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How to Stop Someone from Tagging You on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms till date. It allows you to connect to people from different parts of the world. Here, people can tag each other in their photos or videos. Often the unnecessary tagging becomes a bother. It is because when you get tagged you receive notification about the post.

Facebook does not have any settings that allow you to prevent people from directly tagging you. You can prevent your friends from tagging you or change the visibility. It, in turn, allows you more control over your profile.

Numerous taggings mean thousands of unwanted notification related to any random posts. It also makes your timeline bulky and you always receive updates of a post if you are tagged in it. If you are tagged in many posts, the things can often get out of control. Hence, controlling the tagging option also makes your profile appear organized and more professional. If you want to get relief from unnecessary FB tagging, you need to read this article. Here you will get to know how to stop someone from tagging you on Facebook


1. Removing Tag from your timeline

You can easily remove the tags from any unnecessary post through your timeline. But, you need to switch to the web version of Facebook. To remove the tags through your timeline, you need to go to the “Timeline” of your FB profile. After this, click on the “More button to open the “timeline settings”. You will get the “Edit” option at first. Here you get two options- one allows only you to post in your timeline and the other one allows your friends to post and tag you in your photos. Choose the first option. It will prevent other people from posting in your FB timeline. As a result, you will be free from unnecessary tagging.

timeline and tagging

2. Unfollow the post and updates

Well, you may not be able to remove the tag with this method, but it helps you to stay away from all the notifications of the tagged post. Therefore, it can be a great method if you want to stay away from all those unnecessary activities. It is also a good option if you are comfortable with the tag, but do not want to get any more updates about the post.



To do this, open the particular photo and click on “unfollow post” from the link below the post. With this step, you will never receive any more updates related to the particular post.

3. Remove tags from the individual photos

As soon as you get a tag on a photo of your FB friends, you receive a notification. You can always remove the tags from each photo. You need to visit your photo album section and click on the photo you want to remove the tag. You can remove the tag on your name by simply clicking on the photo. You will see link options appearing with details about who tagged you and removing the tag. Just click on “remove tag” and you will get rid of any unnecessary tag.


Remove Tag

If you do not get the link, try finding it from all the link options at the bottom of the photo. From there select “remove tag”. Next, click on “ continue” and you are done.

Remove Tag


Remove Tag

But this process can be time-consuming if you have a lot of tags on your profile. Removing tags from individual photos will need your patience and time.

4. Review tags before the posts appear in your timeline

If you are an avid Facebook user, you already know that there is nothing that allows you to prevent someone to tag you in their posts. Therefore, the tag will continue to appear. But, Facebook allows you to preview or review tags before it appears on your timeline. It can be an alternative to how to stop someone from tagging you on Facebook.


In short, you can control the tags indirectly by reviewing the posts. You need to change the privacy tags for this method. Start with opening the “settings” section from Facebook (app or web version). Next, scroll down to “privacy settings” and click to open it. After this, navigate to the “Timeline and Tagging” section and click on “Edit Settings”.

Privacy Settings

From here you can click on “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline”. If you want to review the tags first, click on “Off” and click “DONE”.


Review Tag

Enable Review

With this modification in your Facebook settings, you will be able to review each and every tag. As soon as your friends tag you in a post you will get notification about it. You can click on the notification and edit or remove the tag. The post will only appear on your Facebook profile timeline after you review the tagging system. It will be pending unless you review it and will not show in your timeline.


5. Control the viewer section

Controlling the viewer section can be another great way to get rid of unwanted tags. It won’t remove the tags but will keep your profile clean for sure. Since you are unable to stop others tagging you in your photos and videos, you can always restrict the viewers.

Which means, only the selected people will be able to view what is going on in your timeline (including the tagged pictures and videos). You can always restrict the viewers through the “privacy settings “ option. To do this, proceed to “privacy settings” like the previous method. Next, scroll downwards and find the “Timeline and Tagging” section. From here, you need to navigate to “Who can see posts you’ve been tagged in your timeline”.

Who can see posts


As soon as you click it, a new pop-up will open on your device. Select “Make this visible to” – only me or friends as per your preference. Alternatively, you can also hide the posts from your audiences. Facebook provides you with sections like unknown, family, friends etc. Choose the right option as per your desire. If you are satisfied, click on “save changes”.

Who can see tagged posts

Now, you have restricted the timeline and tagging viewers to your preferred section of people.


6. Remove tags from your own posts

You may not have paid attention to the process, but you should. Facebook automatically tags you and your friends in your posts. Often, changing the privacy settings of your posts can be a great way. Facebook offers you to customize the privacy of your each post individually. That means, you can change the privacy settings whenever you post something on your Facebook profile.

remove tags from own post

You can change the privacy or audience while you post on your Facebook wall. To do this, just click on the “More “ options and change the audience from “ who can see this?”- public, friends, custom or only me.


You can choose any of these methods regarding how to stop someone from tagging you on Facebook. Till now, Facebook has not announced any method to prevent the tagging system altogether. Hence, you will not be able to completely disable the tags. You can remove it or restrict the tag or review it. But, it will continue to appear in your friend’s profile. Therefore, it is better to change the privacy settings or tagging settings to keep all that unnecessary tagging at bay.



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