WordPress Security Plugins – The Best Options and All You Need to Know


If you work on WordPress, a simple security threat can become a big issue for you. This security breach can cost you all of your hard work in a second. Therefore, you need to keep your WordPress works secured and safe from malware or hackers. The solution is to use security plugins for this purpose. All of these security plugins are great for protecting your work on WordPress. In this article, we have discussed the five best WordPress security plugins that you can use –

Best WordPress Security Plugins Checklist

1. WP Cerber Security

WP Cerber Security is probably the best security plugin that WordPress offers to its users. Many features can even beat paid plugins. It is easy-to-use and easy-to-operate. You need to install and activate the plugin at first. After it loads some of the crucial settings, it is ready.  WP Cerber security is available for free. If you are willing to get something extra, you can buy a basic pack or a value pack against yearly subscription charges.


WP Cerber Security


  1. WP Cerber security can effectively block any type of suspicious activity in the initial stage. That means you get protection from code injection attacks, brute force attacks.
  2. It also prevents REST API, XML-RPC and other IP addresses that can be associated with suspicious activity for your security.
  3. WP Cerber Security uses content-based algorithms to detect bots and also provides you with the anti-spam facility to keep your password, registration, login forms from the hackers.
  4. The security plugin can scan all of the files and folders of your site to detect malware, viruses or even Trojans. If something seems malicious, this security plugin will remove that cyber threat immediately to keep your website safe.
  5. You can set GEO rules and restrict traffic from certain countries and allow IP addresses from specific countries to visit and remain active in your site.

2. Wordfence WordPress Security

Another popular security plugin that works great for WordPress is Wordfence WordPress Security. It comes free of cost. It is popular because it is easy to use and easy to install. So, you do not need to spend a lot of money in this case. Although it is free, it does not compromise in its features. It comes with some of the best security features that effectively protect any WordPress site easily. If you want something reliable for free, Wordfence WordPress Security plugin is the best deal. Additionally, it uses the Falcon caching engine. If you are willing enough, you can also buy the premium features of Wordfence with a subscription.



Wordfence WordPress Security


  1. It comes free of cost. So, you can use it without spending a lot of money. For the additional features of premium quality, you may choose to get a subscription.
  2. Wordfence can support multiple sites simultaneously. So, if you have more than one site, you can easily use or defence.
  3. This security plugin can block any type of brute-force attack.
  4. It allows you to maintain twin-layer authentication to your website via SMS verification
  5. Wordfence scans everything including the WordPress core of your site, the themes, other plug ins, images and contents to check any malware or any type of threats. It there is any type of malware, it notifies you through an email alert.
  6. It is among the best WordPress security plugins because it shows all the hacking attempts on your WordPress website. This includes real-time data like the origin, the IP address of the hacker, the time, and how many minutes they spent on your site. Additionally, you can block traffic from a specific country and fake traffic for your benefit.
  7. In case your password is weak and someone has deciphered it; you will get notification from this plugin. You can again create a new and strong password to protect your website.
  8. Wordfence runs on the server of your device. Since it is not cloud-based, it is far more secure. But, it can make your website slow sometimes.

3. iThemes Security Pro

This is one of the best security plugins and also a very popular one. iThemes Security Pro is a development from a very dedicated team of cyber experts. So, you can be assured that your site will remain safe with this security plugin. It is a paid security plugin. There are different packages to choose from and the basic package costs $80 for a year. The price is completely justified for the service you get with this plugin.



  1. You get two-factor authentication facility to make your WordPress site a lot more secure.
  2. This security plugin easily detects the 404 error and also offers scanning services.
  3. Items Security Pro provides facilities for a strong and diverse password.
  4. It also offers WordPress backups o scheduled time as per your preference.
  5. This security plugin can effectively detect any doubtful IP address activity on your website and blocks that particular IP address from accessing your site in future.
  6. It also offers a specialized scanning facility to check the weak points of your website and notify you about those weak points.
  7. If your site gets any harmful or corrupted file upload, iThemes Security Pro sends an email to your official email address. It alerts you of the dubious nature of the file and potential risk factors.
  8. One of the biggest advantage of this plugin is that it can limit login attempts to your website from a particular IP address of the device.
  9. It does not come with any dedicated firewall or a malware scanner. But, it uses the Site check malware scanner from Sucuri and keeps your device protected.

4. Bulletproof Security

This is a trusted WordPress security plugin that users have used for a long time. Bulletproof security does not look very stylish but it offers all the thing that you need. It has a free of cost basic plan and paid advanced plans. Therefore, you can use it free of cost also.

Bulletproof Security



In this section, you will know the basic features that come free of cost. The basics are enough to maintain any WordPress website. These are-

  1. The whole set-up process is very easy. So, you can easily install this WordPress security plugin without much difficulty. The set-up wizard is clear and easy-to-follow.
  2. Bulletproof Security allows you to scan any malware present in your site. Additionally, it also adds a protective layer of the firewall for the much-needed safety.
  3. It allows you to back up your WordPress site database for your convenience.
  4. Bulletproof security monitors the login activity of your site. If a user tries to log in to your site repeatedly with failed attempts, Bulletproof security plugin blocks that user and notifies about the blocked user through an email.
  5. It also supports logouts when there is no activity on your website.
  6. This security plugin continuously checks and monitors the WordPress core files, themes and any other plug-in.
  7. It also makes your website faster and optimized with continuously caching data.
  8. This plugin protects your website against factors including RFI, CRLF, XSS, Base64, Code Injection, etc.
  9. This plugin supports auto-updates and manages to update itself to keep your site safe.

5. Jetpack Security

This is the last option in the list of the best WordPress security plugins. Jetpack has been in the field for some time and it has a strong user base for its features. This WordPress security plugin offers both free and paid services. You get some features extra with a yearly charge. The charge is affordable and you can buy it if you need to get something extra. However, the free version also works fine.

Jetpack Security



  1. Jetpack continuously monitors your site with Downtime monitor and it notifies you if something is not right.
  2. This plugin has a great feature, It allows you to automatically update all the plugins related to your WordPress site. You can update those plugins manually or trust jetpack to do the work.
  3. Jetpack protects your site from all types of brute-force attacks, Trojans, viruses and malware. It also protects your site from the specific brute forces that use multiple servers.
  4. This security plugin allies you to scan and eliminate any type of malware on a regular basis.
  5. It protects your site and even your device round the clock. You can keep your self-hosted WordPress site safe from the dashboard of WordPress. It also supports multiple sites at the same time. And, you can access all the sites from a single dashboard.
  6. The paid services allow you to back up al your website files and folders to back up and restore then or even migrate files from one site to another without any problem.
  7. Additionally, the paid service also offers the anti-spam facility and maintains the aesthetic appeal of your site and attracts more traffic.

You can use any of these above-mentioned WordPress security plugins as per your preference. Since all these plugins alert you through emails, you need to make sure that you have an official email linked to your WordPress account for a better alert network.

Some Important facts about WordPress security checklist

Wordpress Checklist

If your WordPress website is not properly managed and is vulnerable, there is a high chance that a hacker will attack your website. This means losing control over your website and the data inside it and several other problems.


Wordpress Security Checklist

If you want to protect your website, you need to invest in a full-proof security plan for it. So, you need to maintain a proper WordPress security checklist for your convenience.

Check your security plan

The first thing in your checklist should be the security plan that protects the content management systems. A security plugin is the best method in this case.


Check your security plan

Secure your login page

Your login page is the initial stage to secure your website. So, if you see any type of suspicious activity like continuous attempts of failed login, you need to block that user. Also, make sure to use twin-layered authentication including one from Google to protect your site. You can use your email account for a better login. Additionally, make sure to change the passwords regularly to make it secured.

Take notes in your administrative panel

The administrative panel can also be vulnerable if it remains untouched.  So, always make sure to protect the administrative panel with passwords. You need to update your all plugins regularly. You may also need to create an account to prevent from using the particular username containing the word “admin”. If your site deals with content, you need to create a separate account for editing and uploading the content.


Check everything

This is one of the most important factors that you need to remember. Make sure to check everything including the content, the themes, messages and other things. If something is not in use, make sure to delete these unused items to prevent malware attack.

What to do about your plugins

WordPress sites need multiple plug-ins to function properly. So, you need to be careful about these plugins also. Make sure to update all the plug-ins including the security plug-ins. If you are downloading any plug-ins, you need to download them from verified sourced to prevent any type of cyber attack.

What to do with your database

Your database can also be vulnerable to attack from hackers. Hence, it should be an important part of your WordPress security checklist.  Make sure to change the table prefix regularly. Additionally, you also need to use a proper password with numeric and alphabets (both upper case and lower case) for safety. Regular backup is also a great idea.


What about the hosting provider?

You need to take careful consideration of the hosting provider before choosing a particular option. It is better to use a well known and reputed hosting provider. You need to connect to the server through SFTP or SSH.

Additionally, you need to keep an eye on the wp.config.php files. Make sure that these files are only available to the admins only. Also, disable any type of file editing option through this particular channel.

You should block and remove voa.htaccess and licence,text and make all the listings and functions not available by those paths. On top of it, you need to fix the file permissions to 644 and for folders, fix it to 755.


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