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Overwatch 2 Season 4 has arrived, bringing a brand new battle cross, a ton of quality-of-life updates and the brand new help hero Lifeweaver. Lifeweaver is a help who has an enormous package, with loads of talents to maintain observe of and make the most of. This additionally makes him a bit extra difficult to make use of than a few of the earlier help heroes, requiring very robust information to get probably the most out of him. Here is learn how to greatest use Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2.

Lifeweaver overview

For main weapons, Lifeweaver has his Therapeutic Blossom, which may be charged to heal 65 HP. Lifeweaver can swap to his Thorn Volley, which operates like a close-range submachine, however you’ll have to swap ceaselessly if you wish to deal injury and sustain along with your therapeutic duties, with swapping taking a couple of second for the animation to finish.

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Lifeweaver is provided with three lively talents. The primary is Rejuvenating Sprint, which is a short-range sprint that gives a small quantity of self-healing to you. Subsequent is the Petal Platform, a big lotus flower that’s positioned on the bottom and rises into the air when somebody steps on it. The Petal Platform has a well being bar and may be destroyed. Final is Life Grip, which grabs a teammate and pulls them in direction of you, making them invulnerable whereas they journey.

His final skill, Tree of Life, locations an enormous tree down, therapeutic all teammates in vary and constantly offering therapeutic for its length. It has a well being bar and may be destroyed identical to Petal Platform if attacked by enemies. Lifeweaver additionally has a passive skill that drops a therapeutic merchandise upon demise, that may be picked up by both crew.

Lifeweaver talents

Therapeutic Blossom: Maintain to cost therapeutic burst. Launch to heal a focused ally.

Thorn Volley: Quickly hearth a variety of projectiles.

Petal Platform: Throw a platform that springs upwards when stepped on.

Rejuvenating Sprint: Sprint in direction of your touring route and frivolously heal your self.

Life Grip: Push an ally to your location, defending them as they journey.

Tree of Life: Place a tree that immediately heals allies upon sprouting and continues therapeutic periodically because it lives.

Parting Reward (passive): On demise, drop a present that heals the primary enemy or ally to select it up.

All types of help

Lifeweaver can present several types of help, past simply therapeutic his teammates.

Lifeweaver isn’t as a lot of a therapeutic powerhouse as a few of the higher-ceiling helps like Kiriko and Ana. On the flipside, he is not as able to a injury supplier as Moira or Lucio. As a substitute, Lifeweaver thrives in offering the type of help that does not seem on the scoreboard: particularly, in utilizing the Life Grip to save lots of teammates from conditions and utilizing Petal Platform to help teammates or disrupt enemies.

Utilizing Life Grip is comparatively easy. Simply take a look at the teammate you wish to pull and use it. The necessary factor right here is to be sure to aren’t disrupting your teammate’s technique or attainable final utilization, so it is necessary to speak along with your squad. Life Grip does not cancel your teammates final, however shifting a Excessive Nooning Cassidy or Earth Shattering Reinhardt may trigger them to overlook. Petal Platform lifts into the air when the primary particular person steps on it, so you possibly can put an ally into the air, for one thing like Widowmaker headshots or a Cassidy final skill. It will also be dropped in entrance of the enemies, probably tossing them into the air when they’re pushing on you. This may be nice for coping with a charging Reinhardt, who could have a a lot tougher time hitting somebody whereas 20 ft off the bottom, or some other aggressive tank.

Planting the tree

Whereas Lifeweaver’s main therapeutic is not wonderful, the Tree of Life final skill is kind of highly effective. The large tree has a wide variety, offers a ton of therapeutic as quickly because it’s used, and constantly offers therapeutic within the space. It is nice for a closely contested goal that your crew wants a little bit of an additional push on or for countering an enemy final skill. The one drawbacks are that it does not present a vast quantity of therapeutic like Zenyatta’s final, so your crew can nonetheless die whereas it is up, and it may be destroyed if broken sufficient by the enemy crew. The upside is that, not like Zenyatta’s final, you’re free to maneuver round and use your different assaults and talents as Lifeweaver whereas it is up.

Different ideas

  • Lifeweaver’s Therapeutic Blossom does function like most weapons and can should be reloaded, one thing necessary to remember.
  • The precise quantity of therapeutic given by the Therapeutic Blossom is displayed on display screen whereas charging it.
  • Life Grip makes your teammate invulnerable whereas they’re touring, so the additional away from you they’re, the longer they can not be killed.

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