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Searching for all of the Minecraft Legends biomes? Beginning a brand new sport within the blocky RTS-like generally is a little disorientating at first; the maps are procedurally generated, so it’s important that you recognize precisely the place you’re, and the place to search for these valuable assets.

Creating a military mighty sufficient to tackle the Piglins isn’t straightforward, so we’ve collated all the data on Minecraft Legends biomes in a single place so you recognize precisely the place to look when scouring the panorama for supplies. Gather, increase, and get rid of your enemies within the technique sport with each Minecraft Legends biome.

Each Minecraft Legends biome

There are 9 distinct biomes you’ll encounter when exploring the Minecraft Legends map. Not solely does every biome look distinctive, however the totally different areas offer you alternatives to gather invaluable assets. Among the biomes additionally include the Minecraft Legends mounts if you wish to experience one thing apart from your trusty steed.

Right here is each biome in Minecraft Legends:

  • Meadow
  • Fatelands
  • Badlands
  • Forest
  • Swamp
  • Jungle
  • Tundra
  • Dry Savana
  • Jagged Peaks


A comparatively flat biome, the meadow areas of Minecraft Legends are crammed with flowers, winding rivers, and are a good supply of each Wooden and Stone.


Just like the meadow areas, the Fatelands are crammed with inexperienced fields and wildflowers, with an vital distinction; tons of of anomalous rock formations. These small spires are one of the best ways to collect Stone in Minecraft Legends.


The Badlands are a desert biome held excessive on a plateau. They’re crammed with sticky tar pits and deep valleys crammed with uncommon flowers. The excessive vantage factors of the Badlands are a wonderful approach to survey the encircling areas.


Extra densely wooded than the meadow, the forest homes tall, sturdy timber, babbling brooks, and dirt puddles. Probably the greatest biomes to collect Wooden.


Mangroves and mushroom timber populate the dense swamp areas of Minecraft Legends. The crimson mushrooms that litter the swamp flooring can be utilized to spice up your bounce, with the elevated bounce being helpful for scoping out valuable Redstone.


A extra hostile setting than what we’ve seen beforehand, the jungle biome homes tall timber dripping with inexperienced vines, and an abundance of Redstone. Watch out as you wander, as a number of the flowers within the jungle tends to harm in case you get too shut.


Don’t get misplaced within the blinding whiteness of the tundra – a reasonably barren setting that homes just a few timber, the odd rock, and an enormous provide of Diamond in case you search exhausting sufficient.

Dry Savana

A reasonably barren biome, the Dry Savana is host to return dried grass, the odd watering gap, stone outcrops, and a few unusually formed coral crops.

Jagged Peaks

With big peaks and deep valleys, the vantage factors of the Jagged Peaks are house to an abundance of Diamond, 360-degree views of your environment, and a few glorious cowl in case you’re planning an assault.

Now you recognize every little thing about Minecraft Legends biomes, it’s time to get on the market and put a cease to that Piglin invasion. For those who’re trying to enhance your gathering effectivity, now we have a technique on carry extra Minecraft Legends assets. When you’ve conquered the story mode, it’s time to tackle Minecraft Legends multiplayer, or if aggressive motion isn’t your factor, now we have the most effective PC video games right here to sink your pickaxe into.

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