Delhi ”chaat”, shopping spots on Elijah Wood”s mind

Delhi ”chaat”, shopping spots on Elijah Wood”s mind

Gorging on some street ‘chaat’ and picking up some souvenirs from the popular Dilli Haat is on Hollywood star Elijah Wood’s wish list during his visit to the national capital on Friday.

Wood, best known as Frodo Baggins of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, is in India for his music tour. His first destination was Mumbai, where he performed on Thursday.

He landed in Delhi on Friday.

“He has three hours of free time before he performs in Delhi. So, he wants to make the most of it. He wants to go street shopping and go shopping for some handicrafts in Dilli Haat,” a source said.

The international star is on his debut India visit with Zach Cowie, with whom he makes the Wooden Wisdom DJ duo.

Wooden Wisdom will be visiting Hyderabad as well. 

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