to it.


STEP 2: In order to read the texts, fill up the iCloud credentials of the targeted device’s owner. You need to provide the information in the Spyic dashboard.


.spyic image

STEP 3: Following the completion of the identity of the device, proceed to the dashboard. Navigate and select the “Social Media” tab from the panel of the Spyic page. At this time, you’ll find “Whatsapp”, select the option. As a result, you’ll gain discreet access to all Whatsapp Media and Conversation texts of the targeted user.

spyic whatsapp


b. How will you observe someone’s whatsapp texts without their phone on Android device using Spyic

Apart from iOS devices, Spyic also effectively works on Andorid platforms too. If you want to read someone’s whatsapp text messages without their mobile on the Android platform, then you’re in the right place. In order to execute the mission in the android target phone, you need physical access to the device for once.

Once you get your hand on the phone, install the app in the targeted device. However, a short warning – there are false claims that apps are available to monitor Android phones without any installation. Such apps are prone to the threat of introducing malware in the device. Therefore, beware of such claims.

Similarly in android devices, the steps to download and set up are like an iOS device. However, one must select “Android” as the OS and proceed to the following steps. Apart from this, rest stages are similar and the app will customize itself during installation.


Following the trend of the Play Store, the app sizes are always smaller compared to the App Store. The Spyic app is only 2MB. Therefore, the estimated download time cannot exceed more than five minutes. Moreover, the app is created to work effectively in the background. It’s also easy on battery draining time. As a result, users will never suspect an unknown app has been installed.

We all know Android provides us with multiple customizable features. One of such is hiding apps. Therefore, select the Spyic app and hide in the target device. Such a measure will have fewer odds for the user to notice the app. Nevertheless, one of the best USPs is one need not to root the android device to read the Whatsapp messages.

c. Why should your first preference be Spyic App as a Whatsapp Surveillance App?

We’ve already given a preview how Spyic is so effective with its services. Spyic has been designed with undeniably extraordinary features at your disposal. You can have more than thirty-five features on your hand to aid into the investigation. Moreover, what makes any monitoring app so vulnerable is its recognition by the target user. In order to evade from mishap, Spyic has integrated essential features to hide its identity.


Following are the some vital integration in the app:


In phone surveillance services, trust and safety is the pioneer to a legitimate app. Moreover, this app has one of the largest user bases and trusted my millions across the world. Such numbers ensure safety of the app. The app doesn’t act as a carrier of malware and other harmful viruses. Furthermore, the app doesn’t allow cookies to collect user’s information. Not only is it safe for the user but also for the targeted device. In addition to the safety, Spyic is a web-based browser. Therefore, you don’t need to download the app to study the target’s device. As a consequence of such reliable actions, Spyic is a must use.


One of the significant factors is there can’t be anyway the targeted user is aware of such an app. You need to monitor the target’s phone without arousing suspicions. If you fail to do so, there can be consequences like a lawsuit. However, it’s their primary policy to inculcate discreet surveillance 24×7.


For targeted iOS devices, you don’t even need to reach for the physical device. Only iCloud credentials will do the job. However for an android device you need to access the physical device. Nevertheless, android provides a hide feature to hide the monitoring app.

In a nutshell, the app doesn’t require jail-breaking and allows remote monitoring from anywhere in the city. Therefore, it’s the widest choice mostly for parents.


Even if the user deletes whatsapp text messages, spyic will recover those texts. Therefore, you don’t need to keep tabs on the targeted user’s action. You can sit and monitor whenever you’re free. This is one the greatest integrations in the Spyic App.


METHOD 2: Using Minspy App

This is one of the promising ways to monitor someone’s whatsapp texts without their phone. Minspy is renowned for its exemplar services. For example, it’s a convenient and discreet step to monitor the target’s device. If you want to read the chats of the targeted device, you can fulfill the action without any stress. Moreover, to succeed in your plan, there’s no need for any technical skill set to set up.

Minspy was thoroughly reviewed by the big boys – BBC, The Guardian, and The New York Times. Without a doubt when such major media outlets focus on a monitoring app, it must be good. Minspy speaks as an elite brand in the market. It has over million satisfied users stretching across 190+ countries.

The app provides its effective services to both iOS and Android platforms. The installation and setting up takes less than 15 minutes. Below are the simple steps to set up and run the app.


a. How will Minspy App contribute to reading someone’s Whatsapp contents without their phone?

If you’re ready to read the Whatsapp messages of the target, then let’s get straight into it. In order to set up the app, you can use either phone or computer to complete the procedure.


If you’ve targeted an Android user, it’s mandatory to access the target’s phone or tablet for at least two minutes. Once you get physical access to the target device, install, set up, and hide the app in the phone. Whereas when you’ve targeted an iOS device, there’s no need to gain access to the physical device. However, it’s essential to know the target’s iCloud credentials. If you’ve the required information, you can set up and remotely monitor their whatsapp without touching your iPhone or iPad.


Steps to read someone’s whatsapp contents without using their phone by Minspy App

STEP 1: First and foremost visit the official website of the Minspy page. Secondly, sign up with Minspy. It’s essential to use your email ID as the username.

minspy sign up

STEP 2: There are multiple plans available in the Minspy subscriptions. If you need to monitor only one target device, then subscribe to a premium account to read whatsapp messages on a single device. However, if you want access on multiple devices, then select Corporate or Family plans. The subscription is based on a monthly plan. According to your need, you can renew the subscription.


STEP 3: Following the completion of the sign up process, you’ll receive an email stating the setup instructions. Subsequently, you need to choose the OS of your targeted device – iOS or Android. Thereafter, follow the on-screen simple instructions.

If the targeted device is an iOS user, install Minspy on iPhone or iPad. You need to fill up the iCloud credential of the user linked to the device. It’ll take less than ten minutes to sync all the activities of the device with the Minspy app.



If the targeted device is an Android user, install the 2 MB app on tablet or Smartphone. Following the installation, you must hide the icon. Failing to do will arouse suspicions from the targeted user.  It’ll take less than ten minutes to sync all the activities with the Minspy app.

minspy installation

STEP 4: Viola, you’re into their system! You can discreetly read their whatsapp messages without their phone. In order to read the chats, log in from your web. Then sign in into the Minspy control panel. Once you reach the dashboard of the Minspy, you’ll witness briefings of the device activities. You can start reading whatsapp messages by clicking on the “Social App”, and then selecting the “Whatsapp” option. You’ll find the option on the left panel of the web.


minspy customize

However, it’s essential for you to know that it’s impossible to monitor an Android device without installing any app on their phone. There are apps that advertise such scam promises. Such apps are a gateway to installing viruses and malware into the device.

b. Why should you opt for Minspy as a Whatsapp Monitoring App?

Minspy is one of the worthy answers to how to read someone’s whatsapp messages without their phone. However, for the pessimists, we’ve shortlisted a few ludicrous features that’ll convince the other crowd.



It’s one of the chart toppers in stealthy Whatsapp spy solution. Minspy has gained its fame due to widespread success in safeguarding information of the user and targeted device. Moreover, the app is designed to run in the background of the target device. Subsequently, the manufacturer has taken care of the battery draining quotient. It’s specially made so that it drains less battery. Such preventive steps lead to successful spying resources.

As above mentioned, the app doesn’t require the user to download the app. It’s a web-based program, therefore avoiding issues with retaining information. Due to its web-based design, you can read whatsapp messages on multiple devices without being detected. Since it doesn’t use software to bypass the security, the security alarm doesn’t trigger.


This is one of the most preferred apps as it grants access without jail-breaking a device. In general, only rooted or jail-break phones can be accessed to read whatsapp messages. However, this app unlocks the alternate solution.


Apart from revealing whatsapp conversation, it gives away contact information of the sender and receiver of a text. You can read Group Conversation as well. Even if the targeted device owner deleted messages, Minspy will recover swiftly so that you can read at a convenient time.

Besides reading texts, you can also download the exchanged media through Minspy app.

minspy whatsapp



This is one of the driving causes to select a monitoring app. Many similar apps provide the said features but with higher bucks. There are apps which only provide a single time of subscription. Nevertheless, Minspy comes with a friendly solution. Firstly, the subscription is monthly. If you don’t have any usage of the app in the next month, you can stop renewing. Secondly, there are diverse options for subscriptions – single and multiple devices. Thirdly, you’ll end up with a discount when you select multiple devices.

The rate of the subscription is as high as the price of a coffee coupled with snacks.

METHOD 3: Using Cocospy

Cocospy is arguably the third best promising way to read one’s whatsapp messages without their phone. It’s one of the most downloaded apps in the surveillance genre. Cocospy has proved its worth widespread across the globe. However we’re not making any uncorroborated claims. According to Forbes, it’s the favourite app in the field of surveillance apps.


Without a doubt, Cocospy comes with astonishing features. Those features safeguard both the user and target device from malware harms. Cocospy application is designed as a user friendly interface. Reliability is one of its fundamental objectives. Irrespective of the platform, Cocospy can run smoothly on any device.

Following the high standards of two other mentioned apps, Cocospy allows access into the target device’s whatsapp messages hassle-freely. You may check and read all conversations at your convenient time. Whether the target device runs on iOS or Android, it successfully delivers its effective services. This is one of the truest and genuine apps that come at your disposal.



Amongst the many fascinating integrated features, backing up deleted messages tops the chart. Due to this feature, the user can read the conversation at any time. However, if this feature was absent, then the user had to always monitor the target device. This practice would have caused inconvenience to the users.

a. How will Cocospy App help us to read someone’s whatsapp contents without their phone?

Cocospy is a 360 degree whatsapp monitoring app. It comes with all the features that will grant you safe surveillance from a distance. It opens the passage to access all whatsapp activities under incognito mode. Moreover, you can witness live conversation as well. Whether it’s a group or one to one, you can read and download the media from the control panel. Besides live conversation, Cocospy will hand over you the entire record of the conversation with Mr. X.

There are so many whatsapp monitoring apps, which makes Cocospy so special. In order to answer this, we must introduce another bombarding feature – hearing and watching whatsapp call and video respectively. This app unlocked a higher notch of satisfaction. Most of the surveillance apps only allow reading and watching conversations. However, Cocospy takes its game to another dimension. In the dashboard of the webpage of Cocospy, you’ll find all the required details of a call. For example, duration, time, and date are available at a visible box.


In fact Cocospy justifies as an answer to how to read someone’s whatsapp messages without their phone. Apart from viewing calls, you’ve the luxury to block a person from calling the target device! Indeed, it’s the favourite app of Forbes. Cocospy has the built-in feature to block a person without alerting either of the parties. Either you can block in calls or in messages.

Moreover, setting up the app is easy and simple to perform. There’s no requirement of prior experience or skill to get on with it. The user interface allows anyone easily to install and set up the app. The on-screen instructions are plain and simple; therefore it’ll only take a few minutes to navigate and run the app. The other assisting features are systematically categorized for easy finding within the app and browser.

One of the interesting and useful features of Cocospy is it doesn’t need to jailbreak a device. Irrespective of the OS and type of device, rooting or jail-breaking is absolutely unnecessary. This is one of the most challenging milestones that many apps fail to achieve. However, the developers of all three mentioned apps succeeded to inculcate this feature.


As a rule rooting a device invokes its warranty period. In order to safeguard the target device, this step has been taken.

b. Why should you choose Cocospy as a Whatsapp Surveillance Method?

As above mentioned, Cocospy managed to integrate crazy features into this app. Cocospy allows surveillance on all chat heads – single and group. While reading the conversation, you can see and download media content within the chat.

Cocospy enjoys a top notch reputation of the market. It managed to spread its name due to its insane surveillance features. Cocospy meticulously focused on every possible road in Whatsapp. Be it chat, call, voice message, or video call, you’ve everything from the target device. Some of the other reasons responsible for its fame are:

  • Cocospy provides nothing less than 100% security and safety. It’ll never compromise on its protection to users and targets. Therefore, the app is full proof legitimate.
  • There is no need to go through the cumbersome process of rooting the android device or jail-breaking the iOS devices. Instead, you just need an iCloud username and password to move forward. In the case of Android, you need to physically access the device to install the app. However, it takes less than two minutes to get ready.
  • Information and chat records are always backed up in the dashboard of the website. In case the user deletes any conversation, you can find the details from the panel of Cocospy.

Wrapping Up…

These are the three best apps available in the market. All three are safe to use and are legitimate. Every app is reliable and trustworthy. The customer satisfaction ratings are extremely high.  However, now it’s on you which one to opt as a whatsapp surveillance app.

These three apps readily answer how to read someone’s whatsapp messages without their phone. Moreover, all of them succeeded to receive compliments as sensible and user friendly interface. If you’re having second thought, you can manually check the reviews.


We’ve thoroughly compiled these three apps from the ocean of monitoring whatsapp apps. All of these apps are against jail-breaking or rooting. Such an act will cause severe harm in warranty of the target device(s).

All of them work at a remote distance. Therefore, you’re less likely to ever get caught. These are the best in their show. We recommend choosing either of the three for safe monitoring.


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