All Hell Breaks Free On CNN As Lindsey Graham Rages After Abortion Truth Verify

Sen. Lindsey Graham misplaced it after CNN’s Dana Bash supplied a fast truth verify of his false statements on the Democratic place on abortion. Bash responded by elevating her voice at Graham.


After mendacity for a number of minutes about Democrats supporting abortion up till the second of start, abortion on demand, and late time period abortion. CNN’s Dana Bash mentioned, “Simply to button this up. “Only for the report, Roe went as much as viability.”

A single very true assertion set Sen. Graham off, “The media. you realize, you retain protecting for these guys had no no, no. You’re media. You retain protecting these guys. They launched laws that allowed abortion on demand with taxpayer funded. You paying for it? The taxpayer up-to-the-minute of start. That was their place in Washington. That’s the legislation. They wish to go, and no one in your corporation will discuss it. It’s barbaric. ”

Bash mentioned, “Senator. Uh, I’m not protecting for anyone, and you realize that, and when I’ve Democrats on, and I’ve had lots of them on, I ask all of them about their positions on abortion.”

Graham tried to yell over Bash once more, so Bash raised her voice and mentioned, “My query to you, sir, and he or she requested Graham if he agreed with Trump that this needs to be a states’ difficulty.”

As quickly as Lindsey Graham was caught in a sequence of lies on abortion, he instantly pivoted to making an attempt to alter the topic by attacking the particular person asking the query.

Republicans can’t debate the details on abortion as a result of their place is wildly unpopular with the majority of the nation, so that they resort to lies, half-truths, and distortions.

Lindsey Graham bought known as out on his abortion lies with a single truth, so he did the interview equal of turning the desk the other way up in fake outrage.

Graham retains getting Republicans into bother by claiming that they will win elections on abortion when he can’t factually and precisely clarify his place on the problem.


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