Let your artificial jewellery last longer

Artificial jewellery comes easy and is now trending so much that it has become the top choice for fashionistas to make a style statement.

Artificial ornaments may be less expensive than their real counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less precious.

The stunning necklaces, earrings and jhoomars must not lose their sheen until the next wedding season. To preserve the shimmer and glimmer of artificial jewellery, Monika Pal Sood , co-founder of Youshine.in presents simple tips to maintain beautiful accessories for years!

Steer clear of chemicals: Make sure that your fashion jewellery never comes in contact with harsh chemicals such as those contained in perfumes and deodorants. Avoid spraying them directly on the pieces of jewellery as they can cause them to fade, discolor or permanently lose their allure.

Keep water at bay: Water may be the elixir of life but for your costume jewellery it can spell doom! Make sure you take off all accessories before washing your hands and face, going to the gym and definitely before you hop into the shower. The tarnish perpetuated by water is really hard to get rid of.

Prevent skin damage: Often on wearing artificial jewellery, you may have observed that it leaves a strange colour on your skin. While this is definitely not good for your skin, it is also a sign that your jewellery is slowly losing its original brilliance. You can stop this with clear nail varnish. Apply it to contact areas and voila your problem is fixed!

Clean correctly:  Use a soft baby tooth brush to gently clean off the dirt that has caked up on the costume jewellery. You must also wipe the pieces clean with a soft cloth after each use. Make sure, however, to not use towels as they can snag on the jewellery.

Store smartly: Just like any other valuable accessory, artificial jewellery has to be stored right. Seal the pieces in a plastic ziplock bag to avoid exposure to the air and other harmful elements that can easily oxidize or tarnish the jewels. Be sure to squeeze out the air from the bags before you fasten them. Any moisture trapped inside can also be harmful.

Separate metals: To maintain costume jewellery over the long term, it is imperative that you store different metals separately. For example, keep silver jewellery away from copper products. Different metals can react with one another to cause mutual damage.

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