A showcase of Pakistan designer wear

Designer and couture wear, exquisite embroidery are among some exclusive things exhibited at the ongoing ‘Shaan-e-Pakistan’ lifestyle exhibition here.

Garment dealers and designers from across the border such as RJ Attire, Rungrez, Aakarshan Gurgaon and Natalia Naveed showcased their collections.

“The response has been phenomenal. This is our first visit to India and we got our collection for the first time.

As far as our lawn and chiffon collection goes, the response has been overwhelming. We wish we could have got more days then the response would have been much more,” says Haroon, the owner of Rungrez, a Pakistani apparel brand.

“Customers here are looking for value for money and we have kept our pricing like that. Our range starts from somewhere like Rs.3,500 and goes maximum up to Rs.10,000,” he says.

The venue of the exhibition, Hotel Grand here is filled with the smell of Ittar, which is being retailed by Madni, a Saudi Arabian-based company.

“We have got two kinds of Ittar to the exhibition one is musk which comes from the naval of a Deer and the other from Agarwood (Oud) wood which is costs about Rs.7,500 per gram.

The hot selling right now is the musk fragrance which is very much liked by Delhiites,” says Hussain, the dealer for the Ittar.

Mughal jewelry by designer Naheed Nisar from Pakistan and the launch of crescent lawn by designer Faraz Manan for the first time in India are the other notable features of the expo.

Designer Manan announced his Crescent Lawn Eid Collection 2015 in Pakistan. But, the collection has been launched first in India at the event by RJ Attire garment dealers. The much sort after collection is set to be officially launched in Pakistan on September 14.

At the exhibition the collection is selling like hot cakes with a price range starting from Rs.7,500 and going up to Rs.20,000. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor was roped in for the photo shoot for the collection which consists of elegant designs, vibrant colour and exclusive patterns.

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