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Best Free Remote Desktop Software in 2020

Those who work in a computer regularly for hours can often encounter a problem. If you work in a team, solving the glitch can be a problem. Those who work in teams it becomes a hectic situation. You cannot understand the cause of the problem without disturbing the common workflow. So, it affects the work pace. If you want to resolve the glitch in your computer without disturbing your teammates, the best free remote desktop software can be the right option for it.

These are free software that allow you to remotely access any other computer from a computer or a laptop or even a mobile. So, you can solve all the glitches and troubleshoot the device without disturbing another person. Not only this, these remote desktop software also allow you to access your laptop or computer and its storage, network resources from any remote location- it can be even from different parts of the world.

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What is remote desktop

So, what is a remote desktop? It is a soft technology for accessing a device through another device remotely. That means you can connect and control the connected device as per your preference with another device. The remote access is excellent because you can control another device from different parts of the world. To do this, you need to use software for remote access.

This software should be present in both the devices – one you are using and the other you are controlling. As soon as you can connect both the devices, you are ready to go. With remote desktop software, you can repair minor tech glitches on another computer. Some software also allows amazing features like sharing files between devices, viewing and retrieving data, chatting, etc.


These software have become an integral part of IT industry and the modern corporate world because it allows you to connect to any device without being present at the specific location.

Why is it important?

The world has become more involved with technology. In this tech-savvy world, people are always moving. Hence, if you are not present in your office or home, but need to get something done, it can become difficult. You may need to access your office or home PC or even laptop to get something done. Remote access software allows users to connect to their devices from any place. They can complete the different tasks, check files, retrieve files and complete their tasks without going to their office. So, you are not confined to your office space to complete any job. It gives you flexibility and mobility.

Additionally, more and more companies and IT teams are using multiple computers at the same time. Devices are electronic gadgets and can often run into trouble. This trouble can halt a complete project or affect the workflow. You may also need to start over the work from another device. Physical intervention for repairing work is also a problem because it makes everything slower.


But, remote access software are great in this case. You can access your device from another device and report the problems without disturbing other people. This process is faster. So, you do not need to wait for a long time and you also do not need to bother other people during the procedure.

So, remote desktop software are incredible in their own way. These software also come with various great tools. Now, there are different types of remote desktop software. Some are paid and some are free. The free sites are great for any company. If you are a newbie and do not want to invest a lot of money, you can easily use the free remote software.

There are different types of software. The best free desktop software also offer you features like the paid ones and are also great. Here are top five remote software that are among the best ones.


1. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop Microsoft is one of the most reliable companies and are the maker of Windows. It is fantastic for those who are new to the world of remote access. The primary or free version is enough, but they do not offer all the features. This remote access software provides the basic platform with some limited features free of cost. The user can remotely access any Windows PC from another Windows laptop or computer or mobiles and other smart devices.

It also supports the Mac PC. But, one cannot access a Mac PC from a Windows device. The Microsoft Remote Desktop supports Windows 7, 8, 10 with versions like Ultimate or Professional. The most significant advantage is that you do not need to get permission to connect another device. But, you do not get features like file sharing that can be crucial for IT works. So, if you do general works, it is a great choice.

2. UltraVNC

It is the second-best free desktop software in this list. If you want to use this, you need to install a server software in the device you need to connect remotely. On the other hand, install the viewer software, on the device you will be using for remote access. Since the server software is always present and running in the background, it becomes way more comfortable to access any device.


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But, there is a catch. You need to make adjustments in your router and change the port forwarding settings if you want to use UltraVNC. This software is great because it offers tons of features like file sharing, chat service between the server and the viewer device, clipboard sharing. But, the download page is not well-designed. So, you may need to invest some time in understanding it.


3. TightVNC

VNC or Virtual Network Computing is becoming more popular with time. It is a desktop sharing software system . VNCs use the remote frame buffer protocol to connect and control another computer with the remote accessing system. TightVNC also follows the same process.


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It is considered among the best free desktop software because of its features. TightVNC is free for the users but comes with a diverse array of features. It is also great for IT managers and IT teams. The biggest advantage of TightVNC is that it supports different operating systems simultaneously. So, if you have devices with distinct OS0, it is the ideal choice for you. This is one of the best and high-quality remote desktop monitoring software. It also comes with its free remote control software package that includes all the features you need to access another device and share files or other things between two devices.

4. PCAnywhere

Want something that allows you to remotely access another PC and drive into its storage for retrieving data? Then you need to choose PCAnywhere. This is free software from the well known global cybersecurity company Symantec. It is an excellent free software that can offer a lot of features. PCAnywhere can easily compete with paid remote access software with its substantial range of features.



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You can easily access another PC from your device and troubleshoot all of the problems remotely. Additionally, you can view archived data and retrieve documents after viewing them. PCAnywhere supports different operating software like Mac, Linux, Windows, MS pocket PC. So, you can use it in a wide range of devices and Laptops for your convenience.

5. Chrome Remote desktop

This is the last entry in the list of five best free desktop software for remote access. Chrome comes in free basic version and paid advance version. Although the features of the basic version is limited, it comes with all the much-needed features. So, you get to complete the job without much hassle. You only need to use two computers which have Chrome.


You will be able to access the other computer with an installation extension remotely. The host computer can access the server or the client device through a personalized PIN number. With this pin, you can log into the Chrome application of the other device. You can easily access even if Chrome is not open in that device or is not active. It is perfect for troubleshooting the problems. But, you do not get any options to chat with the other device during troubleshooting.

These are the top five free remote access software that offers a lot of services. Some of these options are for simple works and others are great for IT related works. You can choose any software as per your preference.

Chrome remote desktop pros and cons

In the previous list, you have read about the Free Chrome remote desktop access software. Is it great for IT teams or a business? Is it enough when you need to work on multiple devices simultaneously? Read this section to know about Chrome remote desktop pros and cons,


Chrome remote desktop

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  • The biggest advantage is that it is available free of cost. So, you do not need to spend money on a remote accessing software. If you want free software that is reliable and is great, Chrome remote desktop is your ideal choice.
  • It is an easy to use software that comes with a faster set-up process. You can easily use it in devices having Chrome installed.


  • If you want to use Chrome desktop software, your device should have Chrome browser. It is the main application to run this software. So, if your device does not have Chrome, you cannot use it.
  • Additionally, you need to have a Google account for using Chrome remote desktop.
  • This software does not come with chat service, which means you cannot connect to the other computer and communicate through chats.
  • Chrome remote access software also does not offer any type of file sharing service. So, you can only troubleshoot the problems.
  • You cannot reboot the remotely accessed device automatically. If you reboot it, you need to start the connection procedure all over again.
  • It does not offer multi-monitor support.
  • You can only access one device at a time.


In today’s digital world, remote access software are a priority. It is a new tool that offers you more power while working on a PC or laptop. You can easily use any of the software mentioned above for free. If you want something extra, you may opt for paid services as well.


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