Katy Perry flaunts cleavage in low-cut dress

Katy Perry flaunts cleavage in low-cut dress

Singer Katy Perry put ample assets on display in a low-cut black dress at an event at the Hollywood Boulevard here. And if that wasn’t enough, there was also a thigh high slash.

Perry joined her designer friend Jeremy Scott for a Hollywood Boulevard handprint ceremony at the premiere of their movie “The Vladar Company’s Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer”, which features the “I Kissed a Girl” singer as one of Scott’s main muses, reports usmagazine.com.

She displayed her curves, even narrowly avoiding a wardrobe malfunction, as she bent forward on all fours to plunge her hands into a wet concrete slab.

“Katy is the arc of the film. “When you see it, you’ll understand. There’s these iconic moments that everyone knows — like her on the field for the Super Bowl and us at the Met Gala on the stairs. And me kissing her hand. But then you have us in the car and me nervous, and her making me laugh and putting me at ease,” Scott said of the movie.

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