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Best Drone with Camera under $300

Finding the best drone with camera under $300 – sounds crazy, right? Let’s talk about two categories here – professional drone lovers, and hobbyist drone lovers. If you are a professional drone lover, you are well aware of what all you need to look for a good drone. But if you are a hobbyist, looking forward to buying the first-ever drone, then you may need some help. In fact, even if you are a professional and want to buy your first drone, you will still have to take proper guidance. Because looking for some coolest drones won’t cost you anything, but buying a good drone does. Be it for racing, or just for fun, you have to be aware of what choice you make.

Many top-rated brands make good-quality drones, but within your budget? Well, I can’t say. And spending a handsome amount of some thousand dollars, as a first-time investment isn’t truly worth it. So? What’s the other option? Relax, you don’t have to go for any other option. Because many trustworthy brands make the best drone with a camera under $300. These are some of the best drones, with easy-to-handle features for beginners. So, before you become confident enough to make an expensive investment, let’s have a look at the top 5 best drone with camera under $300.

1. Holy Stone HS720

Manufactured by: Holy Stone

Price: $299.99

If you are looking for an affordable investment in drones, this is a good choice. Holy Stone HS720 is an upgraded version of HS100, which was also very popular. This features in the list of best drone with camera under $300 for many reasons. You can use this for amateur video making, outdoor filming, hobby-related activities, and even for school projects. And it won’t create a hole in your pocket as well. the brand Holy Stone is one of the well-known brands in this field. And they have kept their standards high with every new model that they introduce.


Holy Stone HS720 has an average flight time of 20 minutes, with a control range of 1600 meters. In this range, you can get a 4K UHD 5G video transmission feature, which is probably the best thing about this drone.

It has a great action camera, something which may not easily get within a budget of $300. It has a 12MP camera that also supports GoPro. It is a 2K FHD 5G camera that supports GoPro along with other action cameras. The live video transmission can be seen on the smartphone screen of the pilot, or even on an FPV monitor.

This latest drone by Holy Stone has quite similar features like HS100, but with a better quality. It also has an onboard GPS module. Also, the return to home mode is of three types – Low battery RTH mode, signal loss RTH mode, and guide RTH mode. Looking at its budget, it has some amazing features. Also, it is preferable over other models because of its flight time and excellent range.

  • Durable drone for beginners and hobbyists
  • Full 4K FPV video
  • 12MP camera that supports GoPro
  • Easy-to-handle features
  • Good for outdoor filming
  • The return to home function with three categories
  • Quite expensive in comparison with other models of similar features
  • Take a lot of time for charging
  • The model does not come with spare batteries
  • Some spare parts, especially batteries, are expensive to buy

You may wonder who to go for this one, if other similar models are available in fewer prices. Many popular brands sell drones even under $200, with almost the same features. Well, if you compare all its features with the drones cheaper and costlier than this, you’ll understand. It has an excellent overall performance that you may not find in cheaper ones. And it provides a very good quality which may cost you more if you look for other options. So, Holy Stone HS720 is surely a good choice.

2. Contixo F24 Pro

Manufactured by: Contixo

Price: $279

A drone hobbyist plus an explorer? Here’s your pick. The F24 Pro by Contixo is a perfect choice and a great gift for travelers who want to explore the world with the drone in their bag. This is an easy to carry drone that comes with a back bag. So, you can easily carry it wherever you go. Also, it’s a very user-friendly drone for beginners with very less complicated operations. And if you are a step ahead than the initial level, the Contixo F24 Pro is a perfect choice for you. This smooth, maneuverable quadcopter will explore and capture the world along with you.


It is difficult to decide from where to start, because this drone has many features. People will get ready to empty their pockets for each and every feature that it provides. First of all, it has a flight time lasting up to 30 minutes and an excellent control range of 1.2 km (which is equal to 0.7 miles). However, the FPV distance is capable of transmitting only as far as 500 meters.


Without a good camera feature, why would we call it the best drone with camera under $300? As a camera drone ideal for traveling and exploration, it has a good UHD resolution of 2976*1680P. it provides great aerial footage, and amazing live video. To enjoy it from your smartphone, you can install an application.

It also comes with advanced GPS assisted hovering, smart auto return to home feature with 4 categories. Other important features are headless mode, one-key take-off, altitude hold, and landing.

  • Amazing features within the $300 mark
  • Good-quality live video
  • Comes with a complete package consisting of a backpack
  • Good control range and a great flight time
  • Though flight range is good, the FPV distance it very short
  • More negative user reviews in comparison with other models of similar features
  • Wi-Fi set-up is not that good

Though the Contixo F24 Pro has received generally mixed user reviews for its overall performance, you cannot arrive at a specific conclusion from that. It’s because it provides so many features within the budget of $300. And you may be able to find all this in any other model, with the same price. Also, looking at the flight time, RTH modes, and distance range that it provides, it still happens to be a great choice for explorers. So, making your own decision will be the best solution.


3. Altair Outlaw SE – Fun to Fly

Manufactured by: Altair Aerial

Price: $249.80

This Outlaw SE model camera drone by Altair Aerial comes with some incredible features that will not disappoint you. This best drone with camera under $300 is the first choice of many professionals as well as beginners. It comes with some slick features that will give you amazing drone photography and video-making experience. The combined effect of all its features will be a simple, smooth, and an incredibly easy drone operating experience that will make your spending worth it.


To start with its features, this drone has a good range of up to 600m. That’s quite a lot if you look at its price. The battery life can last up to 20 minutes just like any other drone in this range. The GPS integration makes the drone easy to fly. You can stabilize it in the air to get some good stills and clear video recording.

With an easy push-button, the GPS will allow the camera drone to return to home. The picture and video quality are 1080p HD, and a stream back video feature is also available with the FPV. Because of the GPS settings and its altitude hold, you can get some incredible quality shooting and capturing experience with this drone.


Some of its other cool features are – headless mode, one-button take-off/landing, return to home feature supported by GPS, and a waypoint flight.

  • A good quality 600m range
  • Battery life lasting up to 20 minutes
  • GPS enabled system that gives easier flights
  • 1080p HD camera quality
  • A very supportive customer service
  • All this, and much more for such a cheap price!
  • Comparatively short range for a drone camera under $300
  • It comes with only one battery
  • Looking for spare parts can be an expensive affair

Altair Aerial has never disappointed its customers when it comes to buying an affordable product with quality service. And this record has been maintained with Altair Outlaw SE too. If you face any issues while operating the drone, you can find many online videos that will help you with it. Also, if any problem takes place, the customer service is there to help you. It’s not easy to find such a ready-to-help service for a camera drone. There is a huge variety in beginners’ drones that can be handled easily. But if you are getting so many features (camera included) for such a less price, this can be a good beginners’ choice.

4. Walkera Rodeo 150 – Beginner Racing Drone

Manufactured by: Walkera

Price: $219

We have talked so much about flight time, distance range, and camera quality, but what about racing? We all know that one of the major attractions that draw the youngers towards drones is racing. They want to have some cool racing experience with the drones. So, what if you want to buy the best drone with camera under $300, which can also be used for racing? Is there any option available? Well, thanks to Walkera, there is. The Walkera Rodeo 150 is a cool choice as the best drone with camera under $300. And it’s also an excellent camera drone that beginners can use for racing.


This racing drone by Walkera is praised by users as well as experts for its great overall performance. And if you look at its features, you’ll understand the reason behind it. It has a 7.4V 850mAh 30C 2S Lipo battery, that can last up to maximum of 10 minutes. This is a good time range for a racing drone, still, you can buy more batteries if you want to get some more serious racing action.

For a racing drone pilot, it is essential to have a good view of the racing area, for which a good camera is required. And the Walkera Rodeo 150 fulfills this need as well. It has a 600TVL camera, which helps you in getting a good view. You can enjoy the real-time video using an FPV monitor or FPV goggle. Also, we know that a racing drone must have a WK-WS-17-002 brushless motor, and it is there in this one too. Though it does not have any more fancy, cool features, it’s an ideal choice to enjoy some really exciting drone racing saga.

  • Perfect choice for drone racing beginners
  • The best drone with camera under $300
  • Features brushless motors
  • Has a DEVO transmitter
  • Very comfortable and easy to handle thing
  • Does not come with FPV monitor, so you’ll have to buy one if needed
  • Doesn’t even provides FPV goggles
  • You’ll need to buy more batteries if you are going to use it for racing more than any other stuff

To conclude, let’s say that everyone may not be satisfied with the number and quality of features that it provides. But remember, you have start from the basics, to excel for the advanced/professional mode. And this Rodeo 150 drone by Walkera has all the required basic features. Plus, it comes with a good camera quality which is sufficient enough for a drone under the price level of $300. Yet, if you are ready to spend more, you can surely get better options. But if you want to make a sensible economic decision as a beginner, then go for this one. It will not make you regret anything in the future.


5. Holy Stone HS100G

Manufactured by: Holy Stone

Price: $159.99

This is not only the best drone with camera under $300, but also the bestselling camera drone under $250 as well. It features a well-defined set of specifications that will provide you with an awesome experience. A drone that can be considered as a perfect choice for outdoor filming, the Holy Stone HS100G is a user’s choice drone for many reasons. It may not be an ideal choice for indoor use, but it will be the best one to carry for your sporting events and holidays.


If you are looking for a drone with a variety of features, HS100G by Holy Stone is a perfect choice. It will provide everything that you want, without making a hole in your pocket. It comes with an excellent flight time that can last up to 15 minutes, and a 7.4V 2500mAh battery. And the maximum range provided is 500m, which is amazing enough for a drone under $200. It’s a perfect and probably the cheapest choice for enjoying some of the best uninterrupted long-range flights.

The 720p resolution camera of this drone will help you in shooting some good videos and capturing amazing photos. It also has a 120-degree field of view, that will provide you with wider shooting angles that are also adjustable. The drone makes use of 5G Wi-Fi for the transmission of live videos, and it can be operated on an application too. The official app for this drone is available for free downloading on android and iOS devices.


Some other prominent features provided by HS100G include – headless mode, one-key take-off and landing feature, altitude hold, auto-return on low battery, and a 3D VR compatibility feature.

  • Provides a great Field of View
  • Amazing features for such a cheap price
  • Can be used with FPV via smartphone
  • Some of the best specifications at such a low price, including the 5G Wi-Fi
  • Good camera quality with adjustable wider angles
  • It requires an FAA registration in the USA
  • Comparatively fewer effective features
  • An updated and recent alternative is provided by the same brand, in the form of HS720 drone

We may not easily opt for an older version of any tech-product, especially when an updated version is already available in the market. And again, if the updated version is also within the range of our budget, then why? The answer is, this version of the Holy Stone drone will help you to set your foot in the world of drone operations. It comes with all the essential basic features.

If you are buying for the first time, you must start from the basics. And this will probably be the cheapest and the best choice. Remember, old is gold. So, starting your experience with this will be a good decision. But still, if you want to go for the updated latest 02versions, spending a few more dollars is all that you need.


Buying guide for the best drone with camera under $300

Now, here’s a quick guide for all the first-time buyers, that will help them to make a confident choice.

1. Drones are an aerial vehicle with a shape of ‘H’ or ‘X’. They work on motors, have a gyroscope that measures the drone position, and four propellers. The drone can alter the speed of every propeller, which helps it for hovering and maintaining a stable flight.

2. Drones are available in three major categories. The beginners’ drones are affordable, but they have fewer features. But they are built in such a way that they should be able to deal with minor problems, and sudden crashes. Because, the beginners are not well-prepared to fly a drone, and many small accidents can take place during the initial trials. The drones for hobbyists are affordable, and expensive as well. They have comparatively more features than the beginners’ drone and more specialized cameras.


3. The most expensive and advanced drones are the professional drones. Their features are more advanced than the above-mentioned drones, and they have advanced cameras that will provide high-quality images. Apart from these, there are specialized drones for racing as well. So, make sure that which category you wish to go for, before buying the drone. You can find the best drones within your budget, in all these categories.

4. When buying a drone, there are several features that you should look for – flight time, the price of the battery, flight range, camera quality, headless mode, and return home mode. Look if your drone has these essential features, only then go for it. Also, buying a cheaper drone for the first time will always be a better option. You will have to learn the basics before going for a professional purchase.

5. Finally, know your drone well. Check its specifications, take a trial flight, check if all its parts are working properly or not. If you’re satisfied with its functioning, then only go for it.



These were the top 5 picks for the best drone with camera under $300. Yet, you’ve many other options that will give you some updated features, if you spend a few more bucks. But it’ll be better to make a pocket-friendly choice before you get drown into the world of drone.


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