Food – authenticity holds the key: Super chef

Even as food and its trends have undergone remarkable innovation and evolution and have become more associated with glamour and lifestyle, one thing which has remained constant throughout this journey is “authenticity,” feels celebrity chef Gautam Mehrishi.

“Food has been lately associated with glamour and lifestyle. Celebrities of all walks of life have started sharing their food cravings, secrets on public platforms. Food suddenly has become a part of celebrated lifestyle,” Mehrishi, who has been in the food industry for the last 20 years, said in an interview.

However, even amid rising expectations and keen knowledge of people about food and cooking, its authenticity, which is the key, has remained intact, said the 42-year-old Corporate Chef of Sun and Sand Group of Hotels.

“There have been many innovations, in fact countless, and, they will keep rolling as a constant process as they are linked to demand, expectation and increasing knowledge of the consumer. Having said that I always like to focus on one fact which will never change and that is authenticity, apart from that it is pure innovation and inspiration,” he said.

The chef says the credit for food becoming more glamorous and being talked about goes to social and electronic media as well.

“Social media and electronic media have given dedicated spots to food and as a result the common man has started associating his lifestyle with food as well,” he said.

“So, the instant connect to the masses have resulted in food becoming a successful industry, this in turn inspires chef like me to be motivated to give the market the experience of exceeding expectations,” feels Mehrishi who hosts several food shows himself on various television channels.

On the changing food trends, he said Indians are going back to improvising traditional recipes.

“Food trends are changing fast and rapid across the globe. If we talk about India, the trends are towards traditional recipes with organic inspiration, molecular takes on regional favourites, health angles in royal recipes, street food becoming more niche and yet maintaining the authentic flavours. Indian restaurants are bringing back the classics,” he said.

At the global level, Mehrishi said, there is more focus on presentation of cuisines and use of advanced technology being brought into modern kitchens.

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