GBWhatasapp- Latest Download in 2020

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media application. Its features have already made it a hit among smartphone users. But if you want more from WhatsApp then you need to switch to GBWhtasapp. This is a reputed WhatsApp Mod that is one of the best alternative version of this famous social app from Facebook. GBWhatsapp is for those who want to have some extra privacy and features in their WhatsApp. It perfectly works like the conventional WhatsApp- chatting, sending and receiving images, videos documents, sharing location, group formation, video and voice calling and many more. Read till the end of the article to know all the information.

Therefore if you are ready to venture in the new world of WhatsApp then you need to use it for once. And if you use it you will fall in love with this GBWA for sure.

What is GBWhatsapp and how to get it?

Well, GBWhatsapp is a MOD or modified version of the official WhatsApp created by the tech enthusiast groups GBWA. It comes with extra features alongside the basic WhatsApp features. This is turn makes everything special and amazing. The best part is that a user does not need to uninstall their official WhatsApp application top install GBWhatsapp. It works simultaneously with the official apk. Additionally, you also do not need to root your device to install and use GBWhatsapp.


This app is not available is the usual Google play store or Apple iOS store. This is because it is developed by a third-party developer. So, you need to visit the official site of GBWhatsapp developing company GBWA and install it through some manual steps.


This apk supports android version of 4.3 and above without any problem. There are many versions of GBWhatsaapp like V7.10, V7.20, V7.99, V8.00, V8.10, V8.26, V8.40 etc. The latest version is V9.1.0 that is now available on the official website of the developer company.


GBWhatsApp Latest Versions 2020 (Info)

Version Name 9.1.0
App Size 51.0 MB
Requires Android Android 4.0+
App Name GBWhatsApp
Root Required? No
Main Task Based on WhatsApp With Extra Hidden Features

Download GBWhtsapp v9.1.0

You can easily visit their site and download the preferred version according to your android system. It also supports iPhone and windows phones. You just need to select iOS based on your phone OS. If your device does not allow application file from other sources then you need to change this feature first and allow your device to install applications from unknown sources. It is an easy process. You just need to go to the “settings” section and click on the “security” option. Then just click on ”allow download from unknown sources” and you can easily download GBwhatsapp.



The installation procedure is fast. The application is of size 52MB. So, it also does not clog on your device storage. You need to install it after the download is complete. This apk supports one-tap installation for the better user experience.


After installation make sure to launch this apk for once to check if it is working properly. Now you can log in into your account and enjoy connecting to your friends through GBWhatsapp.



Features of GBWhatsapp

If you are talking about the features then GBWhatsapp is surely way better than the official Whatsapp apk. This apk is best for those who want to use multiple accounts in a single WhatsApp. This MOD is famous and preferred because of its exciting features and advantages. Here are some of the exciting features of GBWhatsapp-



Privacy control

With GBWhatsapp, any user can control their privacy settings in the WhatsApp. This allows them to control and customize the privacy settings to suit your requirements. That means you can change or control the privacy options of WhatsApp at your will.

a. Hide online status

You can hide your online status and chat in WhatsApp without letting people know that you are online. This is great if you are in any official chat and do not want any type of disturbance.

b. Hiding double tick or blue ticks

This is another famous feature of GBWhatsapp. With this, you can hide message ticks. The feature includes the plain double ticks, blue ticks and blue double ticks.

c. Hide recording status, typing status

With GBWhsatsapp, a user can hide the audio message recording status or text message typing status fro a better professional look. Gbwa-mod-apk-544x1024.jpg

2. Personalized themes

The official WhatsApp may not allow you to personalize your apk user experience. But, you can do it if you have GBWhatsapp in your device. GBWhatsapp regularly releases new themes and you can use these themes for free of cost. You can also customize your emojis and gifs as per your choice. And, you can always get the funny and cool stickers in this app. The biggest feature is maybe the icon changing feature. With it, you can change the icon of the apk in the menu and notification section of your device. Therefore, you get the personalized WhatsApp that is unique for you.

 3. DND mode

With DND mode, a user can disable whtasapp messages through GBWhatsapp. That means, you can use DND mode if you want to stop receiving and sending messages for some time



4. Send a large number of files and videos easily

At present WhatsApp only allows its users to send 10 image files to their contacts at one go. It may not be enough for some times. So, if you want to send more than 10 images to your contacts, make sure to use GBWhatsapp. It is great because you can easily send multiple images to your contacts even more than one contacts at a single time. This saves a lot of time for sure.


The official WA users cannot send large files of documents, video clips and audio clips to their contacts. You can only send files of the size of maximum 16 MB at one go So if you are using the official apk then you might need to break a large file in parts and send it part by part. But, with GBWhatsapp, you can send audio files of maximum 50MB nad audio files of size 100MB without any problem. If you want then you can also change the file size limit from the settings in GBwhatsapp apk.`

5. Status

In GBWhatsapp, you can easily upload videos, quotes or images in the “status” section by copying them. It makes sharing staus more fun and easy. You can also upload videos of length seven minutes through GBWhtasapp in your status section.

6. “Dual apps”- multiple accounts inside a single application

For those who use the authentic version of WhatsApp cannot use multiple accounts at a single apk. At present, WhatsApp has a normal WhatsApp apk and a special business WhatsApp apk for their users. So you need to install these two different applications to use two different WhatsApp contacts in a single device. But, GBWhatsapp comes with an exciting feature called “dual apps”.


Therefore, you can use multiple accounts in a single apk. Hence, you can now separate your personal and professional life for your convenience. GBWhatspp has features that make switching between different accounts easier and hassle-free.

7. Auto-reply

This is an exclusive feature of the official WhatsApp business application. But, with GBWhatsapp, you can auto-reply to any message of your contacts. You can set the message template in the “auto-reply” section and the application will automatically send it to your recipient.

8. Safer app

Although GBWhatsapp is a MOD, it is way safer than you think. The makers have designed this application for better safety. You can put a password and protect your data and application if you switch to it.


9. Regular updates

Like official WhatsApp, GBWHtsapp also releases regular updates according to their users’ demand. All these updates are available in the official GBWA site and you can download it from there. The updates include bug fixes, base updates, anti-ban features, more stickers and emojis, crash-related issues and many more.


Additional to these features, GBWhatsapp also allows its users t become creative and play the role of a developer In simple words, You can develop themes for GBWhatsapp and release it into their store. Other users can download your themes and use them in their device.


So, if you compare GBWhatsapp to the official version of WhatsApp, you can surely realise the difference. GBWhatsapp is more refined, rich in features and is extraordinary.


If you want to back up your data(including chats, images, videos etc) in GBWhtasapp then you can easily do it. The makers of GBWA have two different ways for their users for back-up.


Apk back-up

This is identical to the official WhatsApp application. But it is easier to do, You can go to “settings” of your GBWhatsapp apk and click on the “back-up” section to back up your entire chat(with files). The apk stores this back-up data in your smart device.

PC Back-up

With their special software, any user can also back up their chats of GBWhatsapp in their pc or laptop for future reference. You can also send any back-up data from your PC after the back up is complete.

If you are unsure about the safety then you do not need to worry. This app does not pose any threat to your device. So, your device remains safe from malware and other cyber threats.


But, please make sure to download the application form only the official website and trusted sources fro the optimal user experience.

Advantages and disadvantages of GBWhatsapp

Well, GBWhatsapo is a MOD of the native app. It works alongside the official application. GBWhatsapp is for those who want something more. So, it comes with an extra set of features. Like any other application, there are some advantages and disadvantages of GBWhatsApp.

The advantages of GBWhatsApp

  • You can use multiple contacts in a single application. That means you do not need to use WhatsApp and WhatsApp business to maintain two separate accounts in a single device.
  • A user can personalize their WhatsApp accounts with the help of GBWhtasapp. This includes the themes, the icon design, the account status etc. So, you get a personalized apk for yourself.
  • Another advantage of GBWhatsApp is its privacy features. With this application, you can hide your online status, the blue ticks, audio blu mike, freeze status etc. You can also hide typing status and recording status from your contacts in need. So, if you want better control over your WhatsApp profile, GBWhtaspp is the best.
  • GBWhrsapp allows its users to send a large number of files(50MB video, 100MB Audio) and more than 10 images at one time. Additionally, you can also add a video of 7 minutes in your status section.
  • You can get offline backup in your smart device or use your PC to get a backup fo your chats.
  • GBWhatsApp allows you to protect your WhatsApp account with passwords for better security.
  • You can also opt for auto-reply, freeze the internet only for Whatsapp as per your preference.

So, if you tally between the advantages and disadvantages of GBWhatsApp, the advantages are more than the disadvantages. But whats are the disadvantages?


Disadvantages of GBWhatsApp

  • It is not an authorized modification of the WhatsApp application. So, it is not available in the google play store or apple store. You need to download the apk from their website. In this case, you need to be cautious and use only the official site of GBWA for the right file.
  • If you use GBwahstapp then you may have a risk of data theft. It does not occur all the time but there are chances that your data can be collected. So, you need to be a little watchful of it.
  • This is not an official application. It is just a MOD developed by a third-party developer. So, your WhatsApp account can become blacklisted if you regularly use GBWhtasapp. So, it is better to use it with temporary numbers.
  • You do not get automatic updates of GBWhatsapp. You need to visit the official GBWA website and check for new updates. This can be a little time-consuming.

So, after comparing the advantages and disadvantages of GBWhatsapp it is clear that it is better than the official Whatsapp application. The advantages can be great. If you are willing to try something new then it is always worthy of a try.



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