MSNBC Host Mehdi Hasan Accused of Plagiarism: ‘Nearly Similar to a Line’ | The Gateway Pundit

MSNBC’s far left speaking head Mehdi Hasan has been credibly accused of plagiarism.

The final time we heard from Hasan, he was questioning the authenticity of the Twitter Information.

That is the type of factor that journalists usually get fired over.

The Spectator reviews:

Mehdi Hasan uncovered as copycat and hypocrite

Mehdi Hasan of MSNBC has a plagiarism drawback. It seems that, as with the circumstances of John Oliver and James Corden, Britain is just not sending its finest. The pundit additionally appears to be as a lot of a chameleon as Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand, taking no matter place will get him forward.

Lee Fang, a reporter previously on the Intercept, revealed an investigative piece on his Substack Hasan’s journalistic (or, perhaps, not-so-journalistic) historical past. “Writing” an article in 2000 taking on the reason for spanking disobedient youngsters, he took — nearly to the letter — the textual content from a 1998 article in US Information and World Report. A number of alterations right here and there to account for the distinction in date, and voila!

Hasan pulled an identical stunt later that 12 months when he copied and pasted (or its 2000 equal) the textual content from a bit concerning the Israel-Palestine battle with out correct attribution.

Extra from Lee Fang on Substack:

Earlier than he was shouting down opponents with advert hominem slurs, Hasan was passing off others’ reporting as his personal, generally with none quotation in any respect. In one in all his first makes an attempt at journalism, Hasan authored a column in protection of spanking youngsters, “No Hurt In Smacking,” in January 2000, that’s almost a word-for-word duplication of the article, “When to Spank,” revealed two years earlier in U.S. Information and World Report.

The similarities are obvious from the start of Hasan’s piece. “Anti-smacking crusaders have constantly relied upon inconclusive research to make sweeping over-generalisations concerning the risks of smacking,” he started his piece for The Impartial, a London-based newspaper.

It’s nearly similar to a line utilized by co-authors Lynn Rosellini and Anna Mulrine of their information article on the subject for U.S. Information and World Report. “Antispanking crusaders relied on inconclusive research to make sweeping overgeneralizations about spanking’s risks,” Mulrine and Rossellini wrote.

The Hasan piece, titled “No Hurt In Smacking,” goes on to repeat each single line from the U.S. Information and World Report article, save for sometimes swapping out or including just a few phrases in every sentence.

Is anybody stunned by this?

Good for Lee Fang for exposing this.

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