Picard’s Poker Scene Got here From 45 Minutes of Footage

Star Trek: Picard’s ultimate episode is an hour of spectacle and gleeful Trek love, and it’s onerous to think about simply how the sequence might’ve moderately topped it. That’s, till we discovered there’s a 45-minute model of that final scene on the market, apparently.

Okay it’s not the final-last scene—that Q/Jack Crusher post-credits should linger till somebody decides Paramount+ ought to do this Star Trek: Legacy present. We imply the ultimate scene with the Subsequent Era crew, as Picard, Riker, Troi, Information, LaForge, Worf, and Crusher resolve to rejoice a job effectively executed one final time, a lot in the identical approach they did in “All Good Issues” three a long time ago: with a spherical of playing cards.

It’s a splendidly joyful scene, not only for the homage to the bridge crew’s favourite pastime aboard the Enterprise, or the triumphant horns blasting out the TNG theme over the principle credit. However as a result of it’s the proper method to ship this crew out—laughing, joking, simply being with one another on this second as pals. And apparently that actually is simply what that scene was, as a result of sequence showrunner and author/director for the episode, Terry Matalas, filmed the TNG stars enjoying playing cards for practically an hour.

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“I needed the viewers to really feel like they had been actually in that poker recreation, and actually get a way to really feel like what it’s like to hang around with this solid, to really feel the real laughter of this friendship that they’ve had for many years,” Matalas informed Collider. “So I let the digital camera roll for 45 minutes, and that digital camera simply moved round that desk… these laughs, these smiles, all these are simply–they’re real. None of that’s appearing, apart from the final line. That was all the time a part of the plan, we constructed that into the schedule to have the ability to pull that off. In order that’s fairly great, however I knew I needed to finish with that shot. That was the correct method to finish with them.”

Having deliberate to get all that footage mandatory for what’s, ultimately, at most a five-minute scene within the episode would possibly appear to be just a little overkill, however hey, it’d imply an excellent factor for us. “I feel we’ll most likely put loads of it on the Blu-ray,” Matalas added. You higher.

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