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Review Of Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms In 2020

A writer needs a pen and paper, the flair of skills and courage. However, if you want to be an online writer, the first step is to find the best blogging platforms in the to-do list. There are seas of blogging tools available to aid in writing on any platform and boosting virtual readers. Blogging can range from introducing insights on fashion, sharing new and innovative homemade food recipes, and setting up corporate blogs, or running as a virtual assistant.

The catch is to find the appropriate blogging platform which will cater to your needs.

Purpose of Blogging Platforms

The question you must be thinking right now is possibly that what is the purpose of these blogging platforms! The answer is quite simple – they allow one to create their blog, publish them, and share it on the social media world. In a blog, you may insert pictures or clips and directly integrate social feeds onto your site.


blogging platform

The blogging platforms work in your favor. It will provide you with analytics tools to measure the progress report. There are also features like email campaigns and newsletters, which work to enhance your readers’ count. If you dig deeper, you might hit the jackpot to find a platform that offers the features mentioned earlier for free!

How to select a blogging platform? There is no definite answer to this. However, we can guide you to choose the one for you. First and foremost, decide what kind of contents you want to roll out. Secondly, how you want the blog to look like – will your blogs have top-notch quality pictures in it, etc. Thirdly, what is your skill – are you an experienced coder? If so, you would want full control over your blog – from font to customizing a readymade template. However, if the answer is no, you would go for drag and drop builders to create the site. Fourthly, you will also need room for future planning. When your blogs start to grow, you might redecorate the blog according to the new audiences. Therefore, you will need a platform that has flexible features.


These are the few parameters to aid you in sorting the perfect blog for you. We have compiled a detailed study for each blogging platform, citing the pros and cons. All of the mentioned are the best in every genre. The list is solely based on personal experience in using blogging tools. By the end of the article, you would know the best fit for you.



If you are looking for free, open-source software, and customizable coding, is the solution. came into existence as a blogging platform. However, soon it has progressed into a multipurpose content management system. Undoubtedly, this platform has helped millions of folks to commence their blogging journey. It is a special mention that is powering 24% of all the websites! Indeed, this is a vast social recommendation for the popular, eminent blogging platform.

The USP of is support for SEO articles. Therefore, it’s easier to create SEO friendly tools, which will help you rank higher in Google list. Without a doubt, a large audience will read your article. Secondly, being an open-source allows you to take control of the website. Therefore, one can customize the image of the cover, color, and fonts accordingly. Anyone can download free themes over 3,000 choices to beautify the site. However, you might consider hiring a developer to enjoy the flexibility if you are not friendly with the codes.


wordpress org

It is essential to note that before integrating the available plugins, one should check for compatibility and update versions. If either of these is not properly checked, the site can be vulnerable to breaking or disrupting visitor’s experience.

The only disadvantage of this website is that for the beginners, the learning curve can be steep. They will find launching a blog on sites like Wix and Squarespace is much more comfortable. Although the platform is free, securing a domain and hosting costs will be shelled put from your pocket.



  • Powerful blogging tools as it offers 54,000 free plugins like contact forms, design tools, newsletter systems, and so on.
  • Gives control over full customization of the website
  • Additions of extra features are available like online stores, forums, and paid membership, making it a suitable platform for earning.
  • It supports SEO, therefore, can create search engine friendly URLs, tags, categories for blogs.
  • There are many free themes available to decorate your website.


  • Not friendly for the beginners due to customizable coding knowledge.
  • It won’t manage or take responsibility for security and backups.

In conclusion, it is safe to say is the best blogging platform in the list as it acts as a powerful tool from novice to accomplished writers. However, when you are more experienced tech-savvy, you will get more out of this platform. If you’re a fledgling writer or don’t want to mingle with the technicality, there are alternatives available following the list.

2. Wix

More than 100 million people across 190 countries use the Wix blogging platform. The traffic can suggest how affordable, hassle less, and simple to create a website within a couple of minutes. The interface is made so easy that integrating a blog is just a click away.

It is recommended subscribing to a Wix plan to give a professional touch. Moreover, to get rid-off ads and buy the domain name, avail the $13/month combos plan. The idea is that the more professional your blog will look, the more authentic the audiences will feel. Therefore, it will increase the number of readers on your site.



Recently, Wix has been upgrading its features. It includes stunning, state of the art templates and content editor. Besides the pre-existing features, you can integrate personalize image galleries, YouTube or Vimeo clips/videos, and captions and links to images. Such a rich customizable editor gives you the power to craft the most excellent blog.

The significant USP of Wix is, its game is strong on both desktop mode and mobile device.  This is one of the most user-friendly advantages for bloggers who travel frequently. Moreover, one can get access to premium support over email or phone. This feature is not at all available in Consequently, less technical/experienced bloggers choose this blogging platform over


To mention a few downsides of Wix, in Wix’s blogging tool, one cannot create an archive. Furthermore, it is impossible to integrate RSS feed, thus making it cumbersome to update any content.


  • One can customize the page using plenty of templates and third-party apps.
  • Beginner-friendly, therefore, requires no coding skills.
  • Build the page with simple drag and drop tools making it easy and quick to set up.
  • An excellent choice for long term growth and hassle less integration with websites.


  • Less blogging features are available compared to Weebly and
  • The free account is restricted to ads and shows Wix branding.
  • Once you select a template, you can neither customize nor change.
  • The third-party apps are limited.
  • It does not offer much storage space, especially on a lower spectrum of price.
  • E-commerce advantages are available to only paid customers. However, the features are limited to them as well.

Undoubtedly, Wix is the ultimate option for anybody who wants to continue growing. If you are in favor of starting the blogging journey online seamlessly, this is the apt solution. However, Wix lacks many fundamental features and cannot be on par with competitors. Nevertheless, the site is the best user-friendly, secure and interactive blogging platform.


The blogging platform is running amongst the blogger’s world. and have the same company. So, what makes them different? is a fully hosted version that is responsible for the technicalities behind your blog. The working logic is similar to Wix – uses drag and drop builders to create a site. However, in, you have full control over your page through coding and enjoy plenty of customization. Nevertheless, it comes at the cost of giving up the easy and fast set up.


wordress com

In, one can launch their blog at zero bucks. To eliminate logo, avail extra features like storage and domain name, you have to pay at least $4/month. There are plenty of advantages in using, such as it is SEO friendly. Therefore, it emphasizes higher traffic for your blogs. Robust infrastructure backs up the site that play a crucial role in loading faster.

Similar to Wix, it has mobile-optimized modern site themes as well. It also includes advanced analytics to figure out what your readers like the most in your blog. Unlike Wix, there are more scopes to customization with In premium buys, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) supports. This is one of the features that assist you in the long run.



  • Requires no setup.
  • Offers powerful blogging tools – RSS feed, social bookmarking, etc.
  • It is free provided you accept a subdomain. For example, the free website will resemble –
  • The platform is simple to use and easy maintenance.


  • Limited options are available to extend your site. Few restrictions are also there, such as one cannot customize themes and plugins for customizing their blogs.
  • It is not the best option for a beginner as it requires coding knowledge.
  • com will advertise on your free website. However, you do not have the luxury to run your advertisements in your customized blogs.
  • Relatively fewer customization tools are available as compared to
  • A thumb rule: You do not own your site. Therefore, has the right to suspend any account that they qualify as violating their terms and conditions.

The blogging platform list is never complete without the name of the The USP of this platform is the middle ground between and Wix. The platform has vast customization positional, including few technical maintenance and hosting. If you are not interested in coding in your blog and being skeptical about Wix’s limited features, is the perfect fit.

4. Squarespace

This is one of the best blogging platforms in the virtual market for designers and artists. Every creative person will find their niche platform in here due to its swish template, polished, and professional feel. Nevertheless, Squarespace has no free plan. To create a blog on their platform, one needs to subscribe to the least $12/month personal plan. However, if you are looking to monetize the blog, upgrade to the Business plan for $18/month.

Although it sounds expensive, the blogging platform is worth every penny spent on it. In a nutshell, you will be investing in the aesthetics of this platform. The New York-based Blogging Company gained its fame through the astonishing, elite visual quality of its template. This is the secret of what makes the platform so wanted amongst the virtual bloggers. Recently, Squarespace has been perking up the platform. There was an annoying feature that in the least subscribed plan, you would get only 20 pages to blog. Thankfully, the restriction cap is no more.



There are few times when customization feels like fiddly as compared to Wix. However, this is the price you pay for using blog-building from the future. Amongst many string blogging features tools, the following are the strength of this platform – displaying blogging categories, adding an RSS feed, and allowing comments. It is a fact that the learning curve is steeper than other websites. Besides tricky learning, monetizing, or in need of more editing features, one needs to upgrade to the pricy Business Plan.

Another downside of Squarespace is its not-so-friendly SEO feature. As compared to other blogging websites, SEO lends a quick hand to the beginners to teach the required aspects. However, in this platform, few templates display the SEO information on the site. This might be odd to the less experienced bloggers. Those who have little experience or know-how to handle SEO; will be easy to pick up for them. For the novice bloggers, there are plenty of resourceful SEO guides to show the way.



  • A beginner-friendly blogging platform that supports less experienced in technical coding logic.
  • It is simple and easy to set up.
  • It has elite-quality, professionally designed templates, and features.
  • Squarespace individually offers domain names with E-commerce and HTTPS/SSL.
  • It allows users to enjoy tones of creative freedom.


  • Squarespace offers a restricted proprietary platform limited to the built-in features.
  • It has less choice of pricing plans to select for an upgrade.
  • In Squarespace, the integrations are restricted only to select a few tools and services.
  • It is relatively difficult to use as compared to Wix.

In conclusion, if any photographer, designer, or artist is looking for a blogging platform, nothing can beat Squarespace. It is a design-oriented platform. Squarespace is a little tough to use as compared to Wix. However, it is the choice when your blog will majorly consist of visuals.

5. Tumblr

This is the ideal site for sharing clickable and short content. The New York-based microblogging site shelters over 400 million blogs. It was only inaugurated in 2007. It has an easy interactive interface that allows anyone to upload a concise blog with pictures and clips quickly. Well, a point worth mentioning, the above thing you can do it at zero bucks.  However, if you are interested in more designed templates, they are available at a price.



There are few downsides on this platform, namely backing up is little tricky, as well as a growth opportunity, is restricted. The features are limited to the design layout for any blog. Tools for doing social marketing are not as useful as This isn’t the site to build an excellent blog. Besides the limitations of the said feature, Tumblr does not have an affluent SEO friendly blog. Unlike or other drag and drop builder websites, making SEO friendly content is tougher.

Scattergun approach highly optimizes Tumblr to create eye-catching blogs. Therefore, when you have a focused blog idea, such as fashion, this is not the platform you should be blogging.


  • It is a secure integrative platform – quick to publish blog posts
  • You can get free domain provided you are excellent with Tumblr as a subdomain. For example, You can upgrade to premium customization as a domain name.
  • It is a playful, famous, and has an integrated social media component. A secure, shareable platform.
  • Unlike, it is simple and easy to set up. Using the site is beginner-friendly as well.
  • It supports microblogging. Therefore, the quick integration of pictures, audio, clips, and GIFs format.


  • The platform is not a great option for publishing longer blogs.
  • It has restricted features that are not allowed to integrate as your blog grows.
  • There are limited chances for growth opportunities.
  • It has a cumbersome procedure to back up or import blogs from other blogging platforms.
  • Although there are quite a few features available on this website, no additional features are on the list.

In conclusion, nothing can beat Tumblr when it comes to posting GIFs, pictures, quizzes, memes, videos, polls in your blogs. If one’s content focuses on more clickable, shareable blogs instead of texts, then Tumblr is the best fit. However, it is essential to consider Tumblr only when you are sure to post the above contents. If you are more into designing an intricate blog, you should look for great alternatives.


What makes blogging such a lucrative deal in 2020?

When blogging began, it was more or less restricted to sharing personal life on social media. What you can do is an online journal. However, in the last decade, blogging has developed into more professional goals from personal diaries. Before, blogging was limited to only friends and family. Conversely, now blogging began as a weapon to promote or advertise their own business or brands.

There are many advantages to blogging. As the blogging industry developed into a full-time professional job, perks are increasing every day. Following the trend for every job in the virtual world, opportunities to become a blogger are plenty. You may begin as an independent blogger or join a team of content marketers in a blogging company.

We are gunning down the top five pros for blogging, which both full-time and part-time bloggers can connect easily.



You are the BOSS

From a desk job to any paid half-time/full-time job out there, time restriction is mandatory. You need to chalk out your life according to the 9-5 job schedules. Unlike such strict protocol, you have the liberty to adjust the timing and blog whenever you want to. You can have breaks, holidays from blogs, as many as you want. You are the Boss here. You have zero boundaries and can work freely.

Energy Levels are always High

You decided to write a blog today. However, after returning home from the office, your body could not take it anymore. Consequently, you end in giving up because your Boss has dried all the energy in the office scheduled works. Therefore, you choose to sleep over working on that article.

However, when you take out the office quotient, there is nothing to drain your energy anymore. One will have enough boosts to type freely and significantly creatively.


Better Productivity leading to Better Output

It is common sense that we work better when we are the ones to take the call. Since there is no one to order deadlines, you are free to work accordingly. The lack of boss’ lectures can give you space to concentrate on your write up at any time of the day. In a nutshell, you have the luxury to work in an organized manner according to your mood. It is you who can criticize the work better, leading to rectifying the flaws. Similarly, it is you who can pat yourself on the back after a satisfying profession.

More time to hunt for Clients

No, we are not sugarcoating the fact. When you provide services as in blog consultancy, blog designing, or any other derivatives through your blogs, you can designate ample time to your clients. You can be available more and more for your clients. On the other hand, you will be able to shell out time for searching for new customers. Since there is no time limit as such, there won’t be frustrated too.

Earn more and more

If you abide by the above points, it will directly lead to increased revenue in your blogs. It is not rocket science to surpass your day job salary. Once you start getting more work, you will end up earning twice or thrice your regular job. However, if you can spend more than 16 hours online, you can easily take up blogging as your full-time occupation.


If you are bubbling with passion, gain exposure, rank in search, educate others, or have content to share on the virtual platform, you are ready to initiate the blogging journey. Whatever you do, make sure to have a long term vision as a blogger. This is significant while choosing the platform as well. Moreover, there are many advantages of blogging that go beyond earning bucks.

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