Rumours about Sreelekha Mitra joining CPIM have been rife after she attended an event organised by the left party in North Kolkata’s Baranagar on Sunday.

‘Does it feel so? Let it be so then’: Sreelekha Mitra on rumours about joining CPIM

Bengali actress Sreelekha Mitra, who is known for her strong political views in support of the Left Front, has become the subject of speculations that she might join CPIM.

Rumours are rife after she attended an event organised by CPIM in North Kolkata’s Baranagar on Sunday. On being asked if she would join CPIM, Mitra said, “Does it feel so? Let it be so then.”

“I’ve been a strong leftist. Not today, always. It first came to be known after I participated in a digital event. Event the left leaders know that they have my support,” the actress was quoted as saying by Bengali daily Anandabazar Patrika.

At a time when majority of Tollywood – the Bengali film industry – is believed to be a strong TMC bastion, while the remaining few have shown their support for BJP, Mitra further said, “One cannot be a supporter of the red flag overnight.”

“To become a leftist, one needs education. Because this one party is extremely educated.”

Asked about the future of the left parties, given their decreasing vote shares, the 45-year-old actress refused to take the predominant narrative that Left Front would be easily removed.

She talked about a slow resurgence of the red flag, citing their humanitarian efforts of helping the poor during the COVID-19-imposed lockdown and after it.

CPIM has been running ‘Shramajibi Canteen’ across West Bengal, where the party is providing a complete meal at a cost of 20 rupees. The initiative was first started in Kolkata’s Jadavpur before its immense success saw several branches opening at other parts of the state.

Apart from the canteen, the left party has also set up vegetable shops and grocery stores after the lockdown from where one can buy products at cheaper-than-market rates.

CPIM, which once led a Left Front government in West Bengal for 34 years straight, has also started public health centres at cheaper rates. Treatment for general illness like cough & cold and stomach problems are provided for free there.

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