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CRM- The Best Options For Small Scale Businesses And Their Importance For A Bright Sales Future

CRM or customer relationship management software is necessary for today’s digital era. This software swiftly manages the interaction between your brand and your clients including your targeted audience. CRM is great for recording business activities, tracking sale progress, making calls and sending emails and many other mundane day-to-day tasks. With the latest technology, CRM software scenario is also changing. Some software even supports more advanced functions like managing past and recent projects, automated processing, report set-up, and marketing tasks. There will always be a special CRM that can manage all the tasks for your company.

Even small businesses can also seek benefit with CRM software. This article is all about the best crm for small business.  Read till the ned to know more.

The Best CRM for Small Business

1. Zoho


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Zoho is the best CRM for its scalability. This CRM supports all the platforms- Web, android and iOS. It is a sales platform with multiple add-on features. This makes it a great choice for companies that are growing rapidly with team members. Zoho offers qualifying leads, contact and deals with management system, notification for sale. In case you want to check, if your audience and clients are visiting your page or email or are recommending your brand in social media platforms, Zoho is the right option. This CRM offers real-time notification of your contacts to your team.

Zoho also comes with AI features- this makes it a wonderful CRM. It helps your business teams to select the right deals and leads and also offers SalesIQ or lead-scoring according to your client and audience behaviour. So, it allows any sales team to successfully predict the effect of any sales campaign.

Additionally, its design is eye-catchy and very much user-friendly. It also has features like projects, help desk corner, email campaigns, survey forms, social media and human resources, alongside the regular features of CRM. You can either use the basic features in a free version or buy a paid one for complete function.


2. Vtiger (Web, Android, OiOS)

Vtiger is one of the best crm for small businesses because of its features. It is an all-rounder CRM that comes with a total package or a simple sales-exclusive package. Vtiger can easily track the activity of your contacts to the invoices. Projects, quotes, referrals and other related business opportunities. The user can access all these exciting features in a simple hamburger menu from the top of the window.


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The biggest facility of this CRM is that it adds any contact within minutes. You can just create it and add other details later for your convenience. It also allows segmentation of the contact list in sections like email opt-out/in, SMS opt-in. DND etc. As a result, you get to know your contacts better than you can think.  The help desk of Vtiger is also worth mentioning. You get live chatbox (in collaboration with Olark), internal problem tickets, performance data analysis etc. This is extremely affordable and the paid version is also pocket-friendly.

3. Insightly


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Looking for the best crm for small business that is great for organizing all of the projects of your company? You need to check Insightly for once. It comes with a  crisp and clean interface that keeps every feature handy yet neatly organized. All your features are accessible from the left column called “Object” and the right top bar contains quick add-on buttons for completing any task. Insightly is very much customizable. It can easily customize even the smallest feature to suit your requirements. Therefore, you get to do every task as per your company’s progress.

Insightly comes with activity set, which makes managing contacts, leads and other things a lot easier. This section can manage a lot of tasks related to contact engagement. It also provides reports regarding sales progress. You can build numerous reports to check your business growth and other factors. The activity set is designed to manage and schedule team meetings and writing minutes automatically. So, with Insightly you will never face any problem.

4. Hubspot



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The list will be incomplete without a free CRM. And Hubspot is the best crm for small business that comes free. It supports a wide range of platforms like Windows, Web, Mac, iOS, Android. So, you will never be disappointed with it. Hubspot allows a free user to add nearly 1 million contacts. This free CRM is rich in feature and it can easily beat many paid alternatives with its easy-to-use and manageable platform. All the functions can be accessed from the top section in a drop-down format. The contact section allows you to manage and add contacts with their emails and personal details as per your preference. Additionally, you can also view their search results through the special feature_Search in Google”.

Hubspot also allows the user to open the email and connect their Gmail or Outlook account and sync it for meetings and email schedules. The “Conversation” section is another amazing point. It helps you to track all types of chat, bot, Facebook messenger interaction of the contacts. It also comes with a special section called “chat flow”, which you can use to design messenger and replies of different chatbots for your future use.


5. Streak

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If your company exclusively deals with email marketing and you are always scrolling down your Gmail inbox then choose streak. This is one of the best crm for small business that maintains all the tasks of marketing related to Gmail. That means you can manage and combine all the Gmail contacts, tasks and deals under the same roof with Streak.


It is a compact platform and the extension take only half a minute for installation. It comes with a specially designed settings bar, integration bar, etc and it directly opens in your Gmail window. You can also create pipeline deals in a spreadsheet-like format for your convenience. On top of that, you can easily schedule meetings, emails, collect data from emails and other conventional CRM functions. Streak offers with a 14-day free trial for their users

Why CRM is important?

In the previous section, you have gained information about the five best CRM. But why crm is important for even a small business? For any business, even the small ones connecting to your customers and targeted audience is a must. And to do it, you need special software that organizes everything neatly. CRM comes handy in this case. It helps you to manage everything including sales in the right ways. And if your company wants to grow and become bigger, then a CRM is a must. It allows you more exposure to your audiences for better business promotion. In result, your company earns more revenues. CRM also helps your company to manage the workflow in the right way.

It comes with so many tools that help you to customize the software and the collected data as you require. It also offers seamless integration with other tools for better management. In a nutshell, if you are wondering why crm is important  then you have only one answer, it is a platform for everything. It allows you to manage your brand properly and create new sales analysis. With a CRM, you can send emails and texts without any hassle.


A CRM is great if you are short on manpower and need to utilize everything. You can take help from the intelligent features of CRM and schedule meeting or maintain a sincere customer help desk. It allows you to reach out to your contacts and existing clients faster and of course in a better way. CRM is also necessary if you want to track down your progress in your business and need to jot down some points to make the business more profitable. For any small-time businesses and start-ups, building a client list is crucial because it helps them to gather more information. And, nothing beats to manage all the customer relationships like a CRM platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CRM

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of crm.  If you are already aware of CRM then you know how beneficial it is for your small start-up. If you are in that section who still have to use CRM here are some advantages of CRM for your knowledge-

1. Better management

business relationship


CRM, the Customer Relationship Management software is for maintaining a business relationship with your contacts and subscribers. This platform allows you to manage the database of your clients and targeted audience in an effective way. You get to collect data from the software and can formulate a new strategy to increase your sale from the data. It also allows you to manage everything including sales, professionally.

2. Client classification

Client classification

A CRM can help you to classify your client and audience list for better management. This allows you to check your future possibility with different segments and also allows your team to develop a customized strategy to approach every group properly.


3. Reporting


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CRM comes with different tools that allow you to design and generate a sales report. It shows the progress of the sale, booked projects and engagement with clients for better management of your sales prospects.


But, there are some disadvantages too. You need to buy or use a CRM that is right for your business. Investing in an expensive CRM may not be a great idea for a small business. Additionally, you need to give importance to the data upload. It needs to be done properly to prevent any mistake and data loss in future. Additionally, you also need to manage the security sources. So, the CRM should be secure enough to handle all the data with care.

CRM for Business

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In the end, if you tally the advantages and disadvantages of crm, it becomes clear. That is, CRM is a must for a healthy future for any company. But, try to use something right for your business. Or it may not be great.

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