How to Start Online Business from Home

How to Start Online Business from Home

In this pandemic situation, a lot of people have started thinking about how to start online business from home. The outbreak of the global pandemic of coronavirus has left us all confined to our homes since mid-March. And not everyone has a safe and regular income during the pandemic situation. Especially, the entrepreneurs, small and middle-scale businessmen are facing many problems during this pandemic situation. All their businesses have come to a halt, and they are compelled to look for some other work which will ensure them a safe earning.

But during this pandemic situation, we all have understood the importance and benefits of one idea – work from home. India is witnessing a never-seen-before huge increase in the work from home activities. Several businesses, institutions, websites, companies, and firms have adopted the policy of work from home. They have asked their employees to continue their work by staying at home, and they have also started hiring new employees online. Many websites and applications are providing thousands of job and internship opportunities to work from home. And this doesn’t merely include experienced professionals, but inexperienced freshers as well. Companies are providing the first-ever job opportunities to many young students so that they will have working experience from an early age.

When we see all these developments, we can surely say that everything may come back to normal very soon. And though the world has taken a physical pause, we are working very well on the virtual platform, to ensure that every work goes on smoothly. Our economy will face many problems if we all stop at once, so we should keep working online, as much as we can.


Starting an online business

Now, you must be wondering, that if all of these things are going on well on virtual platforms, then how to start an online business from home? Is it possible? What and how the process will take place? What should be my contribution? And more than that, what will be the outcomes of starting an online business from home? Will it prove profitable for me? Or will it be a loss? Such and many more questions will keep coming to your mind because it is not easy to take such a big step. Because, when we think of starting a business, we always think of finding a good commercial office, some real estate, increasing personal contacts, managing and coordinating with the team, hiring more employees by conducting interviews and selection, etc. But it’s not always about that.

With the increasing popularity of work from home, even the new businesses are being launched online, to allow the people to work from home. Once you properly understand the process of how to start online business from home, then there will be no looking back. You will be able to enhance your entrepreneurship skills just by sitting at home, making it your office.

In this modern world of technology, we can connect with many people using online social media, and other platforms. And we can also use the same platforms to start, increase, and promote our business. Also, a huge variety is available in the type of business that you want to start. So, you can easily utilize your most effective skills and passion, and convert it into a business. Very informative guidelines and business consulting are also available online, to help you with your business-related queries. Thus, let’s begin with it.


How to Start Online Business from Home: The basic to be understood

To start an online business from home, you will have to start from the basics. Firstly, you will need a spare room that can be your EXCLUSIVE working place, without any disturbance. Some businesses can be operated completely on a virtual basis, while some cannot. So, it’s better to have your place/workplace at home too. Even if you feel that you are lacking space, don’t worry. Because most of the online businesses can be designed in such a nature that once can successfully operate them with available resources. In fact, it becomes a part of your entrepreneurship skills, that how you start a business from whatever that is available with you. Using your existing place and resources in the best possible way will help you to start a good online business.

Some of the benefits of work from home online businesses are:

  • Low investment also yields better results
  • Less/zero requirement of physical capital
  • Establishing local, regional, as well as international contacts
  • Flexible working conditions, and flexible working time
  • Balance between work and home life can be maintained

And some negative effects or cons are:

  • Finding a good place/ or room at home becomes difficult
  • It sometimes becomes difficult to abide by some business regulations, while working from home
  • More and more space and time will be required with the growing business
  • If you have a habit of working with a group of people, working alone at home may not be a good experience for you.

After understanding all this, now let’s talk about how to start online business from home. There are many ways through which you could start a business from home. But finding the best possible execution for your idea of business, is not an easy task.

Simple steps on how to start online business from home

As mentioned above, you may have a very good business idea in your mind. But the success of your business will depend upon how well is your execution of that idea. Operating a home-based business is not an easy task, but it’s not any kind of rocket science too. There are a few simple steps that you should follow, while starting your online business from home. These steps are as follows:

Step 1: Look for the need of people, when starting a business

We all know that the market works on the interaction between the demand and supply forces. And mind it, it applies EVERYWHERE. You can’t start a good business by deciding your product first, and then the market. You’ll have to go otherwise- first, look for the market. Understand the market needs. Look at the demands coming in the market.


And also look at the supply, which is already there in the market. Visit various online forums that will provide answers to your questions. Internet research will surely help you in this matter. After looking at all this, you will get to know about your competitors. And only after that, start planning your business strategy.

Step 2: Writing a good sales copy

The next step that needs your attention is planning a good sales copy for your business. You will have to form it in such a way that the visitors will instantly select it the moment their eyes fall on it. You should start with a catchy headline, the problem-solving capacity of your business/product, establishing your credibility, adding user reviews who were satisfied with your services, providing some good offers, and lastly, creating an urgency and asking for the sale.

Make sure that the sales copy you publish online is a flawless one. It should talk about your business and the effectiveness of your products and services. If people feel that your product will provide answers to their questions, they will surely go for it.


Step 3: Designing your website

All the major online business activities will take place through your website. So, once you have passed through the initial stages, build a good website to catch the attention of your visitors.

Because an attractive website will play a crucial role in turning your visitors into buyers. Don’t make it much like a designer-looking website that will look like a school project. Look for the simple, best, and visibly bright effects that will be easy-to-read, and not irritating.

Step 4: Effective use of search engines to attract your target buyers

People make use of search engines to find what they are looking for. And to get the desired visitor’s traffic directed towards your website, you can go for the latest trend of pay-per-link. Look for the best, and the highest converting keywords for your content. Make sure that more and more visitors should be directed towards your website, if they fit in your target. There are a number of online guidelines available for this topic. You can also look for online courses or trainings for the same.


Step 5: Establishing an expert reputation of yourself

If you start providing a good-quality, expert content for free, then it will increase the reputation of your website, and in turn, yours. Always include a link on your website that will guide the visitors for detailed information. Also, make links to your website information that will be easy to share with others. Because if your visitors are satisfied with the content from your website, then they will share it. And this will in turn help you to increase your reach.

Step 6: Skilful use of email marketing to increase your business

An effective use of email marketing will help you to increase your business. In order to establish a good contact/connection with your customers, subscribers, and visitors. You should grant them the permission to send and receive emails to have a more direct contact. Also, email marketing is one of the cheapest marketing ideas that you can use. It will not cost you as it does for print marketing or visual marketing.

Step 7: Using back-end sales and upselling to increase the income

Last but not the least, take steps that will develop the lifetime value of your customers. Have a good follow-up with them, and make use of upselling and back-end sales. This will encourage customers to buy again. Provide them with the products related to the one they bought.


These were a few easy guidelines on how to start online business from home. You can see that these are quite easy steps, but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve success. There are various informative guidelines available on the internet, about what type of online businesses can you start. Some basic ideas are as follows:

  • Starting a work from home online business to buy and sell products online
  • Making/designing homemade products, and using the online platforms to sell these homemade products
  • Starting a store for dropshipping. This can be a local supply business, or even an overseas supply business, depending upon your capability.
  • Starting a print-on-demand business, that will provide you with more flexibility of customizing your designs and creative labels
  • Selling your service online, or providing online expertise or consultation
  • For content creators who wish to increase their audience, online platforms can be a good solution. There are various platforms available to publicize your content online
  • You can also opt for buying an already existing eCommerce business

Let’s end this discussion by taking a look at some frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is starting an online business from home possible?

Yes, one can start an online business where he can work from home. In fact, the world after this global health emergency is not going to be the same as it was before. There will be many crucial changes. And during and even after this situation, working from home will probably be the most preferred way.


2. What are the pros and cons of work from home businesses?

Flexible working situation, better connectivity, wider platform, cheaply available business promotion tricks are some of the benefits of online businesses. On the other hand, place restrictions, lack of direct contact with customers and employees, and negative impact on health because of the increased screen time are some of its cons.

3. How can I earn money through online business?

By taking care of the basics, having a good start, increasing your reach, promoting your business, and establishing good contact with people will help you to earn money.

4. How can I find a suitable business idea?

The business idea is always an individual creation, an individual skill. What you have to look for is its perfect execution. And you can look for online guidelines on that.


5. How can I find jobs to work from home?

There are many businesses and firms that are hiring people who can work from home, either part-time or full-time. And you can look for a suitable opportunity on various websites, and job applications. You will have to provide a well-formed resume of yours, your job and salary expectations along with your application. You will be selected to work from home if you have enough skills.

Final Words

These were some of the most basic ideas on the type of businesses that you can begin with. When thinking about how to start online business from home, some people get confused about the meaning of business skills. They think that having some business skills is only associated with skills related to commerce, finance, marketing, etc. But one must understand that it also requires creative skills.


In fact, you can turn your creativity into a profitable business if you have all the required skills. You can take guidance from others or online expertise for that matter. You should look for converting your hobbies, skills, and creativity into a successful business. All this may seem a bit stressful in the beginning for sure. But,once you establish yourself very well in that field, then there will be no looking back.

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