Reportedly, Suvendu Adhikari gave up his ministerial position after Kalyan Banerjee had “challenged him to leave the red light car and government post”.

Not joining BJP, Suvendu Adhikari to take on Kalyan Banerjee as normal TMC MLA: Report

After his resignation from the West Bengal cabinet, rumours are rife that the rebel Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Suvendu Adhikari’s exit from the party is just a matter of time.

However, a report carried by Bengali portal The Wall suggests that the heavyweight TMC leader hasn’t yet made a plan to depart from the West Bengal’s governning party.

Adhikari on Friday tendered his resignation as the Minister in Charge of Transport, Irrigation and Water resource in Govt. of West Bengal. Since then, there have been speculations that he might fly to Delhi to join Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The Bengali portal has quoted an aide of Adhikari as saying, “These are all baseless rumours. Dada is not going to Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere.”

Further dismissing the speculations about his exit from TMC, Adhikari’s unnamed attaché said that before leaving the party, the Nandigram MLA would step down from his chair in the West Bengal Assembly first.

Also, Adhikari’s aide said that he gave up his ministerial position after party colleague Kalyan Banerjee had “challenged him to leave the red light car and government post” before saying anything.

“Now he will speak without any post. He will speak from political or apolitical stages as a normal MLA.”

Interestingly Kalyan Banerjee, the Serampore lawmaker, replaced Adhikari as Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners’ (HRBC) chairman after the latter resigned from the post on Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, Adhikari’s decision to step down as a minister and the HRBC chairman comes after TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee called out the “opportunists” at her own party and warned them that she was in the know-how of everything from a rally in Bankura on Wednesday.

“You may see a few who are Trinamool workers but are in contact with others as well. Don’t think that Didi doesn’t know.

“We believe that they are opportunists. There’s a group of these opportunists. They are very small in number. Keep a vigil on who is going where in the dark of the night. Who’s speaking to whom over the phone. Watch who’s leaving in a car without any reason,” the West Bengal Chief Minister said.

Adhikari has been a hotshot political property in West Bengal ever since he started a rebellion against his own party. He had begun expressing his disenchantment with TMC with indirect jibes at “apolitical” meetings and rallies.

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