Onam 2015: Special dishes to spice up the festival

Onam 2015: Special dishes to spice up the festival

As the rain slowly subsides, golden fields and songs of joy and celebrations ring out Onam – a harvest festival of the Hindus in India. Particular to down south Kerala, the festival is celebrated in the beginning of the first month of Malayalam calendar called Chingam meaning feast.

On this occasion, farmers celebrate abundant harvest. As the name suggests, there is feasting on this day. Special foods are served on banana leaves as the tradition calls.

Today, the festival is gaining popularity and is celebrated all across the country and abroad.

On this festive day, add a special taste to the festive mood with special dishes and delicacies to complete the celebration.

RASAM: Simple, spicy and good for digestion, Rasam is a dish made with tamarind juice as base. Topped with tomato, pepper, chilli and cumin seeds as seasoning, it is a specialty of the festival.

AVIAL: Made with a mixture of vegetables and coconut, Avial is one of the essential dishes prepared on the festival. Seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves, the dish leaves a lip-smacking taste in your mouth.

PACHADI: A traditional Kerala recipe of a mixture of vegetables and fruits like cucumber or pineapple, Pachadi is prepared with yogurt and coconut paste. Grounded coconut, cumin and green chillies gives a tasty flavor to the dish.

PULIYINCHI: Hot and sour, Puliyinchi is made with ginger, tamarind, green chilies, and jaggery. A good add-on for all the eateries, it adds a tangy twist to Sadya.

PAYASAM: Not just one, but there are diverse forms of payasams. While one has rice, wheat or vermicelli, boiled with milk and sweetened with sugar, the other is cooked with boiled rice or dal or wheat seasoned with jaggery and coconut milk.

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