Ecommerce Business – The Best Platforms and an Initial Guide

E-commerce platforms are now among the popular digital selling platforms all over the world. They offer the sellers a wider exposure and help them to earn more reviews. This article offers you insight about the best ecommerce platform that you should consider to set up your online store.

1. Shopify


This is a delight for those who love to use social media marketing strategy to connect to their clients. Shopify is one of the best eCommerce stores that are user-friendly. So, if you are a novice in terms of technology but want to open an online site, Shopify needs to be your one of the best choice.


Shopify Theme

There are different varieties of the Shopify sites and you can use any one you like. The biggest advantage is their easy-to-use set-up. The platform offers a drag and drop interface and it is great for those who are new to the world of website management and designing. You can easily design your eCommerce site with Shopify.


The Shopify exclusive POS is also one of the best features. It allows every user to set up a special and secured payment method. That means, even local businesses can use the Shopify site to start their own business.

You can design your site with the free themes or by a paid one. It is your choice. The themes come with a complete package like footer, headers, typography, colors, presets etc. Hence, you get a complete setup and a complete get-up of your website. Additionally, you can also add your customized images in the website.

If you need a site that is SEO friendly and supports SMM, then invest in Shopify. Because it gives you both. But the site may seem a little bit rigid sometimes. And please make sure to use their own POS for that extra earning. Therefore, if you are starting with your small business and do not have a lot of money for setting up your eCommerce site, Shopify is your ideal buddy.


Last but not the least, comes to the customer support of Shopify. You get 24*7 support over the email, phone, twitter or live chat from their support executive team.

2. Woocommerce


The list of best eCommerce platform is incomplete without mentioning Woocommerce. It is a versatile WordPress plug-in that allows you to maintain a digital store for your business. If you are familiar with WordPress sites, you can easily convert to WordPress. This, in turn, will allow you to use your existing themes and listings. Woocommerce offers a compact listing and information about your services and products in WordPress.


Woocommerce offers a compact listing

If you are new to Woocommerce and building a brand new eCommerce site, it is better to use the WooCommerce-optimized theme from the Woo Commerce stores. The biggest benefit of this platform is that it is flexible. Since you can find numerous free of cost website themes for WordPress you do not need to worry.


All of these themes are compatible with WooCommerce and you do not need to spend a lot. So, it is a budget-friendly option. This platform is one of the best for SEO. Hence, your web page will get more exposure and allow you to gather more customers. It also supports multiple integrations for your benefit. So, you will never be out of option. But, it can become difficult in terms of scalability as the site grows and you get more clients. So, it is better to invest in a good hosting platform. This can be a little expensive, but is worth a try.

Therefore, if you are comfortable with WordPress or have an existing WordPress eCommerce website, WooCommerce is the ideal option in terms of everything.

3. BigCommerce



It is another site that offers kind of the same vibe like Shopify. So, you do not need to start from scratch. Instead, you get predesigned themes for a head-on start. Therefore, you can save a lot of time and also it makes your work easier.

BigCommerce comes with free and paid themes that you can use. Although their paid theme collection is limited, you can always purchase a theme easily. The themes are simply a package that allows you to design a site within minutes. You may need to adjust the site in a few places to give it a perfect finish. It is easy to customize the themes as per your preference. You can choose the colour scheme of the page header, footer, buttons, section titles, sliders and other sections of the site.

BigCommerce Interface


Another benefit of BigCommerce is that their interface is extremely user-friendly. So, if you want to offer your visitors and buyers a site that is easy to use and is faster, you can try it. This platform also supports mobile-friendly sites. So, you get an optimized website that allows a great experience even on mobiles. It offers a multi-channel selling site that you can use for various products.

You can always buy plans to maintain your website from BigCommerce. The basic plan allows you to enjoy exciting features like gift codes, coupons, unlimited bandwidth, report generation, etc. If you are a small business with fewer clients, Bigcommerce is the unbeatable platform. It is the top performer for SEO marketing among all the best eCommerce platform. If you can ignore the absence of features like an up selling option, single-click selling option, abandoned cart saving feature, etc., you can surely invest in it.


Another benefit is their round-the-clock customer support option. So, if you encounter any problem, you can always approach the support team through live chat or email or phone. Their dedicated support team will help you to solve the problem. And, you can always get new ideas from their large library of knowledge.

4. Wix


Wix is one of the best eCommerce platforms where you can create a simple and easy web store for your clients. It offers great SEO service. Therefore if you need a lot of exposure, you need to invest in Wix. Wix is great for small to medium scale websites who need the best SEO performance. So, if you are have just taken the small steps in the digital industry, Wix can be your go-to option. It is another great choice for beginners.


designing your eCommerce platform

This is also a platform with drag and drop features. You can add pictures, videos and themes as per your choice. Wix comes with one of the best libraries with themes. They have 72 free themes among their total 500 available themes. So, you will ever be bored or out of option during designing your eCommerce platform. But, you cannot change them, unless you use the Wix exclusive ADI. So, you cannot revamp the design with Wix.


This site offers a user-friendly website for your clients. You can design it easily and they will get something that they can trust. Wix is great! Additionally, you also get 24X7 customer support from Wix support team in helping you to solve any problem.

But, it is not much recommended for large scale businesses and lacks some of the basic features. Nevertheless, Wix is easy on your pocket and helps you to launch your new website for a better prospect.

5. 3dcart



This website designing platform claims that you can design a site with higher page ranking and better selling experience. And, 3dcart lives up to their claims. This platform has a huge base of customers including Industry biggies like PCMag. So, you can be assured of their services and features. If you know a little bit about eCommerce platform designing, you can choose 3Dcart.

Not a pro? No worries! The on boarding video guide by 3dcart can show you the detailed step-by-step designing process. You just need to be patient to figure things put. You can also get a guide from their exclusive developers’ community in need.


3dcart comes with business-oriented themes that are simple and elegant. You can also customize the theme. Since this platform does not support any drag and drop feature, you need to spend a little extra time during customization.

It is one of the best eCommerce platform because it offers a great website that is secured and strong. You do not need to opt for a separate API to design shipping section. Their intelligent shipping features will handle everything. This platform never compromises with features like unlimited storage and zero transaction charges. You can also use their POS system, if you want to have a multi-channel payment option. You can use qucikbooks, Inventory or email to manage everything.

abandoned cart saving option


Sadly, it does not support the abandoned cart saving option. But, if you consider the overall features in total then 3dcart is great. It comes with a lot of intelligent features and provides you with a strong eCommerce site that will grow as your business expands. Hence, if you do not want to switch platforms in future, you may choose 3dcart.

What is eCommerce Business?

You gathered knowledge about some of the best eCommerce site-building platforms in the previous section. But, do you know what is eCommerce business?  The full form or eCommerce stands for Electronic commerce. So, eCommerce business means business on the electronic/online platforms. So, in a nutshell, you can either offer services to your clients or sell things to them on the Internet.

The word ‘eCommerce’ means vast section. So, it covers the whole section of online buying and selling process – including goods, services, currency and even experiences. It also has other names like-“e-commerce”, “E-Commerce” or eCommerce. Each of these names holds the same meaning.


And since it is a large umbrella, the answer of ‘What is eCommerce businessis sometimes complicated. There are different types of e-commerce business and each of them has their importance and benefits.

If you consider the types of buying and selling service, there are eCommerce sites that sell digital products, some sell physical things like apparels, foods etc. Some offer services and experiences like a holiday package or real estate business. There are eCommerce sites that work as a connector between buyer and seller and earns commission with each deal.


buers and sellers

If you want to know What is eCommerce business from the buyers’ perspective, these are the three categories-

  • B2B or Business to Business where a company or brand sells their services or products to any other brand.
  • In case of B2C or Business to Consumer eCommerce business, a site deals with retail consumers. They directly sell their products or services to consumers. Both manufacturer or the retailers can sell their things directly to their consumers.
  • The last variant is the B2G or Business to Government eCommerce sites that provide products or services to the government and different government organizations.

The eCommerce sites can be also classified on the basis of their selling method-

  • There are branded or exclusive e-commerce sites that belong to a certain brand and manufacturer. Hence, you can find only exclusive goods or items from a certain brand.
  • eCommerce marketplaces are like online markets. Therefore, you can find a variety of products on their site including food, apparel, gadgets etc. It is like a digital mall where different shops open their portal and sell their products.
  • Conversational e-commerce platforms sell through social media platforms. They sell their products through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Snapchat.

To conclude…

eCommerce business is great because it allows you to get global exposure and more clients without much hassle. And, it allows you to expand your business globally without a lot of investment. For small businesses, eCommerce platform is great because the digital market place has less competition and it is easier to reach clients online. eCommerce business also eliminates the cost of a physical set up and helps anyone to sell whenever they want. And you can maintain your business from anywhere or anytime with a proper eCommerce site.

If you have an existing business, eCommerce business can be the best possible option to expand your business. Even if you are a beginner in the industry, it is a great idea. You need to design a website that is aesthetically pleasing and secure. You can use any of the platforms to build your own site. Chalk out a business strategy and select the initial products. Make sure to promote your business or brand to get more visitors to your website. It may take time, but if you are offering quality products, you will gradually attract loyal clients to your eCommerce website.


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