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Google and Apple’s Contact Tracking System will not work for all

The two largest technology companies Google and Apple, have teamed up to develop a Coronavirus tracking system called Contact Tracking System. Their system will work on iOS and Android operating systems and work to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

This can identify people who have come in contact with a person infected with the Coronavirus. Researchers in the sector believe that the system will be available in about twenty billion smartphones in the world.

According to a report of the Financial Times, a leading UK business daily, the system will allow mobile phone users to track whether he/she had In contact with any coronavirus infected person. Which will help prevent COVID-19 from spreading in further.


However, millions of mobile users around the world will not be able to use Google and Apple’s system,. Because, the system requires a specific wireless chip to use, which is not present in millions of older model smartphones. That is, older phone users will be out of that service and there will be a risk of infection between them.

A joint statement from Apple and Google stated that “with the joint venture the system they developing is based on an updated operating system and Bluetooth technology”. This will enable the government and healthcare agencies to take effective measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.



The user’s privacy and other security measures will be fine. It will include an application programming interface (API) and operating system-level technology, which will make contact identification easier.

Researchers at Counterpoint said that the Bluetooth low energy chip-dependent system can detect proximity between devices without draining battery life.

A quarter of the current phones do not have such type of chip. Outside, 1.5 billion people are using basic feature phones. They will not be benefited from Apple and Google’s contact identification system.


However, experts hope that the introduction of a new contact identification system will be of great help in preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

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