My fashion choice depends on my mood: Ramola Bachchan

My fashion choice depends on my mood: Ramola Bachchan

Glamorous shows, bespoke collections, bridal couture and eminent exhibitions have lent fashion a new high in the country. Amidst the ecstasy, the capital saw a two-day bridal show titled ‘Runway Bridal’ hosted by  socialite and entrepreneur Ramola Bachchan.

Calling Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as one of the most beautiful brides, Ramola speaks her heart out to in an exclusive interview.

Bridal designs from eminent fashion designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Rohit Bal, Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, JJ Vallaya were showcased at the exhibition.

But Ramola Bachchan couldn’t pick just one. “It&’s a difficult choice. I have many favourite designers. I won’t like to single out one. We have a beautiful line of big designers. I mean, I could wear any of their outfits,” she said.

“We also have a lot of young, upcoming designers and their clothes are as attractive as the other designers,” said the host of Runway Bridal where budding designers’ collections like Arpan Vohra, AM:PM, Mandira Wirk, and Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan were also seen.

Cinema and fashion sail in the same boat. Bollywood beauties have won the hearts of onlookers in weddings sequences shot in films.

Who does Ramola think stands out in bridal wear from the Indian film industry?

“It&’s a difficult choice as there&’s so much beauty in Bollywood. But I think my nephew&’s wife, Aishwarya, is one of the most beautiful ones,” Ramola said.

Asked if she would like to portray Aishwarya Bachchan in her exhibitions someday, Ramola said that she already has too much to do. “I don’t think I would like to impose on her time. She&’s got a lot going on in her life,” she added.

Ramola then said that her fashion choice depends on her mood. “I could have a day when I love Tarun Tahiliani and another day when I love Rohit Bal. Then I love JJ Vallaya and Abu Jani-Sandeep. We have so many… The list is too long. Take the list from tonight&’s designers who showcased their collection. Those are my favorite ones.”

Ramola settled in London before she moved to Delhi. Familiar with both – the fashion in London as well as India, she still thinks Indian fashion is “flamboyant” as compared to fashion in Europe.

“Indian fashion is amazingly creative, aesthetic and intricate. It&’s a whole different ball game compared to European fashion which tends to be more about structure and pattern,” she says.

Her son Bhim Bachchan was a huge support throughout the affair. When asked what is next for the multi-talented Ramola, she put the ball in her son&’s court.

“It depends on this gentleman standing here. You will have to ask my son Bhim that question.”

She feels she is very fortunate to have a son who is balanced.

“He keeps me in balance. He always steers me in the right direction. If he thinks it&’s a good idea, he will always push me towards it. It&’s very good to have that in my life,” she added.

Business, big charity events, TV, radio, journalism, and fashion – any other field that she wishes to enter in the future?

Keeping the mystery element in tact, Ramola said that it could be anything. “I’ve done hospitality, PR, marketing; now I’m into fashion. Every activity in life brings beauty into what you’re doing. I am always trying to see if it&’s good or not. If I’m not good, I accept that, acknowledge that and drop it.”

“I actually love to do multiple things. I have a lot of energy and I’m very impulsive which makes me suddenly spring up into anything.”

Giving her advice to all the brides who wish to work after marriage, Ramola said, “I think it&’s very important for every woman to be able to stand on her own feet, to be self-sufficient. Also, it is very important for a woman to mentally keep herself alive and to be occupied.”

Being a successful woman entrepreneur herself, she doles out tips for work-life balance, saying, “You don’t need to take up a job. Just follow your passion! If you like writing, designing, gardening, teaching… do what you love. it&’s important to have interests beyond your immediate day-to-day life. That keeps you growing as a person and it&’s extremely important.”

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