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Best Drone under $200 with GPS

Who doesn’t want a drone these days? And, one with a GPS makes things better. When everybody is getting tech-savvy day by day it is pretty much normal to invest in a good drone. In this article, we have shared a detailed guide and review of the best drones available in the market which are under $200 and have a GPS component as an additional feature.

With a GPS attached to the drone, one will know where the drone is when one is remotely controlling it. It will also help to find the precise location of the probably crashed drone. The GPS can work either with the remote or mobile device. The accurate global positioning helps a lot in navigating a drone for the user. So, we will discuss drones which are for professionals yet under $200. The drones with an inbuilt GPS system have a better function of locating using GLONASS.

GPS activates quite wonderful features in the drone such as returning home allowing the drone to come back to the initial position. With waypoints one can adjust the height, flying speed, orientation and exact location of the drone through GPS component. One can also hold the altitude and following or circling a particular area.


So, let’s get into discussing some best drone under $200 with GPS so that you have an idea of what you should know what to look for when buying a drone of your choice.

  1. Hubsan H502S Desire


Hubsan H502S Desire is the best toy class drone available under $200. One can find this Hubsan H502S Desire at around $100.


It has basic GPS flight features and points like follow instructions too. So, you get to enjoy the flight wonderfully with this drone. It has brushed motors. Though it does not have a fast and efficient battery, the drone model holds stability. The hover of the drone Hubsan H502S Desire is also average and the FPV through the camera of 720p resolution makes the overall experience quite interesting.


With Hubsan H502S Desire, a flight time of 10 minutes is easy to get along with a 720p camera giving an output of 30ffps. One can enjoy a speed of 11mph with the Hubsan H502S Desire drone. And the range of navigation is around 300 meters so at such a low price – Hubsan H502S Desire is a steal deal. The weight of the drone is about 155 grams so it is pretty much lighter weight. The maximum service ceiling can achieve from the drone is about 200 meters.

The battery life is about 10-12 minutes depending upon the features and specs one has utilized when navigating the drone. The storage is through a micro SD card and gives a video recording ability of 720p and 30fps. The hovering ability is commendable and utilizing the trim controls can get one to work in a few feet quite easily. The flight modes available with the drone Hubsan H502S Desire are followed me, RTH, headless.

An H901A remote control with the built-in display is provided with the drone which helps in the controlling of the same. The battery is 610mah. And the ascend and descend speed you can get is 3 meters per second. The package comes with to be attached propellers, four spare propellers, one rechargeable battery, a USB cable, one transmitter with smart sun visor, a charger, a screwdriver, and an instruction manual.


Though the model is compact and cost-efficient, it still has wonderful features like GPS, anti-signal loss, and return to home modes.

  • Return to home feature
  • Headless mode
  • Altitude hold
  • Propeller guards
  • Sd card slot
  • Sensitive and responsive controls
  • Inaccuracy in holding complex god commands.
  • Calibration of the compass is a little off
  • Short battery life.

It is overall a great beginner’s drone and therefore a top choice in our list of best drones under $200 with GPS. The dimensions are 165mm x 165mm x 60mm and the body is robust. This drone doesn’t need registration with the FAA so you have fewer worries to take.

You will always need rechargeable batteries for enjoying your experience on this drone. The altitude hold is commendable so your drone is stable and video footage is generally good.


2. Walker’s Rodeo 110

Price –

This Rodeo 110 racing drone is again a top choice in our list of best drone under $200 with GPS.


It is a compact quadcopter perfect for indoor flying. Anyone can choose to click pictures with its HD camera or recording with its 5.8GHz video transmission. The weight is quite less of 150g including the battering so in good weather conditions – read stable, wilderness navigation is not something out of the prospect. Strong winds are something that can be taken by this drone. This is specially made for indoor enjoyment and for starting hubby people who are beginning to learn. The drone Walker’s Rodeo 110 was designed especially for the lightweight feature.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Walker’s Rodeo 110 comes in the RTF is Ready to Fly, whereas BNF is Bind-and-Fly. The RTF model often needs minor handy actions such as charging the battery and installing the propellers for the drone to get going. And the BNF, on the other hand, requires you to bind the controller for the drone to fly. In most cases, the RTF comes with a fully compatible controller, whereas the BNF gives you an opportunity to use your old controller or purchase a compatible one.


So, take care of what you want when handling the purchase. RTF is better for beginners while veteran users can go for the BNF model. The incredible aeromodelling and aerobatics actions of this drone are impressive. It can hover, roll, and response to all other pre-programmed actions while at the same time utilizing its camera to capture quality HD videos and images.

The crash and impact are resistant and enhanced by the sturdy carbon fiber frame of the Walker’s Rodeo 110. The lightweight design makes it the perfect partner in high-speed actions whenever indulging in racing indoors. The reasonably priced drone gives a 6minutes flight time and FPV camera. A speed of 45 MPH and 100 meters range is available. The main problem is the machine is not the fastest or most agile or powerful around but it’s just a solid offering for a small starter racing drone.

The unique features include F3 flight controller for the support of self-stabilization mode, semi self-stabilization mode and manual mode. It provides a high degree of versatility for racing fanatics. In addition, it is made to be perfect of 147g that includes the battery, which made it to outsmart other FPV racing drones.

  • Micro size, suitable for indoor as well as for outdoor flights;
  • Well built, mainly from carbon fiber;
  • Multiple flight modes;
  • Built-in buzzer;
  • BNF and RTF options;
  • Spare parts availability.
  • Propeller protectors are not included;
  • Closed BetaFlight firmware;
  • No telemetry nor OSD.

It may not be the fastest racing drone but it is extremely fun to fly it. Even if the frame is made from only 2 mm carbon fiber it takes crashes very well, without major damages. After a few flights, the only disappointment was regarding the poor image quality, the camera could be much sharper. It is a good buy at the price and the features are also impressive for a beginner. Keeping in mind the uses and the deal is a good contender in our list of best drones under $200 with GPS.

3. UDI U818


At $47, the quadcopter responds quickly to a touch on the control sticks and is capable of a decent wheel of speed. This UDI U818 is a good deal with low video quality but the fun of flying is great. In a limited budget, one can take good video and learn how to control.


The UDI U818A HD has the Headless/IOC function.


6 AXIS GYRO – Equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems, 3D lock, 360° Eversion – One key 360°roll, continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance, HD Video Camera – U818A HD equipped with 2MP HD video camera

Upgraded Accessories – LiPO Battery and an upgraded 4GB Micro SD memory card.

It has a small 500mAh battery and the camera is small, a flat lozenge-shaped lump that connects to the body by power wires. The micro USB card that stores the video and still images fits into one side. The rotors of the UDI U818A are similarly minimal, 5.25 inches in diameter and made of the same, light plastic. The controller takes instruction fora photo, start and stop the video, flip the quadcopter and change the flight mode.


There is not much control over the GPS and the pilot has all in their control. The flight time is about 8 minutes and no FPV for the camera is present. The deal is good and it is mostly toy- a class drone. The speed can go up to 11 mph and a range of 50 meters. The 30 fps 720p camera is okay but not great to work with but at such a low price to is nothing but a deal made.

The UDI U818A is a power-packed device that has gained a lot of positive response from the users. With an average performing camera, it makes for the complete drone in this price range.

  • Damage-free blade design.
  • High-Quality image and video capturing for UDI U818A – 1 discovery.
  • High stability.
  • Compact design and durable.
  • Wind Sensitivity is very high.
  • Easy and simplified operation
  • The controller information is not well described.
  • The turning of rotors as mentioned in the manual is the opposite of the real operation of the product.

Basically, it is good for beginners who love to enjoy navigating with a drone. It is good for fast and quick turning and gives a good flight. The lightweight construction along with short battery life are some cons of the UDI U818. The quadcopter relies on the skills of the person holding the remote. It offers a few frills but keeps its controls simple and fun to fly. It is a good addition to the list of best drones under $200 with GPS with its a basic feature but fun use.


4. Hubsan H501S


The Hubsan H501S drone is the 4th product in our list of best drones under $200 with GPS priced at around 150$. it is a good choice to make.


It has a 1080p camera and among the first drones to get a GPS component with brushless motors. In toy drones, this model is a game-changer and a sure model to purchase for any fanatic. It gives good flight assistance with the GPS in the H501S gave it the ability to hover and even set a GPS controlled route through the mobile app on your smart device. With RTH functionality and full GPS flight control, it is a great deal to make.

An exceptional flight time of 20minutes and a camera of 1080p giving 30FPS is available in the drone. One can easily reach up to a speed of 45mph and a range of 300meters is accessible. Hubsan H501S is a fantastic drone that looks awesome and comes with some stunning features including an HD camera and a remote controller with an integrated 4.3-inch LCD screen.


The amazing features are 6 Axis Gyroscope, Intelligent Flight Modes, Remote Controller with Integrated 4.3 Inch Screen, Dual GPS, Automatic Low Battery Return Automatic is quite attractive. It is a premium and solid builder drone model. It weighs around 450grams and measures 47.5*31*5 cm. The drone has an under each rotor some big LED lights that not only look cool when one flies the drone, but they also help to indicate when your drone compass is fully calibrated.

  • Stable
  • HD camera
  • 5.8 GHz FPV
  • Slow in GPS Mode
  • Power-hungry remote
  • No gimbal/stabilization software
  • By default, it won’t even take off unless it has a solid GPS signal, and you have to delve into the on-screen menus to disable this behavior.

Overall, it is a great deal to make at below $200. So inevitably it comes in our list of best drones under $200 with GPS. For its price, the H501S flies very well. It’s stable, easy to control and gives you confidence to fly high and far away, even when it’s quite windy.

5. Syma X8 Pro


It is priced at $199 but you can get a discounted price of about $150 on e-commerce websites like Amazon.



Syma has great features and design of the X8 Pro to build a functional machine that looks good and offers functionality not found on their lower-end machines. The 720p camera is mounted on a one-axis gimbal, connect to your mobile device for the live video stream and GPS takes things to new heights. A flight time of 9minutes and 720p camera of 30fps and speed of 11mph at a range of 200meters is present in the drone.

The size is 50 x 50 x 19 cm in dimensions. A great 2000mah battery is available with a great Video recording of 1280 x 720 at 30fps quality. The remote control has Simple Mode 2 remote with a phone mount and requires 4x AA batteries. The flight modes are Flight modes GPS waypoint, Orbit, RTH, Headless, Follow-me is accessible in the Syma quadcopter. The hovering accuracy is also great with a barometric pressure sensor altitude lock. The weight of the Syma X8 Pro is 3.45 pounds.

The package comes with Syma X8 quadcopter, transmitter, HD camera ( 8 MP ), m holding case for the camera, Eight pieces of rotating blades, Four protection frames, Four sets of landing gears, USB cable for charging, LiPo battery of capacity 2000 mAh, memory card for storage, USB card reader, screwdriver, user directory to assemble this drone. It is equipped with a real 8.0MP instead of 5.0MP HD camera for aerial photography, 6-axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, strong stability, can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control. With 2.4G anti-interference technology, even other drones are flying at the same time they will not interfere with each other, so it a good go-to drone one can look for under $200.

  • Has GPS and great Stability and stunt capability
  • Can carry an action camera in the frame.
  • The Syma X8 Pro has no Gimbal and Brushed Motors.

Syma X8 drones are some of the most durable and affordable aerial photography starter drones out there so getting one at such an affordable rate is sure great and thus a great entry in our list of best drones under $200 with GPS.

Buying Guide:

One needs to consider many factors such as price, controller type it uses along with flight time with a single charge when considering to buy a drone. One also needs to consider factors like ease to use such as flight controls for taking off, landing and many more. It is also necessary to make sure that the warranty and manufacturing details to be taken care of with caution when making a purchase of a drone. Good customer service is also needed for a good experience if you face some problem later after buying.

What can one expect with a drone which is available in less than $200 one? It will probably give you something better than a toy class quadcopter but it can be simple in usage. One can expect a low-quality camera but features GPS for stable flight and hover mode for proper navigation but thinking about a great camera drone is pretty much not possible in this price. The flight experience is good in such drones. One can also expect a weigh of around 0.55lbs or more than that also. At such less price getting a toy level drone is possible and if one gets video camera options then everything is just great.


So, the purpose of the buyer should be cardholding whether one wants something for racing and aero skills or for clicking pictures and video graphing. The GPS just makes things better as one doesn’t have to worry much about learning and polishing skills and chances of losing the drone.


So, now we are done with the list of top 5 best drones under $200 with GPS in this article with a product review. From enjoying the functionality of GPS in your drones one can fly it comfortable and with much control and features such as taking proper professional footage is also possible with GPS on your drone. With this guide, one can easily enjoy getting a perfect drone for yourself.


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