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Best Security Cameras under $100

Hmm, let me see. Well, is this possible? Now, it is. You can get your hands on some of the best security cameras under $100, both the indoor and outdoor ones. For those of us who have security cameras installed at home, we know how important they are and how in this insecure world, it’s next to impossible to work without them. However, for those of us who are new to this world of 24*7 surveillance cameras, this can not only be confusing but also daunting. Some cameras may look cool but often have nothing or very minimalistic features to offer, and these charges only as per their designs, therefore not much. On the other hand, you have some powerful ones that are average looking but can do the job very efficiently, and these shall lighten your pockets.

There are a vast number of companies that claim to make the best security cameras under $100. But which ones are worthy and which aren’t? What if they aren’t worth that money? To sort that confusion out, here is a list of 5 of the best security cameras under 100 dollars that are easy to use and operate and shall make your life slightly simpler. Let’s get into it!

1.  The Blink Indoor Home Security camera [ $99]-

I have personally bought this camera and hence this is the first camera that makes it to the list of the best security cameras under $100. There are a number of reasons behind this feature. This camera has been referred to as the “Mini but Mighty” by a lot of websites due to its ability to be plugged anywhere inside the house. This ultra-affordable, wire-free and a two-year warranted home security camera is sure to win your heart by not burning a hole in your pocket, despite its features. The Blank Indoor is a name in itself when it comes to security cameras. It has surely maintained very high hopes for its customers and promises to continue doing the same.



Talking of the specifications of this camera, it is a 7.6*6*2.5 inches camera, that weighs 5.6 ounces. It captures videos from a range of 110 degrees and its overall height is around 71mm. The thickness and the diameter of the camera are 30mm and 71 mm respectively.  It has a system of capturing videos of 720p HD quality, which allows and ensures a clear view from every angle of the house. Its feature-rich system includes a motion detector, which when armed, can record any motion in the form of a short video clip, and is considered to be its best feature

Its system supports the quick reception of push notifications and any alerts with their regard, so that the user can decide how to respond spontaneously. This facility of being able to make spontaneous responses has never been seen in any other security camera of this budget.

  •          No monthly subscription fees
  •          Runs on 2 AA Lithium batteries for 2 years
  •          High battery power security system
  •          Advanced home surveillance
  •          Free cloud storage
  •          Sharp motion detector
  •          The video might get paused in between
  •          Security features are not very advanced
  •          Hardware options are limited

After measuring the pros and cons of this camera, it is very obvious that this is the best choice that can be considered within this range. There might be many other companies that could be offering security cameras at lower prices but as per features and overall performance, none of those can outdo this piece. Also, opt of features that are visible in this camera may not be available or might cost extra in other cameras. Hence, this is one of the best options and definitely a good choice.


2. Reolink Argus Outdoor Security Camera [$99]

After finding a lot of options for buying a security camera, I got this for my sweet home. If you are an eco-friendly individual or want to save up some money on your electricity bills, this one is for you. This is a 100% wire-free solar powered security camera. It is small in size and therefore can be fitted easily and carried around as well. It has simplistic features that can aid beginners so they can operate it easily. In short, if you are looking for a classy, handy, basic yet useful camera, this has to be your choice.


This camera is available in a number of shapes and sizes. It comes with multiple powering options and provides a 1080p HD vision for all corners that it covers. It does not require any network or power cable, nor is there any need for drilling or any outlet to be fitted in. The best feature, I would say, is the fact that it can be placed anywhere from a tabletop to a desk to the shelf to the doors. It is easily attachable and can therefore keep a close watch at every corner of the house.

  •          Weatherproof
  •          Rechargeable solar-powered battery
  •          Fully HD
  •          High-quality starlight night vision
  •          Smart sensors
  •          Instant alerts
  •          2-way audio system
  •          It does not contain micro SD card
  •          It might disconnect with the Wi-Fi signals depending on the solar power
  •          It needs to be directed to the sun most of the time.

Verdict- As is very visible from the description of this product, this product is good choice. Though the fact that it is solar-powered can create some issues in the rainy season or during times when the sun is not too strong, it is full of features and is very cost-effective. There are other solar-based cameras that are available in the market and they offer these features as well, but they are either more expensive or do not come with the warranty that this camera offers. This camera continues to be one of the best options for those who aim at saving money, the choice shall be the customers.


3. YI 4 Piece Home Camera System [$100] –

It was really a lifesaver for me when I moved to the United States and needed great security at a cheap price. The list of best security cameras under $100 is incomplete without YI. This incredible camera has been designed not to disappoint. It has been the first choice for a number of people who have looked for the most affordable security. It provides its customer with the most clear and wide vision of the entire surrounding as well as clear communication and voice systems, making it an incredible choice.

Specifications –

To begin with, this 4-piece camera set is 3.1*1.3*4.5 inches as per dimensions, and weighs around 4.2 ounces. It consists of 9 live camera feeds that can all be seen on one screen. It offers 1080 P quality videos of both indoor and outdoor settings. It supports Infra-Red night vision with 8*940 nm IR LED lights. It offers 64 G Micro SD Card and also consists of a premier clouding plan. Its video storage can save up to 7 days of live activity for free and these clippings can be easily shared through Android mobile phones.

  •          24*7 full HD recording
  •          24*7 emergency response service
  •          Instant suspicious activity alerts
  •          Supercharged 2-way audio system
  •          Baby crying detection
  •          Clear night vision
  •          AI human detection
  •          Limited design choices
  •          Limited to AC power sources
  •          Alerts may get inconsistent depending on the connectivity
  •          No cloud storage

The main feature that has always managed to attract customers towards this camera is its availability as a 4-piece system at just 100 dollars. This piece is available in most of the online stores across the world. It has its own website and the sites through which it is available offer an entire descriptive tutorial of how it works. If the customer still faces issues, it is very convenient for them to file a written complaint. As of now, not many customers have been dissatisfied with this piece. Many cameras offer similar features but getting these many features along with 4 systems just for 100 dollars is rare.


4.  Momentum Cori Wi-Fi Home Security Camera Kit [ $60]

This was the one I bought for my brother who stays on an off-campus in Massachusetts. This camera is another major attraction to the list of best security cameras under $ 100 list. This security camera kit provides a surprising number of features for the price that it is available for. The major aspect that makes it different and more special than the other items is that it is a smart camera that can be controlled anywhere at any time. It uses consistent live streaming operations to ensure continuous security through audio and visual mediums. Since ensuring safety is the major concern, the broad screen a and explicit audio effects make it worth being a part of this list. Despite the features that it offers, this security camera is super easy to use. It is also perfect for those who want to operate at a level which is a little ahead of the basic services. This camera is capable of capturing almost the entire house structure to provide you with an atmosphere of your home, away from home.

Specifications –

The dimensions of this product are 2.68*2.68*2.74 inches and it weighs 1.03 pounds, making it easy to handle. By large, its customers have rated it as 4 out of 5. People are often ready to burn a hole in their pockets to get a hang of all of the features offered by this camera but here we have them all together at this super affordable price. The reason this camera is a part of the best security cameras under 100$ is because it provides consistent mobile alerts. Security means knowing how many people pass from right next to your house and ensuring the absence of any doubtful activity. And that is exactly what this camera does. It keeps you updated and informed over any activity or individual who comes close to your place, even when you are not home.

A little hard to believe but yes, this camera comes with no batteries and hence requires no recharging. It comes with a USB portal power supply which relieves the problem of changing the batteries or of them leaking out.

  •          You can create customized rules and regulations
  •          2 way talk and package surveillance
  •          Momentum exclusive motion sensor
  •          Exclusive night vision
  •          Super wide viewing angle
  •          Real-time video stream
  •          No push notifications
  •          Slightly buggy in testing
  •          The night vision might get too dark sometimes.

To conclude, this camera has the features that anyone would ever require in a basic as well as a moderately compel security camera system. This camera may not be the best choice for those looking for very complex operations, but is way more than good enough to serve its purpose along with a lot of supporting features. One can get better options if they decide to spend a hefty amount of money but speaking of best security cameras under $100, this surely ranks in the top 5. You will surely not regret it in the future.

5. WYZE Cam 2 [$26]

This was the super cheapest and that what really attracted me to buy this camera. The price of this camera might make you feel like it is not good enough, but trust me, it really is every dollar’s worth. This company follows the catch line that says, “See clearly the moments that matter”, and rightly adheres to the same. This security camera features a well-defined set of specifications that never fail to provide the best experience, and therefore make it a prominent member in the list of best security cameras under $ 100 list. This camera has been a choice for many people who desire all sorts of complex features in the working of the system and is also comfortable enough for beginners.


As is evident, this camera can provide you with the best features without making a hole in your pocket. It provides super clear visuals with the zooming up to 8x. The streaming is entirely digital and can be carried out offline too. The focus is unbelievably sharp and does not fail to impress its customers. With a 2.8 mm focal length, 110-degree angle lens, 1?2.9” CMOS sensor, 1920x 1080 [1080p] full HD visual, you are sure to not miss a thing.


Moving forward, with an F2.0 aperture, IR – CUT filter and four 850nm infrared LEDs, Wyze’s camera’s enhanced night vision delivers clarity up to 30 feet away, despite total darkness.

Its innovative 3 axis designs allow it to point out in any direction. It does not require any screws, because it comes with a metal plate and adhesive tape that can create the magnetic base and the camera can mount anywhere.

As if this was not enough, this camera also offers a clear and loud built-in speaker and microphone so you can clearly listen and talk to your loved ones, furry friends or visitors!

  •          Offers time-lapse videos in best quality
  •          Free rolling 14-day cloud storage
  •          Continuous recording with local storage
  •          Matte finish
  •          Wide lens view
  •          Can overcome humidity easily
  •          Only appropriate for indoor use
  •          Cannot integrate with other devices
  •          Does not support the IFTTT system [ If this then that]

Now comes the toughest part, The Verdict. But is the verdict really needed? This camera is truly an advanced version of its long-forgotten predecessor, Zyme, 2011.  It is miles ahead of all other cameras in this range. This camera clearly gives you a bang for every buck that you spend. Also, no internet, no worries! For the streaming is entirely digital and can be done offline too! Also, what is better than clear conversations and impeccable recordings? Nothing, right?

So, without much more fuss, without much ado and without emptying your pockets, go for it with both hands!

Here is a quick purchasing guide for al buyers, that will help them make a smart and confident choice for sure.


·         Security cameras are a must and have clearly provided several benefits to those who use them in their homes and in their workplaces. They help people keep a check on their children, prevent vandals and burglars from tampering with their property.

·         Home security cameras are DIY devices which means that you set them up yourself and monitor them yourself rather than hiring a security company to do the work and the watching. While it does save you from the installation and the monitoring fees, you need to make a wise choice in between self-monitoring and professional monitoring.

·         You need to be clear of the camera type that you want to purchase. They can either be wireless security cameras or doorbell security cameras. The wireless security cameras can be placed anywhere and are weatherproof. You can keep a check on your home through constant alerts on your mobile. However, some smart features may cost a fee. The doorbell security camera use doorbell wiring for power and hence you can answer the doorbell when not at home. However, since the camera is outside the house, it is more susceptible to damage and might not be able to gain a proper internet connection.


·         You need to have proper information on good cloud storage plans because many a time, additional storage charges extra fees, which can be heavy. On the other hand, without cloud storage, you may never be able to track down a burglar.

·         A lot of security cameras operate through your mobile phone. The entire video of the security camera is seen there. This can be a risk because the video can then be accessed by others who might use your phone, or by the server of your phone. In order to avoid this, you must make sure that you do not use default credentials and make your passwords as strong as possible. Authentication and app locking your video application can also be of great help.

This was a list of best security cameras under $100. You should always try and make a pocket friendly and a wise choice when it comes to purchasing. While a few bucks extra can give you more features, these are the friendliest ones, so be sure of your choice.


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